NAACP Gets Involved with Roland Martin/CNN/GLAAD Situation

In the video below, Dr. Boyce Watkins and Yvette Carnell discuss the decision by the NAACP and Tom Joyner to get involved with the spat between Roland Martin, the Gay community and CNN.  The video will begin after a brief advertisement:


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  3. Loving some Y Carnell, intelligent well spoken! LOgical, On Point


  5. I will say it out loud; I am a black Bi-sexual woman. I have had beautiful relationships with both women and men. It is not all about sex; it is about love and respect. About the Homophonic comments written on this page, they should be ashamed of themselves. Do you like when other races called you Ni***, Uncle Toms, Go Back to Africa… the list goes on? The ones who want to condemn LGBTQ people need to really do know what the gay community is all about (… and it not just about SEX – for goodness sake). I can’t change anybody with homophobia comments – I really do not care. I ask for respect towards gay community as we would to you!

  6. WHY? I thought this was America land of free speach! All the things the KKK has said and is saying about people of color in public places. PLEASE!! He didn’t call anyone a faget or a nigger. I think this is whole lot of nothing it is to many real problems in the world to make this such a BIG deal. Roland Martin is not killing anybody or anything.

  7. So if it is not anyones business WHY THYE FUCK DOES EVERYWHERE I TURN THESE FUCKS ARE SHOVING THAT SICK LIFE STYLE DOWN OUR THROATS.KILL ALL OF THOSE FUCKS.Stand your motherfucking ground.If you are a man and you are against that decadence and you have the nuts to speak your mind.FUCK WHO DON’T LIKE IT.If somebody kill some of those cock suckers Oh well!!!! FUCK EM.

  8. Wallace D. Johnson Jr

    What Mr. Martin said was homophobic. He was rude, He was not funny. And, he like his GOP sympathizers would belittle me, take away my pursuit of happiness and freedons. Suspension from CNN is just.

  9. This was one of the best discussions of the Martin matter. You clearly parsed the issues and presented the facts in a clear and fair manner such that I now have a clear understanding of the matter. After thoughtful reflection of the matter, I now clearly realize that the actions by Martin were unprofessional and counter to the brand name of CNN. I really like the counterpoint discussion and wish it had a large national platform. I would not have moved to this point were it not for the thoughtful manner you presented the facts. When I worked for GM, if I spoke in a manner that denigrated the GM image, I would expect to be fired, pure and simple. That is the way it is. Martin, stand up and be a man and apologize for hateful statements. The Bible speaks against homosexuality, but also speaks against violence towards others. You can’t take part of the Bible and not the other. Plus Martin’s rebuttals were less than honest. If you are going to cater to the religious right, then be consistent. Ms. Carnell and Mr. Watkins, you are really on point.

  10. Eff GLAAD.

  11. In all fairness to the interview, the bottom line is that roland is a employee of cnn, and they are the ones paying his bills. I dont think roland was wrong, but as long as you are under someone else’s roof you got to respect their rules. It is time we as Blacks create our own political media, with real mainstream Blacks,, Roland might not even make the cut, cause he also voted for the old man Bush.

  12. I am actually glad this subject has finally hit the fan. The gay and lesbian task force has been hijacked the civil rights movement; and we as blacks have allowed it to happen. I just watch Al Sharpton make a better argument for homosexuality on MSNBC than any Gay spokesperson could have ever did. As a minister, you either accept the bible entirely or you dont. I am not a biblical buff, but I am certan that the bible simply sees homosexuality as a sin against God. So in what context can any God fearing person uphold such nonsence. I am not a religious individual, but quite spiritual. And I see this homosexual behavior as unnatural, deviant, and will not produce fruit. It is one of the sicknesses we as Black people have inherited from our europeon brotheren.

  13. I am very disgusted with this video discussion. I think Tom Joyner is wrong for telling Mr. Martin to apologize as well as Dr. Boyce and partner in crime.I am sick of weak ass Negroes who are incapable of critical analysis. I saw the underwear commercial and found it offensive as I wonder was he selling ass or underwear. I think children watching the super bowl should not be exposed to a model without any clothes or very little, was it a pron ad? Parents should be more concern about this behavior, male and female models on TV without clothes, selling sex rather than the item to be purchased. I also looked up Roland Martin’s comments and did not hear him mention reference to gay or lesbian people, so how is it this organization took his comment to be homophobic, also Dr. Boyce and Negroes, please stop equating gay rights/equality with the inquality/equality of enslaved African-Americans and descendents. We are not the same. Gay people where not lynched, there age 13 girls were not raped by slave masters, and their limbs were not cut off for running away. One has a choice to be gay, my ancestors and parents did not have a choice to be free or experience jim crow. I never seem to hear Jewish people equating gay/lesbians struggle with their holocust. Hymm, possible they understand the significance of not allowing their oppressors or descendents determine/define their oppression.We need to stop trying to link with groups just to be popular or accepted because it is envogue to identifiy with any group mainstream media has identified as the group deserving so much attention, investigate the hinden agenda. Does Mr. Martin’s job contract say what he says on twitter in the comfort of his home, not on CNN job time, CNN email, or CNN twitter can be used in an job corrective/disciplinary action.

    • I feel that Roland Martin had nothing to apologize for in the first place. Watkins and Carnell are both Uncle Tom’s . The News Media for years have been disrespecting our President and his family on a daily basic and nothing has been done about it by you two and the other racist hater in our country and this man has lost his job over this bull crap! GLADD is just another KKK hate group that talks out of the side of their mouth. They go around the country and Internet, cherry picking on whom they will destroy next. They are just like the Republican Party, who’s mission in life is to use their mouth as Weapon’s of Mass Destruction, to divide and destroy our country, one word at a time. ” WHEN YOU STAND FOR NOTHING, YOU WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING! “

    • Louise,

      I vehemently concur with your astute analysis of this issue. You could easily provide opposing commentary in the above video replacing either Dr. Boyce Watkins or Yvette Carnell since they seem to be one in the same on this issue.

      If you have not already, I encourage you to send your comments to CNN. I wrote similar comments and forwarded them to CNN. It may not make one iota of difference since the network seems pro-gay or “gay friendly” and will probably ignore or dismiss comments from those that do not support their view of gay tolerance.

      Nevertheless, it is important that they realize that there are opinions on the other side and I would surmise that there are many but some will not take action because they don’t want to be accused of being haters, oppressors or labeled homophobic if they disagree with CNN or other media outlets’ positions on this issue.

      Gay advocates are fierce warriors in this “cultural war” and they will continue to score or win many more battles just like this one because they have developed what I call the “plan of neutralization” where they silence and, thus, effectively neutralize their opponents by calling attention to everything they find remotely offensive, wrapping the perceived offense in the “gay hate/homophobic quilt” and delivering it in spades to all of their “allies” in grassroots organizations, the media, local, state and national governments and even the White House.

      Thanks for pointing out how GLAAD and others zeroed in on Roland’s comments but completely ignored that Beckham’s scantily dressed visage is sexually explicit and pornographic in nature and is completely inappropriate for airing during a “family viewing activity” like the super bowl.

      Where is the outrage and the call for censorship on that? Have you heard any? Up to this point, I have not. Where is Dr. Boyce or Yvette Carnell on the possible harmful effects of Beckham’s near nudity on already hypersexualized young boys and girls? Um… silence is golden!!!

      Like you, I have commented over and over that there is no comparison between gay and black civil rights struggles in this country and have been lambasted on various sites and called ignorant and homophobic. I am so glad that others see through this ruse and obvious need for gay rights advocates to both court black sympathy and support and, incredulously, attack those of us that dare to dissent.

      I appreciate Your Black World and the opportunity for intelligent discussion and commentary on issues affecting the black community. But, I strongly disagree with Dr. Boyce and Yvette Carnell on this issue.

  14. Agree with the general sentiment of this thread. I stopped watching CNN sure to the foolish Black in America series, and now with Roland gone, there is no reason to support this network.

    Raphael, I didn’t know about GLAAD & NAMBLA. ewwww.

  15. I am glad that the NAACP is standing with Martin. I do not think his statements were homophobic. GLADD has taken Black Civil Rights tactics and used them against black people. Black people need an organization to stand up against all of these attacks we receive daily from all groups. Martin shouldn’t have to cowtow to GLADD because he doesn’t agree with the Gay Lifestyle. Gay don’t particularly accept Heterosexuals either. I can remember being at Disney with my family during Gay weekend being yelled out as being a Breeder. I felt that my family was being threatened so we left. These kind of stories will never make it to daylight. I have never had any problems with the life they lead but I will not let you hurt my family. My daughters were devasted and cried. This had to probably be an isolated incident but we do not want to be put in a position that we in the wrong because we stand up for the lifestyle of being straight. Straight may be a minority in the future if we do not pay attention to these nuiances. I will not judge the Gay community but I will not let them abuse me either.

  16. Dr. Boyce Watkins, how can you say Roland Martin should APOLOGIZE TO GLAAD or whomever? As I see it, Mr. Martin has done absolutely nothing for which he needs to be apologetic. And CNN MUST BE GAY. Personally, I don’t care how much money is involved, I would not work with a company that did
    not support my opionion. Surely, Mr. Martin can find other work. And on that subject, Dr. Watkins, YOU WORK TOO MUCH ON THE ROAD. When do you have time to teach, and be with your family, and just plain ol’ RELAX? Take care of yourself.

  17. Dr. Boyce Watkins, how can you say Roland Martin should APOLOGIZE TO GLLAAD or whomever? As I see it, Mr. Martin has done absolutely nothing for which he needs to be apologetic. And CNN MUST BE GAY. Personally, I don’t care how much money is involved, I would not work with a comapny that did
    not support my opionion. Surely, Mr. Martin can find other work. And on that subject, Dr. Watkins, YOU WORK TOO MUCH

  18. If GLAAD, ILGA, and the Human Rights Campaign have so much clout why are they NOT going after people like Rush Limbaugh, who, for years has been making homophobic, racist and sexist incendiary remarks! Could it be that he has them in his back pocket ($$$) to undermine the Civil Rights Movement of African Americans??? I’m just askin’…

  19. Look GLAAD, you gays have chosen to live inmoral lives. Your life style isn’t normal and I really don’t care for it, for it is nasty, smelly and inhuman. Yet you think your position as gays are right. No matter how much support you get from people and states who support your faults, you will always have people that see what you do with your bodies as ugly and unclean and a sin against God. Some of you want God in your lives, yet you want repent. The Bible says that your lifestyles are sinful. Your whole life is full of rationalisations. Moreover, please stop relating your inhuman gay movement to that of the Black Civil Rights movement. We were not fighting to lay in bed together and mistreat our bodies with same sex misconduct. We were fighting to keep from being lynched . . . . In Jesus name I love you, but hate your choice with a passion! Your life would be greater and much more fulfill only if you repent and give your lives to Jesus, trust me.

    • Im trying to understand how you thought this comment was appropriate as a Christian to bash gays.. How many times did Christ address homosexuality?…I guess the same way you feel about gays I feel about Black so called Christians…how in da hell u serve a God that whites forced you to serve through indoctrination? How do you feel comfortable exercising judgement over anything and your God is always prepuated with blue eyes and blonde hair …speak for yourself dont attach your uncle tom religion to justify the means… Matter fact doesnt some clown need a new luxury car off your tithes

  20. Thank you Mystic, I also agree Mr. Martin’s comments were NOT homophobic. Again, if he wants to apology to those who may have taken offense for a misunderstanding then fine; however forget GLAAD!

    Besides GLAAD, ILGA, and the Human Right Campaign are all front groups and attack dogs for powerful players that are unleashed on queue to check those who don’t, as Mystic put it, “assimilate”.

    Yes, there is abuse on those who identify as LGBTQ and it should STOP!

    However, Martin owes no apology to GLAAD!

    Again, I’m shocked that you and Yvette are giving so much credit to GLAAD despite their past. Yes, they have money! Yes, they have clout! However, who are they to be the moral example?!

    To hell with their J. Edgar Hoover tactics!!

    • @Raphael& Ron Gordon–I concur, except for Martin apologizing. He said it, he meant it, he should stand and represent it. Frankly, I think CNN (which I no longer watch) was laying in the cut, to fire Mr. Martin. That’s how these racist organizations work. If CNN doesn’t respect Martin’s opinion, he should quit, and get his large severance package. He should relax before finding a better employment fit. There is a wise saying: IF YOU DON’T STAND FOR SOMETHING, YOU’LL FALL FOR ANYTHING. (I no longer watch CNN).

  21. I agree with Yvette that the issue concerns professionalism and respecting the rights of others. Also, Boyce stated Roland was a Baptist Christian. As a Christian, Roland must understand that he does not have to condone the lifestyle of gays, but he does have to love individuals with that lifestyle, and he certainly should not provoke or encourage others to.

  22. Oh, if Black people had an organization as strong as GLAAD. Roland Martins comments were not homophobic and were in jest, colloquial in its delivery and if GLAAD won’t accept our cultural differences, they should kiss his Black ass. For black people to have to assimilate to the point of cow towing to an organization whose sole purpose is to protect a sexual preference is assinine. NAACP should learn from GLAAD and make it abhorrent to represent Black people in a negative light, however slight, and call all such references a detriment to the life and freedom of every Black person on the planet. This is the truth of our existence! Let’s see how many gay racist we OUT then!

    • I concur with all point minus the GGlad part. I don’t want for me what that organization aspires to as far as ‘lifestyle . However I would not dare try to disparage them. !!!

  23. I agree that certain things may not have been expressed in the best way by Mr. Martin, however GLAAD, or who some like to call the “The Gay Mafia”, have, in fact, been guilty of highjacking and capitalizing off black civil rights issues to support their platform.

    Also, GLAAD and ILGA (International Lesbian and Gay Association) had lost ALL CREDIBILITY when they embraced support from NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) several years ago and allowed NAMBLA to partake in Pride celebrations for two decades. They denounced the group ONLY after funding support was threatened.

    So who is GLADD to speak to and apologize too?!

    I love you both Boyce and Yvette, however, you’re giving GLAAD too much credit.

    Your argument who be better positioned if you were requesting he apologize to those LGBTQ who may have taken offense.