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Sherri Shepherd “I Had A Lot of Abortions”

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Sherri Shepherd got emotional during a heated conversation on “The View.”  The topic was abortion and a new Texas law that requires women to get sonograms before aborting their children.  The law requires doctors to play fetal heartbeats and describe features of the fetus.

Joy Behar and Barbara Walters didn’t support the law, with Behar calling it “totalitarian.”  Conservative Elizabeth Hasselbeck didn’t agree.

“You would never go through any medical procedure like that…without looking at the scientific evidence,” Hasselbeck said. “Why you would ask for an X-ray for those things but not in this case?”

Whoopi Goldberg disagreed with the law, stating that some women are not ready to have children yet or can’t afford them.  She felt that aborting the children is better than letting them live without receiving financial help.   That’s when Sherri Shepherd stepped in.  She felt that it is hypocritical for those who oppose food stamps and welfare to be against the right to have an abortion.

“We stop at the picket signs and we don’t help you past that!” she said. “I’m speaking as a girl who had a lot of abortionsand I swear to God, if they had shown me a picture of the fetus… I would have put my child in a lot of situations that wouldn’t have been good because I didn’t have the mental capacity to deal with having a child.”


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