Rick Santorum to Single Mothers: Get Paternity Tests or No Welfare

Since the contraception debate began, the Republican Party has been hemorrhaging women voters… and so the bleeding continues.

Now that Santorum is being thoroughly vetted, he’s also being forced to defend comments he made about women in the past.

For example, Santorum once said that women had been brainwashed into believing that working outside the home was the only arena where they could be successful.

Even more inflammatory, once during a campaign stop for a Senatorial campaign, Santorum said that women should be denied welfare until they’d had a paternity test and told the government who the father of their child was. “If you don’t tell us who the father is, you’re not eligible for any welfare benefits, none, not even medical care. You tell us who the father is or you don’t receive benefits,” said Santorum.

Santorum argued that this impediment to welfare could help single mothers slow their sex lives. “If Mom knows that she isn’t gonna receive welfare if she doesn’t tell us who Dad is, y’know maybe she’ll be a little more careful, maybe,” he said.

“Or maybe she gives us a list, say ‘Well it could be one of five,'” Santorum continued. “I mean, y’know, I don’t know what she’s gonna do, but at some point we’re gonna see her cooperate.”
Santorum’s campaign argues that this is all old news, that Santorum and his wife are an equal team, and that he has many women in positions of authority on his campaign. To them, this says more about Santorum than comments he made during a campaign stop in the 1990’s.
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  1. CORRECTION: last lines should read… We all need help now & then, especially parents & elderly, but welfare is NOT a career choice OR for a lifetime. PARENTS SHOULD BRING HOME THE CHECK(S) OR MONEY NOT THE CHILD(REN)—PERIOD!!!!

  2. PATERNITY TESTS are NOT required in many states to get welfare benefits for mother & child(ren). What IS required to get welfare in many cases is the father is unknown or can NOT be found, or can NOT help with the child (jail, dead,etc.). AND MANY MOTHERS (black,white,etc.) practice an old common trick…. ON THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE they put father unknown or in many cases give the child their surname (last name) NOT the father’s last name. PATERNITY TESTS are required IN COURT CASES when a mother is seeking child support from the father (working man). Parents should be responsibile for their child(ren) NOT everyone else (gov.,tax payers,etc.). We all need help now & then,especially parents & elderly,but welfare is NOT a carrer choice OR for a lifetime. PARENTS SHOULD BRING HOME THE CHECK(S) OR MONEY NOT THE CHILD(REN)—PERIOD!!!!

  3. This is just more racist rhetoric aimed at Black people in America because Black mothers have the highest single-parent homes and more sexist rhetoric from republicans like Santorun at women in general.

    It is all b.s. because parents are ALREADY required take paternity test, if the father denies paternity, if the father does not deny paternity, then there is not reason to take the test. Women already have to give the father’s name when applying for Welfare. Also, the benefits (he knows) for the children cannot be taken away, only the mother’s portion can be denied, unless the entire application is fraudulent. So this is just more republican incendiary, racist and sexist rhetoric.

    What he really wants to do, is punish women for being sexually active without being married, i.e., impose HIS religious beliefs on all women in America.

    He is also appealing to his most racist base voters by constantly making remarks that he knows Americans have been socially conditioned and brainwash to believe are associated with ONLY Black people, or Black women.

    Don’t be fooled.

    • Gigi, you are 100% correct and this is why I am not inclined to immediately agree with anything Santorum says. Whenever you here the word “welfare” coming from a Conservative’s lips he is directing it towards blacks only eventhough there are much more whites on welfare there are blacks. Santorum has already established the fact that he has a very low opinion of blacks and has tried to use his distaste for blacks to boost his standing among the white Conservative base. Hitler said some things that sound almost agreeable but he also killed 6 million Jews.

  4. @emp; Your wrong period. I refuse to keep paying for sin. Read gods word before trying to be holy then whoever. Wedlock is sin.

  5. All of these posts exemplify the problem…none of you are holding the men accountable. A woman can’t make a baby on her own.

    No one here suggested teaching boys to respect females and not pressure them into sex. No one mentioned the fact that statutory rape in the Black community is disgustingly high…and no one is holding those men accountable for knocking up young girls. No one thought about punishing the men who don’t do anything for their kids. No, it’s all about shaming females for having kids out of wedlock.

    We’ve got a long way to go and we damn sure won’t get there with this sort of thinking.

    • @itsme; if you read first, then speak you would see the very first post. It does mention the men in this, but the truth of the matter is the young women(black & white), need to respect themselves. As most of the comments has said, one child people can see, but 2,3,4,& 5 isn’t the guys fault period. It’s her fault. Plain & simple. Then as far as statutory rape being high in the black community, get your facts correct. It’s higher by 10% in the white community. It’s not a black thing, so no I don’t understand. I post strictly facts, & leave my emotions at the door….

  6. I had to come back to this and another thing..I know when I had a child..during my mariage..my doctor gave me a bag of different types of birth control.so many to choose from that were very effective..there is just no excuse for these women to keep having children my multiple men. its down right pitiful..Some kids just dont have a chance.

  7. OK lets not paint everyone with a wide brush.I do agree that women should not knowingly lay down with a man knowing that if a child were produced the man would never be there for that child. It should be crimanal. I do think that instead of focusing on abortion as a means of birth control some one needs to get the word out that sex is not a recreational sport. it is meant to reproduce.Women need to understand that they control their bodies and haveing a baby to trap a man will never work. The focus should be on young women waiting til marraige to have sex at least the child will have half of a chance. Demand respect and even better respect yourself and your body.Every man that tells you u are cute does not deserve your body. Men do not have children, they can never understand what a woman goes through to have a child.His bonding with that child starts at birth, and thats only if the dad is around long enough to bond with his child.Women need to really try and make better choices..But after 1,2,3,4,5 kids..there is no excuse.

  8. everyone likes to talk about the money that’s giving away with welfare corporate america recieve billions which is a form of welfare talk about the money given to foreign countries what we spend at home on social programs does not compare to what we give away in foreign aid

  9. Blacks for the most part do not like seeing our people acting like they have no sense. It’s disgusting for women and men to have baby after baby and no responsibility!

    • That’s part of the problem poetee. We wanna have an opinion, but then wanna demand things like I’m done. Well I apologize, but I’ll never be done because I love my child to much & god tells me to help everyone regardless of color. Get your child like emotions out of this conversation. Use the brain god gave you…

  10. Ok, so now that they have these children, why are they being persecuted instead of assisted in raising them..IF you all believe they’re so “ignorant” of their roles?! You say GOD and MONEY(hard earned) in the same sentences. God doesn’t want your money, he wants your very heart that you advice these mothers to give to him also. If you want to be a leader you have to be willing to be last and serve. How do you figure you’re any different than than these phallacies? How do you figure that the HARD-EARNED dollars that you buy your NIKES and your CHANNELS with isn’t made by a woman with 4 children of 4 men also working for her HARDER-EARNED pennies to keep YOU comfortably complaining about feeding the babies inside your community instead of the ones in third-world countries. Yet you compare it to what little YOU do for you and yours.
    GOVERNMENT says, “Let’s throw out a sentence, have them believe it, complain about it, and turn on their own. WE know procreating is what people do inherently but do they? Use the words, “too many/much”, “problem/epidemic”, “single/fatherless”, “alone/angry/hate”, etc…” In the meantime keep taxing ALL their “educated” asses higher for this pending war. Damned slaves wouldn’t know the better if we gave it away for free, CAUSE IT’S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! HAHAHAHAHA…that’s ok, make them work harder and let them take that HARD-EARNED money and pay for it AFTER taxes!” WHO’S your DADDY? (drops the mike)

  11. I don’t particularly care for Rick Santorum and will not be voting for him…that being said, I do agree with paternity being requested in order to receive benefits…why? There is absolutely no way a child/children should walk this Earth and not know who their father is…that is just insane! Some females have multiple partners around the time of conception which is plain stupid and very unhealthy, but they do-so if it is known that no further benefits will be given until paternity is established, that may decrease the numbers of maybe babies-if it were in my power, I would allow pre-natal and immediate post-natal care, infant care by a pediatrician, but no benefits for the household until paternity is established and the fathers would be paying child support or spending time in jail.

  12. I agree 100%. Too many Black women are irresponsible and the men are no better. Children are confident and successful when they are in the care of both parents.

    Still, let’s not forget that the majority of people on welfare are white (they ARE the majority). This information could be used to create a stereotype that the majority of Black women are handouts, and that’s wrong.

    If the Republican party weren’t so mean, I might be a Republican! I believe in self-determination and personal responsibility. Too bad they can’t think of ways to be more inclusive.

  13. I wouldn’t worry about anything Rick Santorum or any other Republican would say. Like Michael Moore said awhile back, Wall Street has already selected their President, and it’s Obama. As a matter of fact. I just ran into this article. “Goldman Sachs personnel in the Obama White House” and the article says it all. http://www.nachumlist.com/goldmansachsobama.htm

    The Bankers have been running this country since the killing of JFK. “Give me control of a nations money and I care not who makes her laws” Mayer Amschel Rothschild. That is what exactly what Goldman Sachs has been doing for years playing Americans one against the other with only one goal in mind control any administration that comes into power in the White House. Period end of story, and America can’t even see the Con Game.

    • Louis, you’re making yourself look like a damn fool. You’re everywhere talking about Goldman Sachs and President Obama. No one gives a damn about all this junk you’re talking about! President Obama is already on his way to being re-elected. This is about Santorum and paternity test, there is nothing about President Obama in this particular article.

  14. We really need to keep a close eye on Santorum because seems like his only platform has everything to do with sex in one way or another. Whether it’s same sex marriage, abortion, birth control and now it’s paternity test. He wants women to tell the government who the father is? I thought Republicans were against big government, I thought they were against government getting into our personal lives. I really wonder what Santorum thinks about the other issues like unemployment? I wonder what is his views on foreign policy? I wonder if he could provide an answer to other important issues we face in America without involving anything concerning sex?

  15. I agree with this man. If you want welfare consideration, provide the name of the man you attemted to trap with the child. I am a woman with 3 children….Married with 3 children. A woman knows their body. Ill give you the 1st kid as an “oops” or just being young. Then there’s 2-3 more…all different last names….Ridiculous. Oh, and @ the end of the day, they have all these kids they cannot afford….then its up to us topAy.

  16. Black girls/women,

    Respect your body! Make him wrap it up! You don’t need to bring a child into this world saddled by govt. handouts.

    Stay in school, get an education. Then, if you want a baby and no man is there to help you, your child will not be doomed to poverty.

    I want to see the day when black teen pregnancy is taboo. It is sad to see a black girl walking the street with a baby, looking for the “baby daddy”, a phrase I hate.

    Plus, so many men and boys are on the down low, you are making your body a disease magnet.

    • Elizabeth, for the most part they are following the example of their predecessors -irresponsible moms and absent dads. Think of Fantasia, oh and yes the other prase God- er The Weight Watchers” .
      These stars and their environment ate guiding their choices for setting up the demise of our future generation.

      • @poetee.. They could care less about these slits on t.v. It’s a known fact that most people in poverty, no matter the color of skin, will try to better their situation by any means possible. The sad reality is that most of these women are trying to find that money pot from having kids by deadbeats. Others think that by having kids by a man who seems well off, will solve all of their problems. These sluts just need Jesus, or my momma to whoop their ass!!!

  17. I may not like this man’s views on 90% of the stuff that comes out of his mouth, bit I agree with him on this one. It’s getting out of hand with women & fatherless children. I believe they should only receive healthcare for the child & themselves. It would make women stop blaming men for not taking care of their children. This is true, but when a woman has four kids, & four different fathers for each, & none of them are around, that’s taking my tax dollars to feed them over her carelessness over her own well being. I’m a 34 year old black man that is very proud of my eleven year old daughter, & of my president, but truth is truth & I’ve been saying this to my fiance. They’re not thinking about tomorrow when they lay down with these men, so make them start!!! Obama 2012. Put God first….

    • I agree with you. Unless there is a mental deficit with any woman no matter what color or creed she is, there needs to acccountability. It’s not just Black women, do trust me on that as I am not just around Blacks.