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Cornel West Calls Melissa Harris-Perry a “Fake” and a “Fraud”

Professor Cornel West still has issues with Melissa Harris-Perry, a commentator for MSNBC.  In a recent issue in Diverse Issues in Higher Education, West referred to Harris-Perry as a “fake” and a “fraud” for her attacks on him when he worked to highlight the plight of poor and working class Americans.

“I have a love for the sister, but she is a liar, and I hate lying,’ says West. . . . She’s become the momentary darling of the liberals, but I pray for her because she’s in over her head. She’s a fake and a fraud. I was so surprised how treacherous the sister was,” said West.

Harris Perry was recruited to Princeton by Professor West.  She later turned against West and a fellow scholar, Eddie Glaude, referring to them as “hypocritical leftists.”  Harris-Perry has been accused of working with feminists and liberals to deviate political attention away from the African American community.  Professor West says that Harris-Perry’s criticism of him resulted from the fact that the Center for African American studies unanimously rejected for in her bid for promotion to full professor.

West also had strong words for Rev. Al Sharpton, who said that he would never criticize the Obama Administration:

“Whoever thought that Brother Al wouldn’t be protesting any administration?” asks West, who served as an adviser to Sharpton’s 2004 presidential campaign. “You watch his show on MSNBC and you want to say, ‘Brother Al, you come out of the Black prophetic tradition like me. Tell the truth about the White House,’ but he won’t say a mumbling word.”


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