Report: Fears Over Whitney Houston Grave Robbers



MYFOXNY.COM – Armed guards are now reportedly protecting Whitney Houston’s grave in Westfield, N.J.

The Daily Star reports that it is because the family is worried that it could be a target for grave robbers looking to take the jewels and designer clothes the singer was wearing when she was buried.

The paper claims that she was wearing a diamond brooch, earrings and a pair of glittering gold slippers in a gold-lined coffin.

via Report: Fears Over Whitney Houston Grave Robbers.

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  1. I hope the family decides to rebury Whitney in a mausoleum with an intricate Alarm System & Surveillance Cameras. It seems it would be cheaper as opposed to paying salary & fringe benefits to Security Guards…forever!
    Her father & other family members could be placed in the same mausoleum (Family Crypt).

  2. There were reports of her being buried in over 500,000.00 of jewels-so of course someone is going to try to get at those valuables, if they wer not taken off before she was put in the ground!
    The world is like that unfortunately!

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