Hackers Steal Entire Michael Jackson Catalog from Sony

Hackers have stolen the entire back catalogue of the late, great Michael Jackson.  This is the second major financial hit for Sony this year, after the thieves targeted songs that were owned and created by Jackson before his death

The group allegedly downloaded 50,000 music files worth about a quarter of a billion dollars.   Sony recently paid over $400 million for the seven year rights to songs after Jackson’s death.   According to the contract, Sony is allowed to release 10 new albums, including material from studio sessions.

The hack was unearthed when the company monitored social networking sites to find that people had stolen the files and were giving them away.

“Everything Sony purchased from the Michael Jackson estate was compromised,” said an inside source. “It caused them to check their systems and they found the breach. There was a degree of sophistication.”

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  1. that’s why Prince has the vault big ass safe with thousands of unreleased material….

  2. MJ fans are for real. No dummies here. They are apart of the conspiracy that killed MJ. They took a beautiful person away from millions….karma is a *bleep*

  3. You reap what you sow Sony…..

  4. “WOW” GREED sooner or later it will caught up with you. RIP Michael you will always be a legend!

  5. Sony should have had a system in place where only a limited number of downloads could take place at any given time. Also, they should have been in a safe, not on a computer. This happened before. They should have been aware that it could happen again.