People Brokenness:Best WayTo Handle It Better

A stark truism is becoming more and more clear in the here and now. Especially about how people, and  in particularly, people of color, often mask (hide) their feelings. We are not honest and open about the brokenness that lurks deep within the inner recesses of the soul. The pain and suffering experienced in life that is not dealt with as it occurs are usually denied, suppressed, or held in a state of avoidance. In the book, The Road that Is Difficult To Travel by Steve Braxton, he explains a process known as precipitating events, where core problems met in life involving violence, family dysfunction, or any other  impacting life situations are usually suppressed, and not brought to closure can manifest itself in extra ordinary ways. Such a manifestation process  usually has a harmful effect and can be a shock, and also viewed as disbelief by family, friends, and the general public. The afore-mentioned give a mere glimpse into the revelation of defining the precipitating events process.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on recent incidents that possibly could have had the sign of masking and/or hiding feeling; that culminated with lives being unexpectedly and shockingly terminated. Such as Dave Duerson, an individual I had the pleasure of  meeting, getting to know, and working with in many business, social action, and  community initiatives, while he lived here  in Illinois. Dave was a member of the 85′ Chicago Bears Super Bowl Team, an NFL Pro-Bowl player, and was a member of the Board of Directors at the University of Notre Dame. And just  recently the  incident involving Don Cornelius, founder and creator of the Nationally Syndicated TV Show, Soul Train.

Both tragic incidents  brought to the fore front words and utterances  of  shock, disbelief, painful and sorrowful feelings and emotions. As both  their deaths were  ruled as apparent suicides.

There are useful benefits to be derived from being honest and open about one’s brokenness. The world is a small place and the population of people who exist in this nation are, in fact, a gathering of people-in-community.

Whenever, a traumatic situation occurs in the community, especially in schools and colleges. A team of Crisis Counselors are usually dispatched to handle those matters of traumatic issues. Such teams mostly use a method and process known as, Psychological First-aid (PFA). In doing so, PFA give attention and impetus to the immediate crisis, and also to earlier  issues of neglect, physical abuse, violence and other traumatic incidents. The National Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN)  offers: an interactive on-line course for those who want to learn about the core goals of PFA. The course also has 6 CE credits through the National Association of Social Workers, American psychological Association of the California Board of Behavioral Sciences

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