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Rick Santorum to Single Mothers: Get Paternity Tests or No Welfare

Since the contraception debate began, the Republican Party has been hemorrhaging women voters… and so the bleeding continues.

Now that Santorum is being thoroughly vetted, he’s also being forced to defend comments he made about women in the past.

For example, Santorum once said that women had been brainwashed into believing that working outside the home was the only arena where they could be successful.

Even more inflammatory, once during a campaign stop for a Senatorial campaign, Santorum said that women should be denied welfare until they’d had a paternity test and told the government who the father of their child was. “If you don’t tell us who the father is, you’re not eligible for any welfare benefits, none, not even medical care. You tell us who the father is or you don’t receive benefits,” said Santorum.

Santorum argued that this impediment to welfare could help single mothers slow their sex lives. “If Mom knows that she isn’t gonna receive welfare if she doesn’t tell us who Dad is, y’know maybe she’ll be a little more careful, maybe,” he said.

“Or maybe she gives us a list, say ‘Well it could be one of five,'” Santorum continued. “I mean, y’know, I don’t know what she’s gonna do, but at some point we’re gonna see her cooperate.”
Santorum’s campaign argues that this is all old news, that Santorum and his wife are an equal team, and that he has many women in positions of authority on his campaign. To them, this says more about Santorum than comments he made during a campaign stop in the 1990’s.
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