Witness in Trayvon Martin Murder Case Says Police Blew Her Off

Local affiliate WFTV spoke with a woman who heard night watch vigilante George Zimmerman shoot 17 year old Trayvon Martin as he walked home from a convenience store, but says she was blown off by police.

Zimmerman said he was acting in self-defense when he shot Martin, but witness Mary Cutcher contradicts Zimmerman’s account. Cutcher says when she attempted to offer the police her account of what happened, they only took a 30 second report from her, and quickly dismissed her. She said the police did not take a detailed statement from her until she repeatedly reached out to them.

So what did happen that night?

Cutcher says it was Martin, and not Zimmerman, who was screaming for help. “The cries stopped as soon as the gun went off, so I know it was the little boy,” Cutcher said.

Cutcher said Martin was killed in her backyard, and she and others questioned Zimmerman after the shooting: “We said, ‘Is everything OK? And he just looked at us. Selma [another witness] asked him again, ‘What’s up, what’s going on, everything OK? And he just said, ‘Call the police,’ kind of nonchalantly, kind of like, ‘Leave me alone,’ ” Cutcher said.

She also said she believes Zimmerman continued to chase Martin as he tried to get home, and that she knows this wasn’t a case of self-defense.

“I know this was not self-defense. There was no punching, no hitting going on at the time, no wrestling,'” Cutcher said.






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  1. Rev. Lucius Gallion

    Is There Justice, Justice, In This Land?
    By Rev. Lucius C. Gallion

    Is there justice, justice, in this land?
    If there is, I don’t understand.
    Is there justice, justice, in this land?

    In this land of democracy
    People are said to be equal and free.
    The Constitution assures all, at best,
    Life, liberty and happiness.
    In words, it abolished slavery,
    But not the practices that still roam free.

    Is there justice, justice, in this land?
    If there is, I don’t understand.
    Is there justice, justice, in this land?

    We boasted ourselves as a united nation,
    When known the world over was our segregation.
    To see which part of town was white or black
    You only had to cross the railroad tracks.
    Segregated schools, segregated stores,
    At some theaters we had segregated floors.
    From the White House doors to the Church House steeples
    We have been separate, but not treated equal.

    Is there justice, justice, in this land?
    If there is, I don’t understand.
    Is there justice, justice, in this land?

    A young man, named Emmit Till,
    Visited Mississippi, where he was killed.
    Emmit wasn’t the first or the last.
    But his death escaped the hidden past.
    Don’t think lynching isn’t here today.
    It’s just done in more modern ways.

    Is there justice, justice, in this land?
    If there is, I don’t understand.
    Is there justice, justice, in this land?

    It’s so easy for those to say, “Justice is fair.”,
    Whose crimes escape the electric chair.
    Please, don’t ever fool yourself, Brother?
    It has to do with status.
    It has to do with color.
    What kind of justice could this be
    That locks up the innocent and sets the criminal free?
    Why, in court, do the rich get nervous,
    When all they have to do is community service?

    Is there justice, justice, in this land?
    If there is, I don’t understand.
    Is there justice, justice, in this land?

    We stole land from Indian Nations
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    The Black Panthers we put away.
    The Ku Klux Klan we allowed to stay.
    We killed many children in Vietnam.
    The reasons given weren’t worth a ______________.

    This is no time to grin and smile.
    Wake up, America.
    Democracy is on trial.
    It has not done the things that it should.
    If we’re not careful, it will be gone for good.

    We can no longer look afar
    To blame our wrongs on the U.S.S.R.
    We can’t keep pointing at someone else.
    We must take a close look at ourselves.

    Is there justice, justice, in this land?
    If there is, I don’t understand.
    Is there justice, justice, in this land?

  2. the big problem we all seem to have some tell how much they love the Lord but live like satan is in control WWJD wake up america we are all GODs pepole love as he dose and I know that I some times find my self in that state and have to repent and ask God to for give me White or Black we are HIs

  3. I certainly hope the police were able to find the little boy who was crying! It certainly wasn’t Austin Brown, because he was 13 years old and therefore not a little boy.

  4. It certainly appears that George acted in self defense now that the facts are coming out. It wont be long now til George is named a national hero and signs a book deal or two, make a movie, and retire somewhere nice with his 5-10 million!

  5. I hope that the prosecution takes the Stand Your Ground Law since Trevon Martin communicated to his girlfriend prior to the shooting that someone was following him. Even though Trevon was unarmed, if Zimmerman’s claim was that Trevon was the aggressor, Trevon had the right to do so. Martin had communicated his fear to his girlfriend. Therefore, Zimmerman would likely be charged with second degree murder unless it can proven that Zimmerman’s focus during his watch assignments was to shoot and kill someone then he will be charged with premeditation, which carries a stiffer sentence.

  6. This woman dont know what she heard and didnt see anything! Her 911 call conflicts what she is saying on TV now. Call you say uncredible? If not just say FIVE MINUTES OF FAME. She should be disgusted with herself! I bet she makes some money off TreVons death though! See if she dont!!

  7. Zimmerman was the one crying for help, not Martin. An eye witness was interviewed the next day and knew both. He identified Zimmerman as being on the ground with Martin on top of him beating him in the face. He told Martin to stop, but Martin continued to beat Zimmerman while Zimmerman called for help multiple times.
    The witness then ran in to call 9/11 and heard the shot. His is one of the 9/11 calls available online. We don’t know who pulled the gun from the holster and have to wait for fingerprinting, probably at the trial.
    Zimmerman had grass stains on his back, a head wound and a broken nose when the cops got there, backing up the eye witness’s statement. Apparently Martin didn’t have any wounds other than the fatal gunshot wound or it would have been mentioned in the stories covering Zimmerman’s wounds.
    This poor lady is being led by the lynch mob mentality going on nationwide to hear what didn’t happen. She clearly stated on her 9/11 call that she didn’t know who was calling for help now she changes her story, which is why the cops blew her off. Her testimony isn’t worth a hill of beans now. The tape of her 9/11 call is all that’s necessary as she wasn’t a witness to the shooting itself.

    • Marla, are you insane or mentally ill? Trayvon Martin’s mom said the voice was her son, don’t you think a mother would know her son’s voice?

      Plus, why would a man with a gun get his racist behind out of a car to pursue a child.

      Why would a 140 lb child attack a man who looks as if he weighs over 200 with a gun?

      Your comment is vile.

      • Excuse me but TreVons momma wasn’t there. She kicked him out da house after his 10 day school suspension cause she couldnt control him, remember? Now both two eyewitness says it was the guy in the red sweater callin fo help and George Zimmerman was the one in the red sweater.

        I have to wonder why neither the momma or the babys daddy didnt punish him after he got a 10 day suspension? It sounds more like he was rewarded with a cell phone skittles and tea to me!!!

  8. I can see that Dennis is an apoligist of Zimmerman, end of story. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure of that the victim is dead, and he can’t tell his side of what happened. So the police should have relied on witnesses to this crime, not just take the word of the shooter.

    It is apparent that Zimmerman was out looking to kill a black man, and he murdered this scared kid after terrifying him first. This murdered had better hope that someone doesn’t go on neighborhood watch looking for him, because it wouldn’t be pretty. He wanted to kill someone black and Trayvon happened to be available, so he acted out his fantasy and a innocent kid is dead.

  9. This is a clear case of a police cover-up because of institutional and active racism in our nations police departments. If one of their sons had been the victim or if the races were reversed you’d have a different outcome.

  10. Dennis, your comments are scary!

  11. This is so very bad.Reading all the comments I feel like I have been in history class…A+..For it to be 2012 its awful..I hope and pray that Justice will be done!!! .

    • This what happens when black people accept disrespect.

      Michelle Bachman and Rick Santorum said our kids were better off in slavery, Newt Gingrich wanted our children and poor whites to clean toilets, Rick Santorum said we don’t need higher education.

      Most White Americans hate our President. They also hate black people. They put out all types of lies and hateful comments and now the next generation of whites believe blacks are less than they are and less than human.

      Black folks need to become better educated (stay in school), don’t become drop outs and teen moms. Our boys need to fall OUT OF LOVE wih the thug life. We are the only ones who can elevate our race and it starts in the home.

      I feel so sorry for the loss of this child and for his parents, this was a decent child from decent parents.

      Again, most whites are training their kids to have this hatred against black people and we have got to train our children especially our boys to be aware.

      This law which gave this white man a way to “lynch” a black child should not be on the books. This is also what happens when black people do not vote. This law was probably voted on in FL, where was the black vote? Did black folk even understand how thislaw would affect them and their children?

      Wake up Black America!

  12. Find George Zimmerman. Kill George Zimmerman.

    As for the officers involved, find their names. Find their addresses.

  13. Our alledged Black Politicians and Political Leaders had better not drop the ball on this one. Not only should Zimmerman spend the rest of his miserable life in Prison, any and all Police Officers who are involved with the obvious coverup should join him, and although it won’t bring this young man back from the dead I hope his Parents sue the Shooter, City, Police Department and win bigtime. This is getting ridiculous in the Country, it’s like we are going backwards to the Jim Crow days, and I blame the Republicans, and Tea Partyers. Get over it, Barack Obama unlike George W. Bush (in his first Term) “won” the Election, “fair and square”.

  14. First, where is the National Black Police Officers Association on this issue about “accountability” by the Sanford police department to investigate this incident thoroughly? Secondly, where is the NAACP and the other African American organizations on this issue? If this guy Zimmerman is Jewish why haven’t immediate dialogue taken place between the black and jewish community regarding this terrible injustice? Heaven knows if the incident was on the “other foot” there would have been immediate reaction and some kind of resolution by the Jewish organizations, whoops, forgot we’re talking about other “functional” group organizations. Its a terrible tragedy that this child had to be murdered the way he was, but whats even a bigger tragedy is the way black folk actually respond mainly with “lip service” and no real strategic approach to see that this does not happen again. Its become “common place” to hear how our black youth and young men are systematically eliminated either by incarceration or unjustified shootings by police or citizens in general. Must demonstrate “self respect” before we can “get respect” by those outside of our community.

    • Most black people no longer believe there is a racial problem in America because they have become accustomed to disrespect.

      They are afraid to speak out even with each other. Most blacks are back to speaking in whispered and hushed tones as if they are afraid.

      Our girls are uneducated, unwed with babies at home and the fathers incarcerated…they just don’t care.

      Most black men are to busy chasing skirts of another color. You may get angry but it’s true.

      We cannot elevate our race until we elevate our girls because they are the teachers of the next generation.

      This generation is lost, let’s not lose another.

  15. Not surprised,police state in full effect.
    Black’s on a large scale have been souled out and don’t even know it.

    • I just heard the 911 tapes, it is obvious that this young man was screaming for help as he was stalked and killed.

      It is apparent that Zimmerman killed this child in cold blood.

      Black parents, please let your children know they are a target, you can not assume your child is safe in America.

      Zimmerman should be arrested and prosecuted and shame on the police.

  16. well this generation is all cool with white people and diversity so i dont think they will make any outcry…

    • You are correct! Young blacks don’t know their history and believe ALL white people love them. Our black boys and men are worse than the women.

      I know there are many white people who are not racist and hateful, but you don’t know them.

      Our young people are acting like second class citizens. I challenge all blacks who are reading my post to become more observant and take a look at our young people and you will see things that make you sick.

      Go to the mall and watch a group of teens, the black boys are running down white girls, the blacks walk behind the whites, the blacks open doors for the white teens and after a few hours you will think you are on the “Old Plantation”.

      Whites have become so nasty. The next time you are going down an aisle, notice how whites will cross over in front of you for you to move. They never say excuse me, if a white woman and black woman approach a door, the white woman will stand back for you to hold the door for her and it goes on and on. Why are blacks accepting this disrespect? I blame the adults, you don’t teach your children common sense.

      This child is dead because of a racist and parents who did not make him aware…what a tremendous loss!

  17. The killer is a Joowish man and more time than i can count they are more likely to get away with murder than a white gentile offender. I appreciate that women for coming forward.

  18. The killer is a Joowish man and more time than i can count they are more likely to bet away with murder than a white gentile offender. I appreciate that women for coming forward.

  19. Head shaking, I pray that justice be served on behalf of Trayvon Martin.

  20. there was a man on this site when the story first broke. i wonder what his remarks would be now.
    where’s mr. ed.D????
    no more holier than thou comments, now???

  21. Where is the guy who posted the other day about us not knowing all the facts, before we criticize Zimmerman? What does he have to say now?

    • Ummm, we still don’t have all the facts, and even if we did and the facts all pointed the way you think they will, that wouldn’t mean that waiting to get all of the facts together before trying to pass judgement was somehow a bad idea. You’re clearly interested in vengeance, not justice.

      And to be perfectly frank, the fact that people are looking at what this new witness has said as some kind of “smoking gun” when it’s about as thin as can possibly be only serves to underscore the idea that most people are only interested in vengeance and not justice. They want blood for blood, end of story.

      I’m not saying I think Zimmerman is innocent at all. I honestly don’t know. I think there’s enough here that it will go to trial and he will be judged by a jury of his peers, which is exactly how it should be.

  22. The person sitting in front of his computer typing it is time to fight, must mean that it is time for others to fight and he will urge them on verbally. The truth is that law enforcement and their fraternity is against Black people and that is why they let these crazies who attack Black people get away. It may be time to fight, but I like 99.9 % of Black males are too much of a coward except when it comes to killing another Black person.

    • that was some really dumb shitt to say

    • Most black men are not cowards, they just don’t want to get involved with black issues.

      They desert their families and their children and have lost the will to fight.

      Black men spend their time now, chasing other men, white women or the almighty dollar. They become angry it you even suggest civil rights issues.

      What happened, “they fell for the Okie Doke” to destory the black race in America.

      Most black men consider the American dream as a job, white woman, biracial kids etc.

  23. Kinda sh*t that gets my blood boilin,why r we ‘dNs’ the ones who r always the victims?hw can we put an end to this barbaric bhaviour towards our pple?

  24. Unbelievable that this could happen in 2012–black lives are still very much undervalued in this country.

  25. Black people, please train your children. This child was murdered because of the color of his skin. There is a war on black youth in America. They want our girls, uneducated, pregnant, and working as “THE HELP” living in poverty and they want our boys in jail or dead.

    This makes me so angry…what a beautiful young man to lose to the world.

  26. Only our public outrage is going to get this boy justice in this system, black people stand up & don’t take this bull anymore! If they punch one of us kick the shit out of five of them! Its time to fight.

  27. This is utterly ridiculous I want to see the police and the Murderer in jail… There is no excuse for the Murderer not being arrested immediately. Why is it that “John White was found guilty of manslaughter in the August 2006 shooting of Daniel Cicciaro Jr.” when that white man (Daniel Cicciaro Jr.) along with his friends chased Mr. Whites son to his (John White) front porch at 2AM with the intention of doing bodily harm to him. A black man protecting his family is illegal but a retarded security guard can chase and hunt down a black man at will??? The entire country should be in an uproar black, white or green…

  28. I’m livid over this cold blooded murder. Zimmerman belongs behind bars, and the Sanford police chief in the unemployment line.

    • I am likewise livid. My heart breaks for his family. It is as plain to me as the sun rising in the east that young Mr. Martin, a lad who aspired to be a pilot, who was a smart student, and who liked fixing things – in other words a lad who aspired to be a builder and sustainer in the world – was targeted because of his race and nothing else.

      Zimmerman was the wrecker, the destroyer of a young man. I have no pity for the shooter and wish him no mercy.

  29. Thank you so much Ms. Cutcher for stepping up, we need more people like you, this young man can no longer speak for himself. This could have been our child. Thank you Jesus for Ms. Cutcher.

  30. At last! I am so proud of those women for speaking up. Most people view police as the most distrusted public servant there is due their abuses of power and their high percentage of cover up. For us, this has to change. Many good people need a job, get rid of the bad ones.

  31. Can you say “oh oh.”

    Sounds like their arses are going down this time, and it’s not gonna be pretty. Keep after them.

    Stay on top of this until the police, the investigators, and the killer are trampled underfoot.

    • Earlier this month a 13 year old KC boy was doused with gasoline and set on fire by two black teenagers. He was told, “you get what you deserve white boy.” Yet you don’t hear about it because the victim was white. You get people in total denial that the Trayvon story happened in “this day and age,” yet it happens to white kids too. Most of the stories involving black on white crime, do not mention attackers as being black. why has no one heard about the hate crime on this white kid in KC? where are AL and Jesse when this happens. Because he doesn’t look like Obama’s son, he isn’t important too? Jesse and AL need to work on racial harmony from both sides.. They need to speak out against the black panthers putting $10,000 hits on white guys. These behaviors are not going to help ease any race tensions, but separate even more. They do not promote racial harmony when they only defend hate crimes against blacks. I believe if Martin Luther King Jr. was alive today, he would have stood up for victims of hate crime of all colors, religions, and sexualities.