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Stars React to Whitney Houston’s Death

Stars are using both mainstream media and social media to share their thoughts on the passing of Whitney Houston, who was found dead in a bathtub at a Beverly Hills hotel. Here are a few poignant excerpts:

Usher: “R.I.P Whitney Houston… A true icon of our time. Gone too soon. My heart goes out to the family in their time of distress. URIV”

Lionel Richie to CNN: “I’m absolutely devastated. I always say this all the time. We are a business, unfortunately, of such great talent but also of great tragedy. And we see it happen so many times from the 60s, the 70s, the 80s, the 90s. We watch them come, we watch them go and you keep thinking, it can’t happen to this next generation. It’s not going to happen and sure enough here we go again. Michael was enough just to stop traffic with me. I couldn’t believe it. And then you see Whitney. I talked to her, how are you doing? Are you okay? And you keep hoping for the best but then when you get this kind of news, there’s really nothing but silence…. She had that voice. She had that voice that could just turn a story, a melody into just magical, magical notes.”

Kimora Lee: “RIP Whitney my lady… Always one of the Most Beautiful! Maybe now u will be at peace….love you and the family forever.”

Tia Mowry:  “My heart goes out to an amazing woman, mother, singer, and legend. She’s had nothing but kind words to my sister and I. We ❤ u Whitney!”

Simon Cowell to CNN: “People like that can’t be manufactured. They’ve either got it or they haven’t. I was only talking about her music to a friend of mine the other day. Her records don’t sound old fashioned now. They don’t sound like they were made 20, 30 years ago. They still sound incredible.”

Russell Simmons: “deeply saddened by the death of Whitney Houston…may she rest in peace.”

Diddy: “Whitney Houston!!! OMG!! I really can’t believe this.. This is one of the saddest days.”

Missy Elliott: “This is such a sad moment! I’m speechless I have no words of what I’m feeling right now. Rest in Peace Whitney Houstan I love u.”

Rihanna: “No words, just tears.” #DearWhitney

Kelly Rowland: “I am beyond heartbroken. Whitney Houston was undoubtedly one of the greatest singers & performers of all time & such a huge influence on me.”

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