Sherri Shepherd “I Had A Lot of Abortions”

sherri shepherd, abortions

Sherri Shepherd got emotional during a heated conversation on “The View.”  The topic was abortion and a new Texas law that requires women to get sonograms before aborting their children.  The law requires doctors to play fetal heartbeats and describe features of the fetus.

Joy Behar and Barbara Walters didn’t support the law, with Behar calling it “totalitarian.”  Conservative Elizabeth Hasselbeck didn’t agree.

“You would never go through any medical procedure like that…without looking at the scientific evidence,” Hasselbeck said. “Why you would ask for an X-ray for those things but not in this case?”

Whoopi Goldberg disagreed with the law, stating that some women are not ready to have children yet or can’t afford them.  She felt that aborting the children is better than letting them live without receiving financial help.   That’s when Sherri Shepherd stepped in.  She felt that it is hypocritical for those who oppose food stamps and welfare to be against the right to have an abortion.

“We stop at the picket signs and we don’t help you past that!” she said. “I’m speaking as a girl who had a lot of abortionsand I swear to God, if they had shown me a picture of the fetus… I would have put my child in a lot of situations that wouldn’t have been good because I didn’t have the mental capacity to deal with having a child.”


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  2. Mr. Hill, I commend you for the donations and work you do with the poor. I myself work for children services and know how hard this work is to do. You are doing everything possible to justify your pro-life stance. I respect you for it and your opinion.

  3. Mr. Hill I believe you misstated me when you said, “if God has no problem with the choices and does not interfere with them why should anyone else.” That is not what I said. This is what I said, “God gives us all the choice to choose, good or bad, and when judgment day comes, he will judge us on our choices. So why would anyone want to interfere with my choices, when God doesn’t? How can your decisions be higher than Gods? I’m well aware of what the Bible says about life and this was a difficult choose for me to make and not easy. And I will be the one to answer for it on judgment day, not you?” I still say it.

    Also in your own words, you agreed with me that my situation was intolerable. You said, I quote, “Should not your child be given a chance to live in-spite of the fact that your situation was intolerable?” If I had stayed with my violent first husband, what do you thing would have happened to my living child? I had a responsibility to look out for the life of my living child. I also had to take this into consideration.

    Lastly Mr. Hill, you didn’t answer my last questions to you. They were, “I would like to know the last time one of you pro-life people paid a visit to see the poor? I would also like to know the last time you given money or donations to single parents who aren’t receiving child support? There are plenty of them. If life means so much to you, how much have you given to help the lives of those suffering here on earth?” I’m still waiting for this answer.

    • Ms. Hudson First my apologies, I didn’t mean to misstate you my statement was simply a failed attempt to paraphrase what you said. it won’t happen again.

      I’m not sure of the relevance my personal benevolence has to do with a mother killing her child but if you must know Here is the answer.
      I give away about 20% or more of my income to charitable causes each year. First I give generally about 12-15% to my church where I serve on an almost daily basis for no pay, then the rest goes to World Vision, UNCF, PBA, Feed the children, and WBAI and that’s not counting what I give away in cash donations where no tracking is possible or at least not practical. Additionally I work regularly with the “poor” to help assist them in finding shelter, keeping their lights on or any other manifold crisis’s they may have.

      I really hate to say what I’m about to say publicly but since you opened the door I felt the need to walk in and unfortunately its true. In many cases of which I can speak of experientially, There are tremendous resources available for people who are in need to take advantage of, however what I find in many cases is that only the super desperate are willing to submit to what is needed to get the resources. I have found a great deal of people (and that includes people in need) want to continue in bad behavioral practices and then when it all crumbles they come with an expectation of what they are entitled to. Now although I get disappointed sometime by the mindset of such individuals I always do my best to get them what they want in hopes that the compassion shown to them might help correct their mindset.
      You would be surprised how many people I have never seen before in our church and are not members in anyone’s church come looking for money to pay their bills quoting bible scripture of why we must help them, then they go out and repeat whatever caused their situation and I see them again in a few months with another story…I witness how every Sunday parents drop their children off at church so we can babysit while they recover from a night of partying or some drop them off so they are free to do what ever they want until church is over. So to answer your question yes I have an extensive record of helping the poor and I can tell you why more people don’t do it. Because it is extremely draining work. If you ever walked into a social services office and see the look on the workers faces who are getting a pay check to help the people, then can you imagine what it is like for someone not getting paid to do the work, must be going through.

      To answer your other and more relevant question “If I had stayed with my violent first husband, what do you thing would have happened to my living child?” I have no idea… Im sure you did what you thought was best, although I wish I or someone outside your vantage point would have had an opportunity to speak with you beforehand and explore other options.

      • Bravo Fernando,
        I too, am involved in my Chaurch who reach out to those in need as opposed to the ” stars”, 15 % of my income also, additionally giving to other charities, donating to help AIDS Project LA, who allowed me to use their logo fr my skit “Stories of HIV”, that was specifically written for Black women to help break down the cultural habits that advances this disease among us. I have also donated time to abuse shelter where men and women and children were sheltered and did some lectures and reading of my poetry there although, I am quite not comfortable with public speaking. I have gotten quite a few of us to return to school to get a higher education BSN and MSN degrees in nursing, my daughter cannot use me as an excuse to fail as I did not take that option. I advise other young ladies to reach higher and expect better as opposed to joining them in their juvenile behavior, I maintain my website for free as I share my inspired poetry on www., I have a California Life License for insurance, I have a masters degree in nursing eduaction, have ben used, abused and accused and all if this after being born the 16th child of my family to parents who didnot have a high school diploma and yet except for the grace of God non of the good I have done r seemingly accomplishments against the odds could have been achieved.
        Because someone cared enough to reach out to me and say………….witnessing as God instructed them as Gid said His word will not return to Him void but will accomplish what it ws sent out to do- my sheep hear my voice and obey.
        Fernando, again,keep working and thanks and glory to God for His will being done in you.

        • Poetee Thank You for the encouraging words and inspiration… Keep up the good work I’m so glad there are people like you who are willing to sacrifice Time Talent and Treasure for the kingdom’s purpose which is to reach the people where they are and usher them into the Kingdom. Where there is no sacrifice there is no Love. Keep up the Excellent work.

          Thank you Ms. Hudson for your commendation and respect. I Respect you as well and believe when we can have mutual respect for each others opinion we will though the Grace of God find viable solutions to many of the issues plaguing our community.

  4. There are plenty of situations that would cause a person not be able to get birth control. I’m going to tell you about my situation. I came up in a low-come home. Both my father and mother worked. After leaving home from Barstow, CA to move to Los Angeles, CA to attend college at USC, I meet and married my first husband. I was a virgin at that time. I knew my husband one year before we went out on our first date. One day, after a tiring day traveling on the road, he beat me and forced himself upon me. I left him and discovered months later that I was pregnant. I didn’t tell him I was pregnant. He found out, located me, and asked me to marry him. He promised not to mistreat me again and to be a father to our child. I was raised up in a strict religion which teaches women aren’t supposed to have sex until after they are married. After much thought, I agreed to do so.

    Shortly after marrying my first husband, he began to cheat on me and beat me. I would not agree to do what he wanted me to do, so he beat me. I went to the shelter (there was only one at that time) and put my name on a one year waiting list. This was pre-OJ Simpson. I went to the welfare office and applied for food stamps, but welfare said I made $20 over the limit, because they wouldn’t allow me a $40 travel expense because I was paying for a car and not taking the bus. I went home and asked my husband to leave, but he refused to do so and he, again, forced himself upon me. After having our first child, the doctor wouldn’t give me any birth control pills. He said I had to wait three months until my body healed. I told my husband what the doctor had said and begged him to use a condom. When he refused to use a condom, I told him not to touch me. He didn’t listen and I fought him off as best I could, but he was just too strong for me and I became pregnant a second time.

    I was a clerk working for the County of Los Angeles and not getting paid much money. My husband quit his job, after I married him, and worked full time as a pimp. I went to the doctor to get an abortion, but the doctor said I had to have my husband’s permission because I was married. I went to my husband and told him I was having an abortion and there wasn’t anything he could do to stop me. My husband threatened to kill me if I did so. I told him to go ahead because I didn’t want to live like this. He didn’t kill me because my life insurance was in my mother’s name and he hated my mother. I went to the doctor and told him that my husband was okay with the abortion because we couldn’t afford to have another child. I then had an abortion. The story goes on, but the bottom line is I was able to afford to get away from my violent first husband. If I had a second child by my first husband, I don’t believe I would have been able to do so.

    God gives us all the choice to choose, good or bad, and when judgment day comes, he will judge us on our choices. So why would anyone want to interfere with my choices, when God doesn’t? How can your decisions be higher than Gods? I’m well aware of what the Bible says about life and this was a difficult choose for me to make and not easy. And I will be the one to answer for it on judgment day, not you?

    Also, I would like to know the last time one of you pro-life people paid a visit to see the poor? I would also like to know the last time you given money or donations to single parents who aren’t receiving child support? There are plenty of them. If life means so much to you, how much have you given to help the lives of those suffering here on the earth? Until you can do this, then you opinion doesn’t matter much to me. But God gives you the choice to have it. So I will respect your opinions as you should respect mine’s. I wrote about my experiences in a book called, “The Trouble With Change”, if you would like to read all the ugly details.

    • Alma Hudson your story is a tragically compelling and sad one and my heart goes out to you. However I don’t see anywhere in your story that calls for the murder of an innocent baby. And although you were raped and I believe that is certainly cause to want to disassociate with the unborn child, Should not your child be given a chance to live in-spite of the fact that your sistuation was intolerable? The child is still innocent and deserves to live. Now although I don’t condone your having an abortion I can’t judge you, I certainly understand your decision and my hearts bleeds for you. I pray that having the abortion has brought you some relief.

      Secondly you mentioned if God has no problem with your choices and does not interfere with them why should anyone else. The answer to that is very simple, God gives us the free will to make the right or wrong choice, however God does not condone the wrong choice. God has a “perfect will” and a “permissive will” the goal is to walk in God’s perfect will and not Gods permissive will. but God allows us to make whatever decisions we want and to deal with the consequences of them. Another thing God expects is for us to have a national united morality. God judges nations and expects the people as a whole to govern themselves and line up to God’s “Perfect Will” Therefore the need for moral laws.
      Peace and Love

  5. We don’t know the circumstances surrounding the reasons she had multiple abortions. Was there molestation involved when she was a young woman? She was crying… if it wasn’t personal she wouldn’t have gotten emotional but off all the posts here jumping on her and the few that are defending her, who really knows what was behind it?

    Unfortunately, I’m sure we will hear more details that we really shouldn’t know about soon BUT she should have been smarter in choosing her words.

    Secondly, I saw a post to have Whoopie help Sherri. Seriously???? You must not know Whoopsie’s I mean, Whoopie’s past. She’s the last person to throw stones at Sherri!

    And last, but not least… let’s keep in mind the pharmaceutical and insurance companies roles in women feeling they have no affordable options in their reproductive decision making. Put the blame where it needs to be America and stop scapegoating the victims.

    Birth control pills did not used to be covered by insurance and to pay for them and take them when you don’t have a husband, boyfriend or reason to, is just not something a normal person in the 70’s and 80’s would do. I’m speaking from looking at Sherri now and if she was the same back in the day, she probably didn’t have regular partners. Let’s be real here.

    Also BC pills don’t always work or may make you sicker than being pregnant (I’m speaking from personal experience here).

    Condoms break and free ones are usually the ones that didn’t pass quality control. That’s why they are free.

    Those shots, I forget the name, also have major side effects and cause heavy bleeding for months on end (which I guess was actually an effective birth control method!)

    Cremes, back in the day, didn’t work or sit on the shelf past the expiration dates… Again, personal experience and my insides are ruined forever.

    Finally, IUDs – work great but were all but banned in the US or were so expensive, I recall asking about one as a young woman and it was $450 for one year(again, not paid for by insurance and you couldn’t get them at ‘free clinics’).

    $450 vs $20/$30 a month for birth control pills.

    The women of a certain age reading this know I’m telling the truth. We need to stop bashing each other and go after the companies making a fortune off of our misfortunes.


    I live in Africa now (Senegal) and got a 10 year copper IUD in 1999 for less than $10 American dollars. (Now I’m too old to care and doing fine!)


    $10 – 10 years no problems and they fixed everything else that was wrong with me as well. I don’t even have lupus or eczema anymore – got rid of them both within a year of living here and being treated by local doctors.

    Who’s the third world country again?

    I will live here until I die (most likely of natural causes!).

  6. I believe in a womans right to choose.

    Having said that Sherri Shepherd is the QuintEssential Ghetto Tack Head. I’m not surprised she’s had a lot of abortions. The 64K question that begs to be answerd is who in gods name would ever want to go to bed with her. I remember a little while ago when she came out in front of the camera in that bathing suit and it was one of the most disgusting not to mention disturbing things I’ve ever seen. She’s butt ugly and the fact that she’d display all that uglyness for all to see showed me how classless she is.

    Down Right Pathetic Butt Ugly.

  7. It’s not for me to judge Sherri, and I personally disagree with abortions. My disagreeing with abortion is not to say that I disagree with it for ALL, I am prochoice.

    In saying that, I had a friend who seemed to use abortion as a birth control method, and come to think of it I had a cousin who had at least five abortions, but I can not say what was going on with her. I disagree with using abortion as a method of prevention from bringing a child into the world.

    I do not know what Sherri reasons are for having “a lot” of abortions. I will say this I would rather see a woman have an abortion than these trifling women bringing children into this world and then abusing them (and that goes for many men also).

  8. No abortions should not be used as a form of Birth Control. However, the moment that ANY MAN can push out an 8, 9 or 10 pound BABY, THEN he MAY be able to tell me what I can and cant do with MY BODY!! Keep abortions safe and legal. I know a few women who were using that method as BC. That does not make it right of course. I am PRO CHOICE and proud of that fact. I am not a feminist and I do have one son.

  9. To the Pro Lifer’s…I totally understand where you are coming from. However, I propose that when you make your case, how about going into these group homes and orphaneges and adopting the kids that are already here. Just once I would LOVE to hear pro-lifers address the children who are already here. What about them? If you feel that strongly about your choice, then lend those kids your voice, your love, your support and ENERGY as well. I myself am pro choice and I adopted a 12 year old boy almost 18 yrs ago. It’s so sad to hear the stories that these poor children have lived…some are pure heart wrenching. Let’s have a productive discussion about how to solve the problem of caring for babies that are here NOW.

    • To teegirl74 your right… what you are doing is honorable, and yes society really needs to do a better job of caring for the babies that are already here. However that is an after the fact approach to the the problem. Just because much of society doesn’t want to adopt someone else child is not a reason to kill the child. the primary way of dealing with this issue is we also need to teach our young folks that sex is ONLY a Choice for the responsible. Or your next Choice may be between being a parent or catching a disease or possibly the real no Choice of both.

      • I agree with what you are saying Mr. Hill, however I am pro choice by saying that a woman should have a choice under certain circumstances. By no means do I agree with using it as birth control. Now my question is, if abortion is outlawed, do you think that will stop them? The fact is that whether or not it’s legal, it’s going to happen. That’s just like everything else that we have put into place. The debate can go on and on and on. I say keep on with your argument, just figure out a way to love these unwanted babies that are right here. Thank you for opening up this disussion!!!!

        • teegirl74- I believe most reasonable people would agree with you that there are some very rare situations that an abortion should be permitted or even needed, but in most cases. And yes there may still may be some abortions if it is made illegal but that would be because of the other issues that you mentioned of no compassion and intolerance for the pregnant young lady but that would also be rare. Most of all if you and I can spread the idea and example of how love looks that would diminish any one from going through the pains of an illegal abortion.
          Don’t want to get too metaphysical on you but you seem like you can handle it.
          There is a lot of untapped love in our community which energy is being cancelled out by the violence we commit against ourselves everyday and abortion is probably the most widely used violent of them all.

  10. Please, please someone tell Shepard to shut up!

  11. All you right wing-bible thumping people always trying to pretend you are SUCH THE GOODY-GOOD one and you have more skeletons and dirt in your closet you need to shut up and sit down……

    This abortion topic…hits a lot of people because they are either guilty of having one or two or three etc…and they are in denial and trying to pretend they are so Godly and sanctified…and they want other to think so…..

    Abortion is the choice for women if they want it….if they can not raise a kid in a proper settings…then it is their choice and they have to live with their choice….

    Can we move on with this topic….and find something else beside trying to choose for women…

    If the women did not have a chosen abortion…is it ok to leave the kid with the baby’s daddy!? maybe the woman discovered the baby’s daddy was an abuser and did not want to be connect to him….

    Leave women alone and let them choose…abortions have being going on for centuries, since the beginning of time…illegally

  12. Obviously, there are some things that should just remain unspoken.

  13. Some things should just remain unspoken.

  14. Sheri’s need to keep her big mouth shut, What happen when black folks kept their business to themselves?

  15. I am a christian and I am PRO CHOICE!!! No one should tell a woman what to do with her body…

    It takes two people having SEX to make a baby…
    Tell men to keep it in their pants… Why is it always the women told to close your legs! Men, Keep it ZIPPED!! And you pro lifers are full of it …when your 13-15 year old ( they are having sex you know.. gets pregnant you bring them for that abortion… I’ve seen it… PHONIES…Some of you have had them…65rt43

  16. Why is man so arrogant and in such an uproar about GOD’s law, and abortion? The book of Genesis says (Genesis 2:7)that man did not become a living soul until God breathed into his nostrils and he became a living soul. This is the beginning of creation. Babies are not a living soul intil they breath their first breath of air. Adam was not a living soul when GOD made him from the dust of the ground, he did not become a living soul until god breathed life into him. How can you murder something that is not even a living soul yet. C’mon people use some common sense here. At the end of the day GOD your creator is going to have the last say, not man.

  17. Instead Killing baby after baby, she should’ve kept her deamn legs closed.

  18. Sherry can do whatever she wants to do . It’s no
    business of anyone else.
    The Catholics started this when they do not fight for
    the divorces they happen, nor do they put their child molester priests in jail, but move them from Parrish to Parrish. So Thank You Sherry for not bringing another welfare baby into this cruel world.

  19. I want every black woman to know that everytime you abort your child you are playing into the hands of racists,the idea of abortion in the black community was given by racists for the purpose of exterminating us as a people.Margaret Sanger,the founder of Planned Parenthood said”it must not be known publicly that abortion should be used to exterminate the Negro population” Planned Parenthood,therefore has placed an abortion clinic less than half of a mile in every black neighborhood in every metropolitan city and as a result the holocaust or the massive slaughter of black people has been going on before they can sit up in a crib let alone go to the polls to keep men like Ronald Reagan and George Bush from becomming President through the added voting strenth their numbers would have given us. Because of abortion 13 million black people,almost half of what the black population is today is missing buried in the ground thats also twice the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust concentration camps and the hurtfull thing about it is that we have done it to ourselves,go behind any garbage dump at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic and you would see dozens of little black feet,hands and faces all murdered by Black women and in a deeper sense murdered by the black community as we have failed to influence our daughters to keep their children and havent provided a strong enough community spirit to assist eachother in the upbringing of eachother’s children as we once did in days gone by.Many young girls kill their babies because they feel that they cannot get the needed help from their community in terms of food,clothes and shelters.The pastors of black churches have to step up lead their followers in gathering and collecting resources as a community,we have become too sophisticated and independent now to where we would rather gossip gleefully about the other’s problems instead of helping those amoung us who are afflicted then hve the audacity to stand in shock and awe when a young girl do something as horrendous as killing her children before or after they are born, oftentimes she does it because she doesnt feel she can depend on us so let us take a look at ourselves as a people bring back that strong community spirit, the kind where Mrs Hattie,the next door neighbor would make sure we had enough to eat,spank us when we did wrong then tell our mother who approvingly would spank us again.This method of communal living is what sustained us when all ‘ah us wuz po. there wasnt no driveby shootings then,the jail wasnt filled up with us like an all black college then, we could all depend on eachother and thats why we didnt ABORT EACHOTHER….cause we had eachother.

    • Let people be angry by what you say, let people be moved by what you say, let people be non affected by what you say, but please keep saying it so that at least someone can hear it because it speaks volumes!

  20. Donna Johnson Dagner

    TMI. I think Sherry needs to be mindful of personal information that she shares on air. Sherry needs to keep in mind, that her personal outbursts not only affect her now, but her husband and son. I can understand her voicing her viewpoint, but boasting was truly not necessary. Whoopie…help the sister out.!!

  21. Wow, talk about taking things out of “context”. Some of you people have missed more than the point. Called Ms. Sheapard out of her name-you folks called her everything except a child of God. At the end of the day, I am against any gov’t agency or religious organization having a say over “my body”. Especially if I am a consenting adult.

  22. What word. G’d broke his own word.

  23. Why hook up with a married man morons?

    • Women do it all the time. My ex is my ex because of women hooking up with him. Some men lie to these women and others do not, but non the less, women mess with married men. Hey think about Fantasia as that man is still martied as she recently had a child with him.!

  24. Thank you. I used to work a family law attorney and the hassle of getting black men to pay their child support. There were a few clients that is willing to pay and then some, but most of the clients. Let’s just say that pulling teeth with anesthesia is faster and better.

    • Regina, sometimes people want others to consign with them in their wrongness. Some families look the other way when they see the relative cheating. I would not even put my family inthe meddle of that mess and they would not condone infidelity!
      It takes those who stand on Gods word to uphold it.

  25. Does,nt matter how you slice and dice it abortion is murder and should,nt be used for the sake of convienience ,that to me is the most selfish form of self centred BS ,some women need to stop running around after worthless men that make them pregnant and dessert them later on ,get some sense use contraceptives ,there really is,nt any excuse in 2012 theres just too much information out there now for anyone to walk about with their head up their own ass.Quit scewing around or keep your legs closed if you’re too stupid or lazy to use contraceptives.I never heard of this Sherri woman and i can’t stand that show the view but after reading her quotes on her past multiple abortions she strikes me as a complete moron.

  26. Matthew 10:34-37

    Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household. He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

    That explains two xtian women creating enough commotion to create another unnecessary war.


  27. Poetee, I have to forof your religious beliefs.

    Read and move on.

    “In Luke 14:26, Jesus states, ‘If any man comes to me, and HATE not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.'”

    There’s no justification or morality regarding anything xtian.

  28. Sherri Sheperd, claim that she is a Joviah Witness, well it finally came out that she aint nothing but a baby killer. I do not like her I never like her and cannot stand her. She is one of the most sillyist woman on tv. She is as dumb as a door bell an embassarment to her race. It is up to a woman what she does with her body, but if you going to throw yourself around like you know what,get pregnant kill the baby and then come out pretending to be a christian. You aint nothing but a baby murderer.
    If you are the best they can find to put on tv,we are hurting.

  29. Personal feelings don’t belong in this topic. This is about a woman’s right to choose. Not every woman is Sherri Shepard or some other woman who “needs to close her legs.” Once we start telling others what they can and cannot do with their bodies, we create a slippery slope. What comes next? I didn’t read anything about the men who impregnate women and then walk away, leaving them to make a decision that may haunt them for the rest of their lives. Women don’t “get pregnant,” they are impregnated by a man. If this is to be a blame issue, then make damn sure you blame both parties. Taking away the right to choose and then refusing to help that child born into poverty is wrong. You cannot have it both ways. There are countless numbers of men that walked away from responsibility and the mothers have no other option, but to turn to food stamps or welfare. Where is all the shade for them? If they didn’t want to impregnate a woman, why didn’t THEY keep THEIR legs closed? So easy to blame the mothers, right?

    • Drug dealers are drug dealers. Bad men are bad men. Women have to stop locking ourselves into these prisons of I sinned and now I must follow through with being with a man for the rest of my life.
      Snake: let me come in your house please.
      Lady: no, I hear your nature is to bite
      Snake: I know, but I will not bite you
      Lady: ok, come in
      Snake bites lady
      Lady: snake, why did you bite me?
      Snake: you know, it was my nature
      At someoint we have to take responsibility for our choices. We get lied to by married men, so kmake sure you are married to him before sleeping with him.
      A man promises to do something, then wait to see if he is true to his word. If you are going to have kids, love them enough to bring them up in the best environment or avoid conception if you cannot provide for them.
      When you are grown, you kinda should take responsibility for what you allow- women have intuition and to make one error, you should make steps to avoid that happening again. If I keep bumping my head against the wall is it the walls fault or mine?

  30. All you hypocrites out there who don’t believe in abortions, then DON’T HAVE ONE ! But where do you get off trying to impose YOUR beliefs on others. How sanctimonious are you that you think EVERYONE has to live by YOUR beliefs ? If abortions are against your religion and your moral standards, then you won’t be going to hell if I have one, only I will face the consequences of that decision. So why are you all upset because I choose to follow my own beliefs ? JUDGE NOT LEAST YOU BE JUDGED !!

  31. I think the idea should be left at the discretion of the woman as to if she wants to view the sonograms prior to her procedure. I really think Texas has a lot of nerve imposing such a law… Also, for those self righteous individuals who believes that its murder to have an abortion, I say whats good for one person is not and may not be good for the next.. Perhaps abstinence should be practiced, but the reality is it isnt most of the time. So, if a woman wants to abort her fetus, its her body and she will have to deal with replications that follows.

    • That’s how the KKK felt about lynching… Hey, but now we do the job for them… What progress we have made

  32. Sherri needs to keep her personal life PERSONAL.

  33. Ok, here it is:
    Birth Control is actually prevention of conception

    Abortion is actually prevention of live birth after conception

    Now with that said, people can rationalize this any way they think to get their mind to deal with what it is -but at the end of the day, it is still a prevention of life after conception whether that conception happened via intentional sex, or unintentional sex, or immature kid having sex, or immature adult having sex, or rape, or molestation, or surrogacy, or plain ol oops!

    Another fact that people have a hard time grasping is that not everyone is a Christian as well as not every person who calls themselves a Christian is a chosen person who is considered one of the sheep who hears Gods voice.

    Some who do not call themselves Christians still have that thing in them that has compassion for human life as well as some who do not have that compassion.

    The issue is. That the wheat and the tares grow together -so those who have the compassion must continue to operate in love and tell the truth in this matter as they spread the gospel. 
    See Matthew 13:30

    Many sheep have gone astray, but God said his word will not return to him void and will accomplish what it was sent to do; therefore, to whom much is given much is required and if the mind of Jesus is in you then share that with as many people as you come in contact with to ensure the sheep hear the message. The spirit of the Lord draws his chosen to him, it is not happening of ourselves. 
    See Isaiah 55:11  

    Be passionate about your belief without being mean, angry and condescending to those who do not hear the voice of the Lord as you do or believe as you do. The sheep of Jesus hear his voice and it is that voice and spirit of the Lord which kills pride and allows a humble spirit of healing and forgiveness. Behold, the Lord makes all things new so there is a newness in the walk of the Christians.
    See John 10:27
    Remember in any situation in your life, except for the grace of God there go I.

    Christians: God is love, so stay at his level

    “More Than Anything”

    More than the gentleness nestled in the softness of a dove
    More than the priciest jewelry  or greatest luxury thought of
    More than bouncing back from a failed goal and rising above
    More than earthly treasures, riches, or pleasures-I value  love

    Love love without fear,tally not the imaginable or consider the cost
    Nothing defeats a mind or devastates a heart than a real love lost

    Have you ever accepted a heart full of kindness and sweetness
    Lost a love of a lifetime because you mistook it all for weakness

    Give based on faith- even possibilities: never hold back you are free
    Once lost, you will never recapture a love which was not meant to be

    More than the gentleness nestled in the softness of a dove
    More than the priciest jewelry  or greatest luxury thought of
    More than bouncing back from a failed goal and rising above
    More than earthly treasures, riches, or pleasures-I value  love

    If you profess faith , it should manifest inside and outside of you
    Faith prepares you to accept Gods jewel, unblindes you to truth

    Faith is the substance of things hoped, evidence of things not seen
    God will not force you to accept a gift or without your faith intervene 

    Obedient love merges beautifully when the Lord God is always first 
    Love covers a multiude of sins, those once captive-it frees from hurt

    More than the gentleness nestled in the softness of a dove
    More than the priciest jewelry  or greatest luxury thought of
    More than bouncing back from a failed goal and rising above
    More than earthly treasures, riches, or  pleasures-I value  love

    More than anything with me~ I value love

    Copyright c  2011, by Arene of

  34. If you don’t believe you can handle a baby don’t have sex ESP outside of marriage. She had a lot of abortions because she couldn’t keep her legs closed. That’s why God forbids fornication. Affording a child while married is hard enough let alone outside of wedlock yet they keep screwing but running from the consequences, I think it’s a great idea….

  35. Quotes from some comments made and summary at end.

    Abortion is not birth control,it’s life control! Poetee, February 10, 2012 at 12:23 am

    Abortions have been happening since the beginning of the earth. slaves used natural abortives so they would not have to bring children into a world of oppression. gaylon alcaraz, executive director, chicago abortion fund, February 10, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    In 1973 Abortion was made legal and heavily marketed to Black women. Since then 12 million Black children have been aborted. Over 1,000 every single day. Many by Planned Parenthood. How Eugenics and Population Control Led to Abortion,, MrUniteUs, February 10, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    I end with, I always felt I saved my 2 children from this world’s oppression and secured their spirit to flourish in their next life. Being over 41 years ago, I did commit myself to a life of celibacy at the age of 48. Being favored and blessed abundantly in the 14 years time span. My children are safe from the Colored, Negro, Black, African-American’s pursuit of happiness. The abortion provided them an avenue of a spiritual freedom.

    God bless the children. Its been reported that a child is harmed every 4 seconds. Every 4 seconds. And there are member of this society upset because the number of aborted babies are not available to them to harm/abuse. In today’s society, if a child lives 1year unharmed (physical/mental) it’s a miracle. Also, the numbers lost of Blacks abortions would have provided America more bodies for the prison system, employment, etc. Or I could be wrong. What do you think?

    Think about that. Abortions are NOT birth-control in any form or fashion, education is the answer.

    • I guess we do say and believe whatever we need to in order to clear our consciousnesses from this hideous deed. Rationalization is a powerful and wicked tool… Keep drinking the kool-aide it will make all the pain go away.



  38. I knew that Sherri was going to face hell’s fire from people who want to control the life of others without knowing the facts. This was a decision that Sheri made having all reasons and fact for her life. This was not a debate for outsiders to determine. If this is wrong, no one has to bear the consequences but Sheri. Again, the same people who are anti-choice are the main ones who yell and screem about their tax payer dollars taking care of those who are less fortunate, as well as the main ones who feel that the death sentence in court is just fine. The priest don’t want birth control or abortion because it is wrong in the eyss of the church, yet that same priest will be ahead of the person to be executed as he/she is led to pre-meditated murder by the state.

  39. Lets just chill about Sherri Sheppard. I say: “Oh but by the Grace of God go I.”
    Leave her alone. I love you Sherri.

  40. I grew up in the church knowing that having sex before marriage is wrong. But, I had it anyway. If I had gotten pregnant I would have had the baby no matter what. I’m married know have three kids, very happy with them. I would never consider abortion expecially now that I’m married. I’m not sure why married get abortions. The goal and reason for marriage is to have sex and children. Period.
    The people who say if you can’t afford them don’t have them, don’tknow what they’re talking about. The more people in your family the more of a discount you get on food because you have to buy in bulk. Everything is cheaper by the dozen.

  41. Several years ago there was a OB/Gyn that lived on my block and he performed abortions. Anti-abortionists and dumb xtians would picket his home.

    One Saturday, he walked out of his home with a clipboard and said, he would stop performing abortions if the anti-abortionists sign their name, address and phone number and a pledge to adopt children needing homes or babies that was unwanted and non-aborted.

    Guess what?

    Everyone walked away.

    My philosophy is: If you’re against abortion, don’t have one. If you’re against abortion, adopt a child. If you’re against abortion and are not willing to adopt a child, keep your sorry a$$e$ out of other people’s business and tend to your own.

    I agree up to a point, that abortion should not be used for birth control, however, when it comes to non thinking dummies, busy bodies and other situations, abortion is the perfect solution.

  42. I hope Sherri misspoke about having lots of abortions. It’s not really the world’s business. Moreover, ALL people need to focus on birth control and not more abortions. It is a right to choose issue but I don’t buy the poverty excuse or the “we broke up issue”. Women and men just HAVE to use contraception if there is any doubt about the future. Abortions do affect the woman also. Both physically and mentally. Fact. Humans just need to do better to reach a better place.

  43. The thing about having a choice to have a abortion, is that …..Women can make their on decisions… Positions were they have been rape and otherwise….That is why its a choice what they can do….Unwanted pregancies..These young girls that need to be on bith control which is doing the same …keeping u from being pregant…..Most of these young teens and adults are having babies and cant take care of them …and the boys they are dealing with is not using condoms to prevent getting them pregant and dont care…The boy dont have to take care of the baby.
    Bottomline both male and female needs to use condoms and birth control to prevent getting pregant and catching diseases…These young adults are just stuck on stupid…

  44. And so she makes herself the poster-child conservatives have always been talking about: the woman who uses abortions as a form of birth control rather than using actual birth control or abstaining.I won’t be surprised if they start quoting her. Having an abortion is not the same as buying milk or having a check-up, and it shoudldn’t be, yet she seems to have treated it as such. She knew she couldn’t afford a baby, so she should have taken the appropriate steps to get prevent pregnancy rather than doing whatever, then aborting the result. She, the exception, is the reason why most women, the rule, are subjected to such ludicrous laws and having their rights slowly removed. Abortion is not an easy decision for most (studies show most who do abort are already mothers), and it shouldn’t be. That she just got them all willy nilly instead of being responsible to begin with is shameful.

  45. Sherri needs to be silenced until she learns when to speak and when to keep her mouth shut. She is not a child. I think she is craving attention so badly she is willing to look and sound like a fool.

  46. I’m not even going to read all these replies because it will give me a headache. I just want to impart this little bit of common sense to you sistahs out there. Abortion was not legalized for you to use as a method of birth control. I’m pretty sure it started out as a method to stop unwanted pregnancies due to some unfortunate circumstance. (rape, Incestuous rape, problems with the health of the baby, etc) We have taken this privilege and pushed it way out of porportion by using it as a method of birth control. If you’re not ready for children why are you having sex with pregnancy a direct result. Why can’t you use condoms, birth control pills, the thingy with foam and a sponge. In other words have sex with responsiblity with it. STOP USING ABORTION AS A METHOD OF BIRTH CONTROL.

  47. Which president can you hear on tape calling
    unborn Black children “little Black bastards”?

    Who was the first President to authorize government funding of Planned Parenthood?
    Today PP receives 360 million dollars a year
    from the government, and another 100 million dollars a for performing over 300,000 abortions a year. That’s big business.

    In 1973 Abortion was made legal and heavily marketed to Black women. Since then 12 million Black children have been aborted. Over 1,000 every single day. Many by Planned Parenthood.

    How Eugenics and Population Control Led to Abortion

    • you are wrong in your writings…..when you go to the abortion clinics…there are MORE WHITE GIRLS IN THE CLINIC than any other races….

      I’ve seen it and I hate when people always trying to target Black women and Blacks period and use us as scapegoats for their dirt…..

      Black girls keep their babies….White girls get rid of them quickly because the do not want to spoil their little “So-called-Goody-two-shoes” image…they have the money to GET the abortions.

      A lot of the white girls are having babies by black men and they got to get rid of it……and that’s a fact!

      I’m not trying to be a judgmental person, but a lot of white women can not have children because they have had too many abortions that the lining of their uterus is too thin to hold a baby…….when they are ready to settle down and married…they can not have children….so they adopt..

      Stop using Blacks and latino as scapegoats on abortions and anything negative

  48. Never could understand why abortion is legal but euthanasia isn’t, killing a living being, regardless of it’s level of development, is just that, killing another living being.

    • Include the death penalty, which is legal in some states.

      • True indeed… the Hippocrates in this country are overwhelming… Im absolutely against abortion however I’m also against capital punishment the two are unnecessary… I can almost go with euthanasia because compassion should be our goal not legalisms. However there is a huge difference in choosing to kill yourself and choosing to kill someone else. Love and compassion need to be the order of the day but unfortunately it is not… As far as the idea of the government taking care of these babies I’m not so sure that is a valid argument because as a people we have traditionally gotten help from our families and found a way to make it work. there are too many cases of single mothers holding it down with multiple children. Someone very close to me has 4 kids and her husband walked out on her, the family has stepped up to help out and the kids are thriving. The mere thought of aborting any of those beautiful children brings me to tears… don’t do it ladies there is always a better way…

        • Well said Fernando~ abortion is not birth control, it’s prevention of birth of a life that started.
          Obviously, unwanted pregnancies are seen as inconveniences, but through love things can be accomplished.

  49. THIS is the kind of moron who makes the right-2-lifer crazies gain footing. They look at Shepperd and they say, “See? This is what the average Black woman does…use abortions as birth control!”. To have “lots of abortions” IS indeed criminal, and to use it as birth control is dangerous, and ignorant. But the reality is that MOST women who choose it HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE. They do it in the first trimester and they never forget the horror of the experience. Sherry Shepperd is an ignorant handkerchief-head, a classic “born again” who thinks she can spend her youth as a ‘ho, and then become Blessed as long as she repents. That’s not faith, and that’s not fair. She just opened her mouth and set the Women’s Movement back 50 years!

  50. I’ve heard of this before; showing the woman a sonogram b4 aborting like they don’t already know what a baby is. Informed decision? Sex sometimes = Baby. You’ve been informed. Anyway, I understand Sherri wanted to speak out about the topic, but she should’ve kept that bit of info to herself. Is she saying that I was too stupid to know about condoms and that abortion IS a form of birth control? You can say maybe she was young and didn’t know about condoms. After her 1st abortion there had to be some type of birth control/condom talk. And to say I’ve had plenty, dang. Plenty is more than 3. That’s just rediculous. Moving on. I’ve always felt like a woman should be able to do what she wants w/ her body. At the same time, like someone elese said; it’s on a case to case basis. You don’t use abortion as a form of birth control, you use it sparingly…rape, incest, molestation, but not JUST because. And people still have problems w/ sex education in the schools. Why? It makes no sense. Teach them about life. There gonna have sex anyway. Don’t let them grow up thinking abortion is birth control. And I do agree that you can’t be against welfare and against abortion. The point is to help those who find it difficult to support their families. Is Texas going to take care of these babies they are trying to force people to have. I feel like people can do what they want. In the end it is between them and God.
    -There is so much to say on this topic. Excuse me if i was rambling.

  51. There is a reason why truths are set in place because if we didn’t have the truths which is the Word of God everyone would be in this situation. No sex before marriage, no divorces, husbands love your wives as yourself, & wives respect your husbands. Now we are left with the mess of abortion…thy shalt not kill. I am not looking down on the ones who have done it, but you can’t continue to think that this is ok because there will be consequences for it…its a LIFE!!! WAKE UP!!

  52. yay! sherri! thank you for making your voice heard on this issue! it’s not only hard for women of color to come out and talk about their abortion, but to say they’ve had more than one takes bravery! i can’t say thank you enough.

    people may not agree but then they have the choice to make a different decision. abortions have been happening since the beginning of the earth. slaves used natural abortives so they would not have to bring children into a world of oppression. i’m sure a lot of women today have that same mindset. you are not ready to parent then make the best decision for you and your family!

    for those that continue to say abortion should not be used as birth control…..well technically it is just that. controlling whether you want to give birth or not. people keep saying let god judge….but then in another breath judging. everyone don’t believe what you believe and everyone has the right to make decisions that would benefit them and their families. stop judging. be compassionate. abortion is a way of life and is not going anywhere… matter the protest or shame. women will always do whatever to control their reproductive lives.

    and for those that say….she should have taken birth control or kept her legs closed…..whoa. that statement always blows me. the majority of women that become pregnant were taking some form of birth control or had a birth control failure. lack of education or access to affordable and safe birth control is an issue in this country. furthermore, we come to this earth as sexual beings and we will have sex. stop acting like you are holier than thou. sex feels good and people are going to do it. now provide all people – especially teens with comprehensive sex education so that they can make sound and informed decisions.

    further….when people – especially people of color use the “margaret sanger/planned parenthood” argument – please know what the heck you are actually talking about. if you have not done the research or picked up a real book to read for yourself….but are only going by anti-choice sound bites….you are doing yourself a disservice! become informed!

    and better yet, think about the anti-choice movement critically. do you ever really wonder why they don’t want black women to have abortions? have you intersected the issues? naw you really haven’t. people of color are the fasting growing prison population. without people of color you wouldn’t need more prisons would you? that is why those against abortions don’t provide real solutions to poverty/classism!

    all i’m saying is that it’s fine if you don’t agree with abortion – don’t have one and make sure you are doing your damnest to support life already here!!!!

    gaylon alcaraz
    executive director – chicago abortion fund
    and yes i’ve had abortions! my choice!

  53. For the pro-abortion idiots.
    1. Keep your business to yourself, we don’t need to know of the details of your abortion, and how many men you slept with, you sound like a dumb, cheap prostitute. Now that you let me into your business, I have some more comments following this one.
    2. Be prepared to accept the consequences of your abortion (mentally and physically)
    3. Abortion is not birth control, plus it is bad for your health.
    4. Not all abortion cases are like yours (fell in love, got taken advantage of, the man dumped me and I got rid of his baby just to get even with him). Most women have abortions, because they could not afford to take care of themselves (almost homeless women).
    For those right-to-life idiots.
    1. Keep your nose in your own business. A woman’s body belongs to her and not your perceived God.
    2. If you belong to the moral majority, and you are trying to instill morals into young people, have your son castrated. Now times by ten, your son is the one getting all of the poor girls out there pregnant, and playing the system, so he would not have to pay child support. Some deadbeat Dads don’t pay child support. The dead beat dads have kids strong out all over the scattered all around the place, being a burden on some young lady’s future.
    3. If you are one of those anti-abortionist, who hold on to your “tax dollars”, put your money where your mouth is. If you support food stamps, health care and welfare then you have a leg to stand on, otherwise you are just talking to air, or some air-head.
    4. If a fetus is a person, then it should survive independently outside of a woman’s wound at conception. That would be great, because women don’t have to bear pain to bear a baby. She could give birth at conception with no pain.

    • First of all why are you so angry…chill
      No one here is an idiot where just talking and attempting to have mature discourse regarding an extremely emotional topic…

      But just for your edification I would like to clear something up for you. Not only will a neglected fetus not survive out side the body but neither will a neglected, full term and naturally birthed baby survive out side the body. However they will both survive outside the body if care is given.

      • I’m not angry. I am tired of this topic used for political purposes and voters feeding into this crazyness. Also, unwanted babies and fetuses get neglected.

  54. Remember finding out you are pregnant and young with no support system it is terrifying. Look around us at all the unhappy children who grow up to be miserable adults. The answer to all of this is strength that you get from your spiritual faith. That is why it is important to build your child spiritual faith, so that they can handle these problems whether they elect to have the baby or abort. What ever you decide it takes faith and strength.

    Now go and light a candle for that baby that you aborted or go and look in the eyes of a struggle young mother they are out there seek them out and give the $100.00 and walk away and say prayer for that child that you aborted. This is how I find spiritual satisfaction. I applaud her courage even the mother on crack I applaud her courage to have the baby.

  55. I believe that Sherry should keep some of her business to herself. Her husband s mother is right: “Sherry talks too much”. I used to be able to see a person having one abortion due to whatever; but MANY???? We ve always had birth control pills and other contraceptives available. This is why we need to check the bible and see what GOD has to say about it. There are just TOO many human views….If it doesn t line up with what God says then it s out of the question. Thou shall not kill.

  56. TMI. Some things are better left unsaid

  57. I didn’t see the exchange, but based on this, she didn’t say “I had a lot of abortions,” she said “I’m speaking as a girl who had a lot of abortions.” It seems to me that she was putting herself in the place of someone who had a lot of abortions, that she was giving an example.

  58. I wonder why people use television shows to air their dirty linen, I do not think telling the world about past abortions has helped her image but I’m sure she does not care what people’s opinions are.
    But people need to stop playing”holier than thou”, there are special circumstances where abortion is the only option. No one, No church, No organization or political party has a right to determine what a woman does with her body,a result of something she did or was forcefully done to her in private. It is and should remain a personal decision and/or a personal hell.

  59. “I’ve had many abortions” said Sherri. Oh my what a thing to be proud of, but you claim you and your hubby were going to abstain until marriage. Sending 2 different signals to young girls.

  60. Abortion is murder and this black ass bitch thought it was alright to murder those babies and I hate this black bitch

    • Sherri Shepherd was not saying anything that she has not said before in interviews with other public magazines and on that show,and the person who called her a black b has got to be white,and it has nothing to do with her having an abortion(s)so we’re on to you with your madness,Don’t worry about Sherry Shepherd,If we take care of ourselves as women and help out with our own family and friends,and strangers too,if you can afford it,you’ll be doing fine,Stop Judging Women,the Men out there do enough of that

  61. Apparently Sherri didn’t think to use contraceptives. with all that is out there I’m wondering whether or not she had the mental capacity to get some. Sex has consequences and children out of wedlock face daunting challeneges so instead of killing them let’s be a bit more responsible and prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place. there are at LEAST 10 differnt forms of birth control…but how about self-control and adstinence. Not realistic or not easy? So let’s take Sherri’s example and just abort when we realize the drug store is just to damn far!! she really needs to check herself…I mean what kind of a message is that?

  62. I’m sure she had no problem getting food stamps, welfare, WIC, etc. She was just too selfish to care about anyone but herself. Who honestly goes on television and admits to having multiple abortions like it’s okay, like she’s just talking about getting multiple hair cuts? Shame on you, Sherri. You’re disgusting.

    • Im not sure if she thinks it’s right now which may be why she was weeping, but at the time her mentality probably was that it was ok. Sometimes we are in darkness and God callous to come out of it.
      We as a people need to band together and do something about our umbers as others will feel as they do about us and I am one for advancing myself without waiting for someone who hates me to do it.
      Enough of us can step up and promote healing to the younger generation and stop this madness!

  63. @Mooney44 Margret Sanger might say anything about Black women. White people have been using abortions as a form of birth control for centries. No one saw a problem with it when they were doing it. Like food stamps as long as only the whites were getting them it wa called a depression but when black started getting them it’s a recession what do you boogie people want to happen. If they have the child no one wants to help take care of the baby. teenagers and some adults are walking off from their children every day because they don’t have what it take to fight back so they can survive. so what memory would you prefer have? Most are having them and throwing them off on grandparents and anyone else who will take them that’s the white and black women in the part of the United States I live in.

    • Yeah Ruby, Just kill’em! White people been doing it for years!! Yeah, no lets just have them and make them work as slaves! Yeah, white people did and was no problem! No, better yet, lets have them and then lynch them it’s cheaper! White people used to do it! Then lets get long straight hair and and blue contacts! Yeah the white people do it and it ain’t no problem!
      “Be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger”

  64. Whether for, against, or indifferent concerning abortion, we must get to the basic point of agreeing that abortion is not to be used as a “go-to” form of birth control. There are several ways to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

    • Ms. Toni:

      Finallly! Someone with some sense! I am not on this earth to judge anyone; but I would love for young ladies to just take care of themselves. Don’t fall for the lines from a partner where you will leave yourself vulnerable to disease and/or preganancy.
      But, I believe in pro choice. We will be judged when we leave this earth. Any other opinion is just that. the CREATOR will give us what we deserve.

  65. Did they not sacrifice children to pagan Gods. I used to think abortion was ok until the ugliness of it was revealved.
    I just wish that all Christians who oppose it can offer a loving alternative so that the hurt does not have to keep going. Of course no one should use it as a form of birth control.
    We keep thinking that everyone has Chritsian values and morals so we need to stop talking to others like they do. If Christians cannot uphold and spread the gospel, then we need to rethink what is going on as oth ers are gong to come from their point of view and it’s like beating your head against the wall. Only God can touch the heart of man where a person actually hears Gods voice and turns away. my cheap hear my voice and obey.
    Uphold Christian values, read Leviticus 18. There are many things going on that are spiritual and set up for infiltration into the Vhristian mind to destroy what God has for us. Prevention is far better than the supposed cure. Abortion is not birth control,it’s life control!

    • Poetee, please can the xtian rhetoric. Christianity is not all that holy and please don’t make it so.

      Here’s what your Bible says about abortion.

      [If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman’s husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine. And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life. — Exodus 21:22-23

      And if it be from a month old even unto five years old, then thy estimation shall be of the male five shekels of silver, and for the female thy estimation shall be three shekels of silver. — Leviticus 27:6

      Number the children of Levi after the house of their fathers, by their families: every male from a month old and upward shalt thou number them. And Moses numbered them according to the word of the LORD. — Numbers 3:15-16

      And Moses said unto them, Have ye saved all the women alive? … Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. — Numbers 31:15-17
      (Some of the non-virgin women must have been pregnant. They would have been killed along with their unborn fetuses.)

      Give them, O LORD: what wilt thou give? give them a miscarrying womb and dry breasts. — Hosea 9:14

      Yea, though they bring forth, yet will I slay even the beloved fruit of their womb. — Hosea 9:16

      Samaria shall become desolate; for she hath rebelled against her God: they shall fall by the sword: their infants shall be dashed in pieces, and their women with child shall be ripped up. — Hosea 13:16

      Because by this deed thou hast given great occasion to the enemies of the LORD to blaspheme, the child also that is born unto thee shall surely die. — 2 Samuel 12:14

      The priest shall say unto the woman, The LORD make thee a curse and an oath among thy people, when the LORD doth make thy thigh to rot, and thy belly to swell. And this water that causeth the curse shall go into thy bowels, to make thy belly to swell, and thy thigh to rot: And the woman shall say, Amen, amen. …
      And when he hath made her to drink the water, then it shall come to pass, that, if she be defiled, and have done trespass against her husband, that the water that causeth the curse shall enter into her, and become bitter, and her belly shall swell, and her thigh shall rot: and the woman shall be a curse among her people. And if the woman be not defiled, but be clean; then she shall be free, and shall conceive seed. — Numbers 5:21-21, 27-28

      Tamar thy daughter in law hath played the harlot; and also, behold, she is with child by whoredom. And Judah said, Bring her forth, and let her be burnt. — Genesis 38:24]

      BTW, if one was astute enough to really read the bible, one would know that Jesus is not the son of G’d.

      • And you point is what in relation to the topic???

      • Regina,
        Im confused, if you do not believe in the Bible, why on earth would you want to comment from it? I’m not coming from a worldy view and what you can do Regina is not pay any attention to something you do not believe in or read it when it does not agree to your view. Trust me as I would not mind and will not be mad at you for exercising your right to do so.
        I’m not dragging anyone down, tarring and feathering them and beating them or burning a cross on their lawn for doing what is legle for them to do, but merrily speaking my view point just like you are.
        If you persuade me or anyone else to believe as you do when you offer your view point,then it is what it is. Just be open enough to have the same thought that those who may have a different view has a right to express it. Obviously, there are many things people will not agree on, but telling someone not to voice it based on a book one does not believe in is quite confusing to say the least.
        Peace to you and our different points of view! Lol

        • Very well said Poetee, I was wondering the same thing. In fact I have found it a common practice of those claiming to not believe in the bible quoting from it.

          • Hey Fernando,
            Thanks doe supporting humanity. It’s like this: if you don’t believe in God, the Bible or anything someone else believes in then you are free to do so- no one is going to lock you up for that.
            Here you are a man who is supporting and you get lumped into the sum of those who are who they are, but “we” women some how willingly put ourselves under subjection to someone we should not, and when it goes foul, we cry unfair, he’s a dog, he’s no good, he’s a dead beat and so it goes.
            I have been through some things, but last time I checked the Emancipation Prcoclamtion was enacted around 1863.
            I used to have that mind set of this is my body, but at some point reality sets and common sense takes over. It is best to go the massive prevention rouste because it does not matter how long abortions have been happening, who got them, who gets them, if they are legal or not, we who are on this earth started out in somebody’s womb. To say that we were nothing, our nothingness blossomed to who we are today by being left alone and allowed to grow in that protective environment of the womb.
            Should CPR not be performed on the poor, the sick, the abused woman or child, the homeless, the jobless, the broken hearted person, or do those who feel they should have been aborted be allowed to die now because they feel they are suffering greatly and death will relive them of it?

      • I swear I was not going to get into this but I can’t stand it when I see ‘christians’ quoting the old testament whenever they want to make a point about something.

        BUT these same ‘christians’ don’t live by any of the laws of Leviticus… Regina’s probably eaten plenty of pork and other scavengers in her life. They drink alcohol and do not worship the ONE GOD, believing in monotheism (trinity), say Jesus is God which is interesting since he never said he was, and asked God why he was forsaking him (he was talking to himself in the third person or?????), worshiping idols (crosses, images of the Prophet Jesus, statues of Mary, etc) and not keeping the Sabbath.

        The hypocrisy of this post was screaming at me to respond!

        • True, many will eat that stuff and claim its ok now quoting the sheet thing when that scripture was talking about prejudice against people.

          • That’s hilarious… A few years ago when my church was attempting to get the congregation to live a healthier lifestyle many people kept misquoting that scripture from Acts Chapter 10. we Christians have got it bad when it comes to giving up the

  66. I think playing God is wrong and that’s what’s happen when a woman gets an abortion they are playing God with that unborn child Life. if you don’t want to have a baby use birth control and to have no shame in getting abortions…Sad. Well I quess killing 5 or 6 or more unborn children was worth it.

  67. I do not see anything particularly wrong with well informed women making well informed decisions regarding anything they may rethink into the future.

    “So Do I Wish to Show”  What I’d Want From You

    I wish I could tell you not to abort that unborn baby
    I can’t because I know how I felt after I’d been raped
    I wish I could tell you one day regret will come  maybe
    I can’t because its your mind in hell with no escape

    So many will tell you not to destroy the unborn life
    Yet you’re  here in the flesh and they give you strife

    Do so many say just give the child up for adoption
    Being responsible for life without love is no option

    So many are willing to picket and say mean things
    None feel your nightmare or will share their dreams

    Do many think it’s ok and you are not in mental agony
    Who is willing to be there for you or by your side daily

    I wish I could tell you not to abort that unborn baby
    I can’t because I know how I felt after I’d been raped
    I wish I could tell you one day regret will come  maybe
    I can’t because its your mind in hell with no escape

    So many will hold you responsible in ridicule and shame
    Yet no one seems willing to show  love in Jesus name

    Do many forget the grace of God bestowed upon them
    They label  you ” as pro- choice ” and as the unforgiven 

    So many jump to conclusions before ever knowing
    God is love : hopefully that is what they’re  showing

    Do many practice to love his neighbor as he loves self
    We would love, feed the hungry as we all share in wealth

    I ‘ll be by your side, listen, and show you the Jesus I now know
    That’s what I would want from you

    Copyright c by Arene of

    • What a person does with their body is their business and people need to quit judging people for making decisions that does not affect them. I bet not one of you know Sherry Shepherd personally and probably never will. I truly wish that Sherri would not put her business out there for people to judge her.
      What a person thinks about YOU is none of your business and what YOU think about them is none of theirs.

      • Where is respect for the murdered child’s body. Besides all this law is doing is making woman see what their doing it not stopping them from having the abortion, if its no big deal to murder a baby then look at that baby in the eyes and tell them they are not worth the trouble. At least be a woman about it.

        • Fernando, you talk a good talk but you are not a woman. This country is so crazy! Why is it always a man who tells a woman what to do with her body? When I was born in the 60’s,my mother couldn’t get a tubaligation to prevent future pregnancies without her husband’s consent. A man could rape his wife and not be charged for it. Thank God that laws have changed! Women are people, you are fighting for what could be a life, but men won’t even fight for what is a life, ie-women. You would even elect a politician that owes more than 100,000 in child support? I bet that woman wishes she didn’t have children with that deadbeat. Let’s talk about deadbeat dads. In my state people go to jail for not paying support. I just think the people writing these laws sicken me with their psychologically unstable views on why they should change a law that would prevent me from having dominion over my own body, but yet these politicians are going around taking naked pictures putting them on the internet, surfing sexual sites, having millions of affairs, commiting crimes in war and changing the law to justify it after the fact. People are poor, people are losing jobs, people are suffering and you have nothing better to talk about than how a woman shouldn’t opened her legs and now she has to “pay to play”? What idiotic hypocrites. Get to the damn business of running this country and putting people back to work and keep your nose out of other peoples business.

          • Bonita, Many laws have changed for the better and some for the worst however I’m not fighting for what could be a life but what already is a life… The fetus is alive, a human life. Ladies and Gentlemen if we took this much time thinking before engaging in sex there would be nothing to talk about here . If fact the issue of dead beat dads would diminish greatly if the ladies took five minutes to consider the person they are about to give it up to. Just five minutes thinking, how many babies does he already have, have you met his parents, or family, how long have you known him??? just take a five minute time out and think. We are talking about a subject which is totally preventable in 99% of the cases.
            What strikes me most odd about this entire conversation is that this is not about saying you cant have an abortion, but instead saying if your are going to do it you should realize exactly what you are doing. I you don’t believe that the baby is a life, then fine, have your abortion and go on your merry way. If you don’t care whether or not it is a life the same thing goes, but at least give your offspring the respect of looking. Since when do we prefer ignorance to knowledge… Well I guess ignorance truly is bliss. Keep burying your head in the sand and it will all be alright…not

  68. You’re right abortion was borne out of eugenics but you missed Sherri’s initial point. You can’t be against welfare and food stamps AND against abortion. That child needs to be fed and clothed and poor people aren’t afforded the same opportunities as others and so bringing another mouth to feed is a burden. Unfortunately in our world no one wants to be burdened and we sure are not our brothers’ keeper. We don’t want to share and therefore we live in a world where there are both trillionaires and homeless people; starving children and morbidly obese people. What a shame.

    • I completely agree with what you have said. Its like these people who oppose welfare and abortions want it all and do not wish to have a balance or a sulotion. I say if you do not wish to support the welfare system then MAKE MORE JOBS! See to it that there are programs that will educate/train/teach EVERYONE IN NEED a professional skill that is going to help them to be self sufficent…(because right not except for the rich and famous- this includes us all!) Then maybe no one will want that abortion or have to decide on feeding another mouth or using that money to pay rent! I hate it when people jump on their soap boxes and act like they are so much better! I would just love for those stuck up arrogant “know it alls” to have to go one month in the shoes of those who are not so fortunate! Suicide rates would be at it’s all time highs…because everyone knows they could not process the stress that goes with that territory! Koodles to your post MSARROZ!

    • Your right… There are many hypocritical people and ideas in this country and the dilemma you speak of is real, however its not the child’s fault. How do young woman just have abortion after abortion and take no responsibility for it… At some point the woman is using abortion as a form of birth control. Responsibility needs to taken by the person having sex. I know this sounds cold but it is totally true you “play you pay” or when “you lay you pay” Lets have regard for life and take responsibility for our actions we are not animals.

  69. She sounds like she doesn’t see anything wrong with her just having abortion after abortion. Maybe she should’ve thought about closing her legs. You don’t like the law becuase it makes a woman think abot the fact that your taking a life. Your killing your baby. What about the rights of your unborn? It’s like your saying that I should be able to kill my child anytime I feel like it. If a somone murders a woman that’s 3 months pregnant it’s a “double murder” If that same woman goes and gets an a abortion at 3 months. ” it’s a womans’s right to choose. Or kill which ever you prefer. I understand a woman getting raped by thier father, relatives, or stranger. Or the life of the mother is at risk. That’s a case by case issue. And even still then the baby didn’t do anything wrong. But to say that a woman has a right to kill her baby just becuase she doesn’t want it? That’s wrong. If you have to kill somthing than it’s alive. and there have been over 13 million black babies aborted since 1973. Go reseach Margaret Sanger and read things she said about blacks and why abortion was neccesary. It had nothing to do with a women’s right to choose and everything to do with eugenics.

    • Whether or not Sherri Shepherd shoild keep her leg closed, its a fact that the eugenicist,(Margaret Sanger) and the foinder of Planned Parenthood of America, argued in 1939 for plans to stop the growth of Black babies in the U.S. To cover up her
      plan to “exterminate the the Negro population,”she
      sugggested that Black Ministers…be hired to preach throught the South that sterilization was a
      solution to poverty…
      The common thread to psychiatry’s “scientific” justification for sterilization, brutal surgery and other human rights violations was that IQ regulated behavior and status. “I say and know that she did and said all of that is because black babies were rapidly increasing in the U.S. more than the White population. In the late 50s and the early 60s. the goverment was giving White females
      money to have babies because the black population was increasing more rapidly than the White population.

    • I totally agree with you. Murder is never an excuse for inconvenience. If murder is an accepted practice for having some struggles in life poor person who murders someone because life is hard for him and he needed some money is just as valid… Murder is murder.

      • Inconvenience is ALWAYS the excuse for murder; haven’t you been paying attention to history? Any situation that has an inconvenient people in a desired place, there is soon going to be a war to eradicate that people. ASbortion is a microcosm of war…PEACE.

    • @mooney44: abortion is not murder. at that stage ( pre 5mo) it is a collection of cells with the potential to be life. If it were removed would it grow in an incubator/ NO it wouldnt.

      I also agree w SHerri that the govt want to ban abortions but then wont give aid(section 8, food benefit cards) to help raise the kids.

      • Not true, in fact the so called doctor must kill the baby before it is removed from the womb or he can be charged with murder. which was indeed the case with a doctor last year because it was easier to drive the Knife into the skull of the baby while out of the womb as opposed to driving the Knife into its skull while still in the womb which is the accepted and common practice.

      • You are missing the point. It is NOT the government’s responsiblity to give “aid” to support you and your baby. That’s call getting a job and doing what you suppose to do as a parent, like millions of other people, who work because they HAVE TO and not because they WANT TO. If you are NOT ready to be a responsible parent then DON’T put yourself in a situation to have to care for a child (i.e. keep your legs CLOSED!) It’s a sin and a shame for you to think you can have sex, get pregnant and ABORT the child if you don’t want it! There are other options available to you. Since you obviously don’t give a flip what happens to the child you can put it up for ADOPTION or do the honorable thing and RAISE the child and not punish the child for your self-center, irresponsible act. On the other hand, if there is a life-threatening medical issue that puts you or the baby in jeopardy, then that’s between your consious, your medical staff and your GOD!

        Lastly, Sherri sound really STUPID and treacherous to sit on her behine and say she is a repeat MURDERER and her so called excuse is that she was irresponsible and unready. People like her needs to experience what those fetuses experienced and the QUACKS that perform repeated abortions on a woman should be prosecuted! There should be protocol to alert health officials that a woman has had previous abortions and she should be evaluated and possibly prosecuted. She should also really consider being sterilized if she’s in heat like and don’t want to take precautionary measures to protect herself from being impregnated.

        • These so call anti abortion activist are having as many abortions as pro choice activist are, most likely more. It’s all a big sham by the holier than thou hard right wing radical sinners who have nothing better to do but critize others. If the anti abortion activists were really concerned about saving lives, they would put forth effort and financial support in combating the deaths of thousands and thousands of young people who are killing each other and others in mostly inner city areas across our entire country. There is no debate about whether these are actual living beings or not…These so called pro lifers are mostly hypocrits and have no real and honest concern about people terminating their pregnancies..They are mostly all hypocritical republican radicals…..

          • You may be correct about the motives of most “right wingers” But what does that have to do with the fact that abortions Kill millions of our babies every year??? Simply because a persons motives may not be authentic does not mean it’s not valid. Please my people, don’t let our dislike for the messengers dilute or even invalidate a very real and true message.

          • I used to think about it being wrong for the people skipping their own poverty ridden neighborhoods in America and sending millions of dollars to other countries to support poverty. But sometimes you have to realize that everybody cannot be doing the same thing for the betterment of a people.
            Perhaps some people are guilty of what you say perhaps some are not. Some drug counselors are good at what they do because they have been there. I think many who are in a tiff he seem to think someone else has the power to put them in heaven or hell. If abortion becomes unlawful, some women will break the law and get them, some will not, but the ones who do not will obey the law of man because currently there will not be a religious conviction to prevent it.
            This topic is so hot because people do not want someone else telling them what they should do with their body, or morally convicting them. On the contrary, it is what it is and it’s legal here in America so as long as women stay within the constrains of the law.

    • You might be right, but all it comes down to is the individual and it is not anyone’s business , the same people will not open up their homes or wallets for these women and that is the reality. I rather be able to make her own decisions about her body then 9 months later they are going to jail for neglect or child abuse.

    • She should have done both. . .”her legs then” and
      “her mouth” now. Why would she denegrate herself like that.

      • Als you are right and I’m sure her husband and mother-in-law shook their heads. She let the world know that she was what we call a “WHORE”. Sherr is known for talking too much, and her mother-in-law also feels that way because she told that on The View before she got married. I could just go on and on about Sherri but I’ll lave things alone….LOL

    • Abortion should be a option when necessary not a form of birth control, but as a man I can’t judge.

    • Repeat abortions?? Ok one abortion, bad news. More? Why? Contraception should be free for those who can’t afford it. Stop the pregnancy before it starts. I agree pro-life peoples support ends at birth. Science has provided people with so many methods of birth control. It is available, should be used, and SHOULD be free for men and women who can’t pay for it.

    • Albiet your race, ethnicity or culture “abortion” is as old as the bible. Women have made such decisions irrespective of their situation, circumstance, political, economic or social status, and as an FYI wealthy white women have always had access to abortions though out the history of America. Abortion is an will remain a woman’s right to decide not a man’s right to legislate. When men carry babies then they can decide the future of an embryo that can not survive outside the womb.
      These ridiculous comments are tantamount to barring viagra or requiring a man to undergo some outrageous procedure prior to being considered for the medication.
      Control your own body and mind not what others do with theirs.