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Did Whitney Houston’s Best Friend, Pat Houston, Sell Casket Photo to National Enquirer?

Sources are reporting that Whitney Houston’s mother, Cissy Houston, confronted the perpetrator who sold the picture of Houston’s casket photo to the National Enquirer. Those close to Cissy Houston said during the confrontation, she demanded that all monies made from the sale of the photo be donated to charity.

Many people close to the family are pointing fingers at Whitney Houston’s best friend and sister-n-law, Pat Houston, who had access to the star’s body and has reportedly inked at least one deal to profit from Houston’s death.

Since the National Enquirer published photos both of Whitney Houston’s hotel room after her death and the casket photo, whoever sold the photos must’ve had full access to both these scenes. The only people who had full access to all both of these areas were Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, her brother Gary Houston, and her best friend – Pat Houston.

Also, in a recent interview for Oprah’s Next Chapter, Pat Houston told Oprah that she was upset with the person who published the photographs — not the person who sold the photos.

Pat Houston also used the OWN interview to promote a line of candles, which struck many viewers as in poor taste.



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