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KFI Los Angeles Hosts Call the Late Whitney Houston a “Crack Ho”

There’s no rest for the weary – or the evil. No one talks anymore of how Marilyn Monroe died of acute barbituate poisoning, but it seems that everyone wants to get a few jabs in at the expense of Whitney Houston’s memory. The most vitriolic rant thus far comes from the hosts of the “John and Ken Show” in Los Angeles, who said:

At some point you’re just sick of it all, and so is everybody else in the industry; all her friends and hangers on; everybody who knew had to deal with her. It’s like ah Jesus… here comes the crack ho again, what’s she gonna do ah look at that she’s doin handstands next to the pool. Very good crack ho… after while everybody’s exhausted. And then you find out she’s dead. It’s like really; took this long.

Funny how Anna Nicole Smith and all the other white starlets who died of drug overdoses are never referenced in such demeaning ways. It’s also curious how, even though Whitney Houston disavowed crack in an interview with Dianne Sawyer, and presumably died from mixing prescription drugs and alcohol (we won’t know for sure until the toxicology report returns), she is still relegated to “crack ho” territory.

On this planet she was a diva with one of the greatest voices of all time. She came from a gifted and financially well-off family. But for many, like these two radio hosts, she was always just some project chick. That’s just how they view black people. This is the only explanation for how the Xanax found in Houston’s room could be substituted for crack in this scenario.

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