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Kelly Price Interviewed on Whitney Houston’s Last Public Appearance [Video]

On Thursday night, only two days before her death, Whitney Houston came to R&B singer Kelly Price’s pre-Grammy club celebration. The two old friends sang a brief duet of “Yes, Jesus Loves Me.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone, a grief stricken Kelly Price said “Yes, Jesus Loves Me” was a fitting last song for Houston. “She’s a church girl, she related to the church girl in me. I’m a church girl, I related to the church girl in her,” said Price.

Part of the reason Price agreed to give an interview with Rolling Stone was to address rumors of Houston’s addiction.

“Things people want to allude to are not what I saw,” Price said. “There was no craziness going on, absolutely none of it. It was a great musical event. And honestly, I’m saying it because her daughter was there with her, my two children were there with me. It was an atmosphere that lent itself to being okay for our kids to be there. So that’s what was going on.”

Price said when she saw her old friend at her pre-Grammy party, it was just like old times.  “We laughed, danced, sang and cried and talked about the stuff that we talk about – the kids, life outside of the business. It was good, she was good. It was great, she had a good time, she was happy and that was all night long,” said Price.

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