Did Whitney Houston’s Best Friend, Pat Houston, Sell Casket Photo to National Enquirer?

Sources are reporting that Whitney Houston’s mother, Cissy Houston, confronted the perpetrator who sold the picture of Houston’s casket photo to the National Enquirer. Those close to Cissy Houston said during the confrontation, she demanded that all monies made from the sale of the photo be donated to charity.

Many people close to the family are pointing fingers at Whitney Houston’s best friend and sister-n-law, Pat Houston, who had access to the star’s body and has reportedly inked at least one deal to profit from Houston’s death.

Since the National Enquirer published photos both of Whitney Houston’s hotel room after her death and the casket photo, whoever sold the photos must’ve had full access to both these scenes. The only people who had full access to all both of these areas were Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, her brother Gary Houston, and her best friend – Pat Houston.

Also, in a recent interview for Oprah’s Next Chapter, Pat Houston told Oprah that she was upset with the person who published the photographs — not the person who sold the photos.

Pat Houston also used the OWN interview to promote a line of candles, which struck many viewers as in poor taste.



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  9. She probably did, money is the root of all evil and staying close to Bobby Christina she's keeping her hand in Whitney's pocket even in death. Some people never figure out real love.

  10. No I don't believe Pat Houston sold anything, I like her I think she's doing alot to keep Bobbi christina happy.She shows lots of love for the family,.

  11. I think Pat Houston needs to put as much effort in her husband and child as she is Krissy and let that child grieve because she still have her mom and realize her husband lost his sister. As well

  12. I feel that Pat Houston's motives are just for profit she seems so fake. Everything she does and says seems rehearsed and not real.

  13. Pat Houston(Pat Garland,Pat Watson, Marion P.) or whatever name she chooses to go by is a slithering snake. Have you seen photos of Gary’s first wife? She’s beautiful and model-like, just like Whitney. Yet she divorced Gary because of his drug use. Well, why do you think Pat Houston is still married to a drug abuser? Surely,not because of his money. He probably hasn’t made any money ,apart from Whitney ,since he played two years for the Denver Nuggets. That money was smoked up years ago. So, since Gary has nothing, Pat found another gravy train in the family, Whitney. Did you guys know that along with a candle line(Marion P. candles), she also owns a Celebrity consignment shop in North Carolina. Yet, she lives in Georgia. What a clever way to take some of Whitneys’ possessions and sell them under the pretense of donating a portion of the proceeds to some Teen Summit which a part of the Pat Houston foundation. We all know that Whitney was very generous, so it seems like Pat wants to leave a legacy also. Read her resume’ on her Celebrity Consignment Boutique website, where she states her credentials. She says that she has been a model for Givenchy and others, that she studied in Paris, and that she has years of marketing and promotional experience. Read it, then do a Google search and nothing about her shows except that she was Whitney’s manager. She was not chosen based on her experience, but because she convinced Whitney that she was her BFF and confidante. The worst mistake Whitney ever made was to let this identity thief in her life. She wanted to “shine” like Whitney and that’s why she pretended to be a former model. We all know that Whitney truly was a model, beautiful and classy. Look at Pat. No evidence of her ever being a model. So this make-believe friend, sat back and watched Whitney’s life spiral downwards. All this worked to Pat’s advantage. She pushed Whitney to do the 2010 tour, knowing that Whitney wasn’t well enough. Pat wanted that money, no matter what toll it took of Whitney’s health. She was even pushing Whitney to do an infomercial the day she died. Whitney had been seen out having a few drinks, so do you think she felt like doing this infomercial? But she would do it for her best friend. The day she died, God knows there are so many inconsistencies in what was reported. Whitney repeatedly asked for Pat, who was conveniently way while the plan was carried out. Read the tribute by Robin Crawford, it’s all there. It was an orchestrated thing. This was a plan to eliminate Whitney. Remember the Bodyguard movie? See it again and you will an envious Pat wishing that she had Whitney’s gift. Envy is a thief and murderer. She needs to be investigated and removed as the executor of Bobbi K.’s inheritance. Whitney had so many other avenues to keep income streaming in, less stressful ones no doubt. She should have had her own perfume fragrances, clothing line, and modeling contract for women over 40. She no longer need to go on tour. Bet Pat never mention any of this to her. Because Pat is a “hater” who now has control over Whitney’s money, Whitney’s daughter, and Whitney’s dead. Hmmh? Seems like she stole her identity aferall. It was an orchestrated thing. P.A.T. is an acronym for Pretending And Treacherous. Anybody got a friend named Pat?

  14. Well, Well, I just hve to agree with some of you on here that feels this way…. They REALLY ought to be looking at that sister-in-law “PAT” BECAUSE SOMETHING JUST DID NOT SEEM RIGHT ABOUT HER ON THAT INTERVIEW! You know how you can interview someone and they act in a cool but suttle way? You could just tell something was fishy with that greed munger! See the money had halted and HELL’ they had to get the bread from somewhere! They also need to INVESTIGATE this whole thing a bit more. There are a few that could be suspects! There was the girl from American Idol that Whitney had the brawl with about RAY J and she was on ACCESS and told in her interview that Whitney allowed her to hang out with her that night! Did anyone get to see that? She too acted a bit strange. Now, if I am this big time celeb. I am out and I have one or two people with me or an Entourage there is no way in hell am I going to allow somebody I don’t even know to come hang with me…For what I don’t know ya’ and hell quite frankly i have enough on my team to kick it! (Meaning) My circle is full!So, yes they need to check out a few people and investigate cause it just does not add up! That poor little girl.. just young and don’t know! Rebellious, and being misled and that is why her uncle and pat are letting her stay with them when she is not at her mom’s house because Bobbi K. is another piece of money source for them. Just a way for them to dig in. Think about it… they still want to live nicely,it has got to keep rolling! RIP WHITNEY THERE ARE NOT VERY MANY THAT CAN BLOW LIKE THAT AND WHERE IN THE WORLD EVER ARE THE OTHER ONES AND THERE ARE MANY THEY JUST HAVE NOT BEEN DISCOVERED.

  15. I saw the candles on the piano.. she was trying to get Oprah to make it one of her favorite things now that Whitney is dead. That PAT is a manipulator and a cancer in the Houston family. Hope Ciccy gets strong and gets her gone… and that Krissy gets her own estate lawyers to look after her Mothers affairs.. she cant be trusted..

    And her brother who has NO experience was Whitney’s body guard…. Whitney needed more… that PAT manipulated the whole situation to take advantage of Whitney and the situation…. its TERRIBLE and she is still in there!!! She came off as a real Phony to me on the Oprah interview…….

    • It has already proven that it was not Pat Houston or even Bobby Brown’s sister. It was some guy who was a friend of the family.

  16. Oprah has stated very clearly that she does NOT pay for interviews!

  17. R.I.P. Beautiful and talented Ms. Houston. I would not put it past Patricia Houston to have done this. I have seen passive-aggressive friends like this too may times. I can bet Whitney was her only client and she feels she deserves more of what Whitney had, even the fame and family. She spoke one way and then made cryptic remarks stating how she really felt about Whitney. I love Whitney but she was a fool for not getting a professional manager. Gary has a history of drug abuse but he still loves his sister. The family are probably experts at enabling especially if they are on the payroll.Anything is possible now that the gravy train has stopped.

    • I was looking at the interior of her home and I said she REALLY lived large on the payroll. In addition, I have a boyfriend who has an alcohol problem but I am helping him to stay sober. There is no way I could stay in a relationship with him or close to him WITHOUT him getting help to S.T.O.P. I mean REALLY there were way too many people who LOVED her who could have HELPED her get and stay sober. Even Chaka Khan said she kept the riff rats away from her.

    • Do you really know how hard it is trying to get a grown person out here on the street to get treatment for habits that they may have,ok so can you imagine trying to get an ICON to walk the straight and narrow, you would have to lock they ass away and just let them out to use the bathroom and eat. Now when you’ve done all you can do,you take it to YAH someone that has more power then anyone on the face of this green earth.Everybody can say whatever but PAT HOUSTON KNOWS AND LIVES HER LIFE ACCORDINGLY.She knows who blesses and keeps her so keep talking…………………..

      • YES I DO! But baby it is worth saving their lives and saving them from themselves. I come from a Christian family in Mississippi and the family overall is good but there are exceptions to the rule. My older cousin Shirley Ann overdosed and her oldest child found his mommy. It is so unfortunate that she didn’t love herself enough to stay here and raise her two children. Her oldest child is in prison. My other older cousin Lee (a triplet) was killed in a drug related crime involving her oldest daughter. She had been missing for several days and her body was found in a creek. The parasites had eaten away part of one of her breast (closed casket funeral). My younger cousin was killed by his brother playing Russian roulette, he and his cronies had to rid the drugs before they could call the paramedics. My other younger cousin a BIG drug dealer in Mississippi is in prison in Texas because he was there to buy drugs from some Mexicans and was busted…he will never get out. And Texas is way too far for his family to visit him regularly. After Katrina I went to New Orleans and moved my older cousin to come live with me to help her get off crack. She entered rehab and was very successful. She moved back to New Orleans and got back on drugs…every time something happens she calls me….she called me when WH was found dead. Right now I live with my boyfriend…a man 17 years my senior who I knew as an 8 year old girl. This man was handsome, good job, pocket full of money and LOTS OF FRIENDS. I saw him 40 years later and I did not recognize him. I told him all about himself as a child and I nursed him back to health. He is a recovering alcoholic he has changed his life completely. He doesn’t hang with all of those deadbeats, he is back working as a truck driver, he gets his Social Security and I am helping him get his Vietnam benefits. He asked me to be his and he has told me he has NEVER cared about money until he met me. We are getting married this year and we are in the process of building a home. We are H.A.P.P.Y! YES I DO!

        • That’s alright may you have a wonderful wedding and great times together from BLACXKCOBRA//PRINCE OF THA UNITEX STATES

          • WH came to Mississippi early in her career 1990 and I saw her perform…I remember her saying “buy my album” and also introducing her brother Gary. It is so sad he could not have been Big Brother enough to set the right example and even help her. His baby sister is gone and he couldn’t even help her…his own blood. I come from a family where I’m the only girl and my brothers are examples for me not to use drugs or alcohol and we tell one another the truth and help one another.

  18. I am convinced that Pat Houston and her brother sold those pictures. The very fact that they would do an interview which was rumored to have paid them one-million dollars speaks volumes. I don’t see her mother giving any interviews so soon. Things like loyalty and true love are hard to find. I don’t believe because a person has passed on means that those closest to them should feel it is ok to divulge their personal business. pat and gary and the rest of the family should just be reticient. That would be a great way to honor Ms. Houston.

  19. the sister-in-law patricia houston is hiding something.everyone are being blame for her actions. be a woman and own up to your responsibility and stop leting someone else take the blame.
    OPRAH… is very smart, and been in business for years, i know even oprah could see through her, and all the tears. this comment is for MRS.CISSY HOUSTON PLEASE have patricia houston, and her brother the BODYGUARD INVESTIGATED. you will find someone is GUILTY other than just a picture.with that being said. RIP…WHITNEY H.
    val smith!!!!!

    • First of all people really need to have some solid proof about something as serious as this casket photo, CAN U SAY SLANDER DARLING.STOP WHILE YOU’RE AHEAD,THANKS HAVE A NICE DAY.

  20. Bullshit story and bullshit lies. Unless Cissy or that immoral, low life National Inquirer come out and state specifically who the person was, anything reported in the press by some so-called “close source” is all nonsense to me.

  21. Boy this is deep!!! If it’s true Pat seems so caring for Whitney. Some people will do anything for a dime. I wouldn’t be a bit suprise if Gary knew about it. There are some rumors that he uses drugs. And Bobby Brown sister could of did it. She sold Whitney out once before to the Enquire. what a shame.

  22. I think it so sad the only person who have shown respect for Whitney is her mom I think it’s bad taste for pat and Bobbi k to go on own network I think oprah what do just about anything to help her network Oprah know this wasn’t a good look. All Bobbi k talk about was moving on and singing, changing her name I think someone told her she could sell more songs if her last name was Houston I have heard her sing and the gift God give to her mom was not pass down, she is her father child and if you have respect for your mom she name you and say what you want about bobby and Whitney she loved that man. Bobbi k show your mom some respect stop kissing on that man one month 4 days after she passed remember how close you too where

  23. The interview beings with a close up of the candle burning on the piano. Pat did mention the candle company saying that Whitney was suppose to be shooting a infomercial for the candles that day. Those of you who didnt hear it eat j the interview again

    • Okay I remember her saying something about a informercial— that doesn’t make her guilty of selling the pictures.

  24. I’m glad that i was able to see the picture of Whitney looking so beautiful and peaceful as she made her transition to eternity. AND YES I THINK PAT OR HER DAUGHTER TOOK THE PICTURE! Pat also knows more stuff too. Her emotions about her brother in the room became incongruent with her overall tone during the interview and in my opinion she became desperate. She also stated that Whitney asked for her all day. So why didn’t she respond to her? Even Oprah got confused with that one and asked: Was she texting you, calling you? Pat said she was asking other people for her… What???
    Stay tuned!

    • Caprice, I caught that, too. Pat is suspect and strikes me as a cool, calculating person.

    • Posting the casket photo was vile and intrusive. Ms. Cissy had already allowed people to view the funeral. That was enough.

  25. U know I thought funeral were to go say goodbye to the people we have love for, I heard a lady on the radio in NewJersery say was it selfish that they didn’t open her casket, James Brown had open casket, Micheal Jackson had close but it would have been nice to see them in their long sleep, but in all we as a nation know one day we r going past on and place in a casket or cremated but only the body is dead not the spirit the human spirit live forever just like Whitney’s will and her spirit will live through her music and movies so let’s enjoy her just as she was still here with us but do it with love in our hearts, sure people going talk bout u more when u dead but least they talking bout u but the spirit listens to the ones that r living and u can see who your true friends were in life until they cross over cause we will see all the stars that past again one day, but while the living is here let’s make a future for the younger generations so they can have a future in the future.

  26. A couple of weeks ago it was reported that Bobby Brown’s sister sold the photos. Now it’s Whitney’s sister-in-law, if so then someone owes Brown’s sister a great big apology.

  27. I think a casket picture is something we would have wanted to see. She was an ICON. Most recently my pastor and a local favorite in town died. Niether public viewings were normal. I couldn’t see the local favorite because her body wasn’t put out until the family hour Sunday evening and right before the funeral Monday morning. Well, I went to my pastor’s family hour (wake) and his funeral Monday morning so I did not view the local favorite. Ironically, the local favorite was a local model….she loved taking pictures.

  28. I watched the interview and I did not hear anything about a line of candles.