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Wayne Brady Says He Was Offended by Chappelle’s “Negrodamus” Skit

In the midst of promoting his performance in Flint, MI on February 11th, Wayne Brady took some time out to sit down with The Flint Journal and discuss his career.

During the interview, Brady discussed why he was offended by a skit on Chappelle’s Show where a character played by Paul Mooney joked that “White people like Wayne Brady, because he makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X”: 

I get offended from a bigger level, in the fact of black people, we are one of the only races that I feel, if someone is judged as not being black enough, no matter how well they’re doing, the thought isn’t, “Hey, look how good that brother’s doing, and he represents us, and if he can get in that door, we can get in that door.” People take it to be, “Ugh, look at him. He only got there because white people put him on. Listen to how he talks. He’s not hard, he doesn’t do this, he’s a square.” Taking the negative slant.

Brady goes on to say:

I even told Paul that I didn’t find it funny. That’s the thing, I stick by what I say. I don’t say a lot of it in the press, but I’m not a chump, either.

Well, Brady was making a strong case until he used the word “chump.”  Truth is, being told you’re not black enough because you’re articulate is out of bounds, but being called a nerd is well within bounds. It happens in all communities; white, black, Asian, and Latino. So, the question becomes, was Mooney’s character calling Brady a nerd or a sellout?

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