Unarmed Teen Shot in the Chest in Front of His Mother

An unarmed teen in the Bronx was shot dead by police, right in front of his mother.  Ramarley Graham, a 19-year old boy, was shot in the chest as he ran into his mother’s apartment on Thursday afternoon.  Police are saying that they thought the teen was grabbing a gun when he adjusted his waistband.

“They chased him into the house,” his mother Constance Malcolm, 39, told the Daily News.

“Nobody deserves to be shot in their own home.”

The teen was then rushed to the Montefiore Medical Center, where died soon thereafter.  Police had approached Graham when they saw him doing a drug deal on the street.  That’s when he ran away to the Williamsbridge Apartment complex.  The officers were behind him when he ran into the bathroom to flush the marijuana down the toilet.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says that he doesn’t believe there was a struggle before the young man was shot.

“Show me your hands! Show me your hands! Gun! Gun!” This is what Kelly says the officers yelled at Graham as they proceeded to shoot him.

“We need to continue to gather facts at this juncture,” said Kelly.  “We see an unarmed person being shot. That always concerns us.”

The two officers involved in the shooting have been placed on restrictive duty.

This is not the first teen shooting of the week.  On Wednesday, Chicago police shot a 15-year old autistic child who pulled out a butter knife.

Update: New surveillance video shows teen being pursued by police before the shooting. Click here to watch.

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  2. Your point was well analyzed. Especially according to the Ultimate law maker, GOD. Romans 12: 17-21 return evil for evil to no one.

    But if you think that a calm approach to resolving police brutality is the answer, you’re WRONG! Please read to understand my convincing point.

    Okay if that is truly the answer to protecting our black children’s from police assaults.
    Then why don’t black’s take the same approach when your government enlist or order you to go to war in defense of terrorism? Why not say “I will not return evil for evil. Or, we as a country must be rational and stop intervening in other country’s affairs and these attacks want happen.”

    But whenever America feel the right to do wrong, majority of the black race agree to go to war against countries like; Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and other nations. The nations that white America feel threatened by.

    And let’s consider this. When the people of Egypt and Lybia started a national uprise, all of America supported and agreed to the people’s right to fight against their government. Remember they were labeled REBLES!!!

    Your President, senators, governors and other American delegates all agreed to the uprise. More then that, they sent weapons and military support to help the rebels overthrow and kill their leaders.

    Orchestrating the media’s lines. CNN (Country News Network), Foxnews and MSNBC (the three stooges broadcast companies) Telling them to expose the corruption and tyranny these leaders was exercising against their people.

    But how have everyone forgotten about this countires dark PAST!!!

    Rape, Murder, Slavery – defined as thief of services and identity thief. Stealing black people’s names and assigning them their last name.

    Think of THAT! All the crimes that this country has done to our ancestors and you trust their laws? YOU ARE STUPID!!!

    If America supported the rebels in lybia, Egypt and other countries, then we as black’s have the right to do the SAME!!!

    Why are black’s so scared of this country to the point of dying for their cause and not our own? Who ever said that we have the right to go and kill other nations?

    Surely it’s not written in the Bible. God never gave governemets of our time the right to kill. And please don’t try to use Romans 13:1-7
    Because when the Scriptures says SUPERIOR AUTHORITIES, Who do you think it was speaking of. Just America? WRONG AGAIN!

    Superior Authorities means all governments. So when your country tell you to go to war and kill a person, he is actually telling you to go and murder people he don’t like.

    And this my friend is not divinely approved!

    So please be careful about subjection to one authority and disobedient to another. Look at things from a spiritual point of view, not physical 1Cor. 2:14-16

    The master’s whip has left a lasting impression on blacks.

    If we support war against this countries enemies, then do black’s have the same right against their enemies.

    Now on the other hand. If we shun all sorts of crimes regardless of who encourage or force us to fight for their cause, we have acknowledged the power of righteousness and justice.
    James 1:20

    So to end my point is this. Just because a nation establish laws don’t mean that they are right.

    Laws in america were established to protect white America from experiencing the same fate they brought upon everybody else.

    • Here is something for Sunday.

      Why Did Jesus Fold the Napkin?

      This is one I can honestly say I have never seen circulating in the e-mails so; I’ll start it.. If it touches you , you might want to forward it.

      Why did Jesus fold the linen burial cloth after His resurrection? I never noticed this….

      The Gospel of John (20:7) tells us that the napkin, which was placed over the face of Jesus, was not just thrown aside like the grave clothes.

      The Bible takes an entire verse to tell us that the napkin was neatly folded, and was placed at the head of that stony coffin.

      Early Sunday morning, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb and found that the stone had been rolled away from the entrance.

      She ran and found Simon Peter and the other disciple, the one whom Jesus loved. She said, ‘They have taken the Lord’s body out of the tomb, and I don’t know where they have put him!’

      Peter and the other disciple ran to the tomb to see. The other disciple out ran Peter and got there first. He stopped and looked in and saw the linen cloth lying there, but he didn’t go in.

      Then Simon Peter arrived and went inside. He also noticed the linen wrappings lying there, while the cloth that had covered Jesus’ head was folded up and lying to the side.

      Was that important? Absolutely!
      Is it really significant? Yes!

      In order to understand the significance of the folded napkin, you have to understand a little bit about Hebrew tradition of that day.
      The folded napkin had to do with the Master and Servant, and every

      Jewish boy knew this tradition.

      When the servant set the dinner table for the master, he made sure that it was exactly the way the master wanted it.

      The table was furnished perfectly, and then the servant would wait, just out of sight, until the master had finished eating, and the servant would not dare touch that table, until the master was finished..

      Now if the master were done eating, he would rise from the table, wipe his fingers, his mouth, and clean his beard, and would wad up that napkin and toss it onto the table.

      The servant would then know to clear the table. For in those days, the wadded napkin meant, “I’m finished..”

      But if the master got up from the table, and folded his napkin, and laid it beside his plate, the servant would not dare touch the table, because……….

      The folded napkin meant,

      “I’m coming back!”



  3. The Bible has many prophecies related to our times. Like Matt 24th. Chapter, Mark 13th. Chapter and Luke 21th. Chapter. As well as Daniel 7 and 8th. Chapter. All these passages are showing how God Almighty will do away with all oppression and wickedness on earth, but in His appointed time.

    Now the Scriptures are written as a warning to us whom the times are near it’s end for all unrighteous people.

    Time would not permit me to try and explain in details the Bible’s message completely.

    But put in brief, the Bible advocates God’s kingdom. Jesus Christian is that king and according to 1 Ch. 15:27, JESUS will reconcile all things that was lost back to his father. This means perfect life on earth and peaceful condition on earth for all race, nation and people.

    The reason why mankind is suffering so much at the hand of oppressors is because of the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly place Eph. 6:11-12.

    The Bible at Rev. 12:9-12 tells us that the devil has been casted down to the earth for a short period of time to wage war against God’s earthly servants. He lost the battle in heaven against Christ and the faithful angels so now his anger is great against mankind. Rev. 12: 2-8

    All human governments are under his influence to a degree. So should we not expect to see injustice on all levels? Ecclesiastics 5:8

    But God is watching and in due time, He will bring an end to all governments by the power of Christ. Dan. 2:44 (it is a sad thing that most Americans believe that God is with this country).

    I am one who is deeply angry at all the injustice I see. And sometimes I feel like ending it by means of violence. But I know that (1) Man wrath doesn’t work out God’s righteousness James 1:20 and the Scriptures never prophesied that I would be the one to break up the works of the devil. That’s Jesus responsibility.

    When Christ come and eliminate all wickedness and badness from the world. Rev. 19: 11- 21: 5. The bible tells us that at the end, God will place His tent over all mankind and He will wipe out every tears from their eyes, death, outcries and pain will be gone forever!!!

    So even when we feel angry enough to attack someone for injustice acts, we do well to meditate on the real hope and avenger of the poor one crying for help. GOD ALMIGHTY AND HIS SON CHRIST JESUS. Ps. 70: 1-5

    I have to pray everyday that I don’t let Americans evil acts of injustice consume me. I know many people would say something similar to what I am saying now. But it’s not because they truly know that God will come and do away with wickedness and bring about peace, but they say it because they are afraid to confront injustice out of fear of man. Mal. 1:8

    So please pray for God’s day to come and put an end to all of Americas and the world governments evil and injustice acts.

  4. All of America is in a sad state but I find it even sadder that African Americans have to sit with their children and have a talk with them about what steps to take if they are confronted by police. It doesn’t matter if they are drug dealers or just walking home from school. The fact is that if you are black in this country you are already perceived as being a criminal of some sort. I am quite sure that white parents are not having the “how to behave if you are stopped by the police” talk with their children.

  5. Maybe all ploice should be on patrol in their own communities or communities of their immediate families or where they grew up, perhaps then they would approach each situation with some concern or caution & not be so set on shooting , if they had some type of connection with that community, past or present they just may CARE enough to investigate as they were trained to do b4 shooting, but in most cases ploice are not going to apply their training in a community they have no connection to because they only care about doing a job opposed to providing a safe enviroment for the people.

    • I like this iea. By the way, now that more info has come out, that appears to show that the man was not running, nor appeaing to be a threat, I hope that the D.A. seeks an indictment soon.

  6. If a mouse recognizes a mouse trap and insists on trying to get the cheese, whose fault is it when he gets his head snapped?

    Life is about choices, and personal responsibility & accountability. If you put yourself in a position to be dealt with, then you’re going to be dealt with. No one outside of your home cares about your badly behaving son – that’s reality.

    Someone mentioned earlier about ‘rules for surviving the cops’. My pops taught me the same rules and they’ve served me well. And don’t get it twisted, these cops will bust a white boy’s ass too! But the truth is that white people know when to shut the fugg up. As Black people, we like to get mouthy and loud and sh!t; and that’s when sh!t gets out of hand.

  7. There was no gun why run if there was gun he would pull and shoot before he got to his house .H was running away from trouble. Now he is dead. racist we called them.

  8. Another young Brotha murdered in NY today. I feel very sad for the family lost. Black people need to wake up, NY don’t love you at all. I just don’t understand it how do yall rep a city that have no love for you. The jails is full of Blacks and Latinos in NY. Black folks need to wake up. If this was a person of a another race that whole group will be protesting and filing lawsuits. I bet the black churches will get in on the story and get paid to calm you black folk in NY down. I just don’t understand the same story keep happening again and again, every year or two.

  9. Cherokee, we have some pretty nice museums in OK too! Sam Noble down a little south of
    the of the city, in Norman, the Mabee Magbee in Shawnee, the two art places in Tulsa, the cowboy place in OKC, I hope other folks tell me about those I’ve forgotten or misplaced or never knew about, I love this kind of things, oh we have some other art kind of places as well, but I like Natual History, so I am biased.

    • Jeffery, for some reason I have never been in Oklahoma. For some reason I have always stayed in the Eastern part of the country. Many of my people are in Georgia. I like Natural History as you do.
      But have traveled all over the place. I have found that there are good museums in many places. I have been to a number of places in Georgia and Florida that have many good places to see. I have visited many places in and around Saint Louis, MO. and on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River as well. One place I saw two years ago was the museum and grounds at Cahokia Mounds, they are about 3 or 4 miles west of Collinsville,Illinois. That was an all day job as it is a big area. http://cahokiamounds.org/

    • How nice. You’ve come on a black news site, posted your address, and numerous of typical responses to justify the murder of an 18 year old black teenager. If a black person has drugs on them, kill them. If blacks don’t do drugs at all then we wouldn’t have to worry about our lives being at risk when police stop and question us for nearly 2 hours. And believe me, I have experienced this type of second class, degrading treatment from cops. Nevermind the fact I have never been a drug dealer, I am a college graduate, and I have no criminal record. When I am approach by police, it is usually in the most disrespectful experience I could ever have in my life. And yet you post numerous of comments justifying any type of misconduct from cops with some lame bullshit of your “black ladyfriend.” Apparently, the idea of blacks being upset a the death of an unarm black teenager being killed inside of his home has trigger a nerve with you. I don’t feel the need to examine or dissect your stupidity because it exhibits that of white privilege or perhaps you enjoy posting comments of hate and justification for murdering any black person – whether they are a drug dealer or not. You people want to come on this message board and proceed to tell blacks what we should do with our children, our lives, and how we should modify our behavior to avoid being killed by cops. Maybe you should educate yourself on the reality of drugs in this country. White Americans are the dominate drug users of heroine, cocaine, ectasy, and just about any illegal drug you can find. Police departments are not stupid. They know how drugs are filter into this country and who carries the most drugs. However, it is acceptable to seek our predominately black and more often poor areas to harass, beat, and kill people. God forbid if we are outrage at the barbaric way this man and his family were treated and how he died. You sit behind the computer screen in all your presume nonblack glory and post bullshit to prove why this man deserve to die. Ah, yes. He had drugs. Kill him. As for the whites who carry drugs in all economic classes, it’s okay. You refer to bullshit on Youtube videos of black cops cuffing a black youth to dismiss and lessen the seriousness of racism within the police department. You do, type, or say whatever needs to be said to secure your sense of righteousness. There isn’t a damn thing you can say on this board to convince any black person of what our actual reality and experiences is with the mostly nonblack policemen. You can call me an apologist for drug users, criminals, and any other tactic used to ignore the reality. Stay the of fuck off our message boards and go on your own where you can spew hate, inaccurate facts, and basic nonsense about black people.

      • Thank you Renee.

        Your stats are correct. I recently completed approx. 100 page study on Prison Reform for my doctoral studies.

        Michelle Alexanders’ Mass Incarceration in the Age of ColorBlindness is a reference book every black family (and white who desire truth) should have on their book shelf.

        Whites do more drugs and sell more drugs. But their habits are defined as “designer”. This phenomenon goes on on the continental U. S and even Hawaii. Native Hawaiians are also discriminated and overrepresented in prisons due to drug busts which mirrors the draconian drugs laws that effect blacks and latinos in U. S.

        It is a people of color thing. The “war” on drugs was a masterful way of continuing slavery since slavery is STILL a legal institution under penal law. Thank you for shutting down the ignorant ones.

        Yes we blacks do read and know. We have so much ammunition to bring forth Class Action Suits and Lawsuits in Federal court. We just have to stop talking about it and start doing it.

        Thanks again!

      • I have not tried to justify anything. This young man was killed by the police because he ran. I agree that more than likely a white boy would not have been shot. Many of our people on the police forces around the country have a problem……they seem to be mad at the world….maybe they can’t get another job of any kind.

      • The first thing that you can do is to quit calling me white…..the next thing you can do is calm down. You are not the only one here that has a college education. I have many friends that are Black. I have known some of them all of my life…and I can tell you one thing and that is that they are not doing drugs. As you say most drug use is by whites..maybe because there are more whites than any other race in the USA.
        Where I live drugs are a major problem. Meth is the major problem with the others lined up right behind. I can’t remember the year but Meth, and the way to make it, came East from California. Across the country side there have been many vacant homes burned down by the makers of Meth.

  10. Racial tension in the United States is extremely high and I truly believe that we as African Americans need our own police, our own stores and banks and until we become more viligent about whose in our neighborhoods and why they are there, injustices just as these will continue to occur.

    We must return to an era when we took care of our own and form community meetings among each block, informing each about what’s happening in our world today and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    • Things are bad in many places and it is not all Black folks that are having these kind of problems. I am talking about these meetings. Other people’s need to set up these same kind of meetings and more or less, as you say, police themselves.

  11. Some of the postings here are in correct.You dont live in New York and don’t know all the details.He was not running from the police, and was not mouthing off the video which is very clear showed him walking into his house and closing the door behind him.These cops were taken off duty and their guns taken away,They are on modified duty during the investigation.So please stop the racist bull shit, And wait for the facts.

    • Thanks for your post. I have been thinking all night that something was not right with the story. Maybe in a day or so we will get some better info.

    • You know it’s only “racist bullshit” when police brutality and racial profiling is not your reality. You can belittle, patronize, and dismiss all notions pertaining to race. The fact is this would have never happen to a white person. This young man did not deserve to be gun down like an animal inside of his own home. And to make matters worse, his 6 year old brother witness this incident. The grandmother was aggressively questioned and held in an interrogation room for nearly 7 hours. I have been a victim of police brutality and witness police excessive force. These type of actions are only prevalent in predominately black communities – regardless of economics. This country has been conditioned to believe whatever situation happens between blacks and police is usually the fault of the black person. Blacks are always told to be patient and wait for the facts to come out. Blacks sit back and watch as cops are given a pat on the wrist and go about their lives while we mourn the deaths of our love ones. And if you are black and poor, even better. The white dominated media can always rely on their crafty spend of the “neighborhood being bad” and etc. This man was killed for having weed while whites are the ones who are the dominated drug users in this country. You will never find a story of black detectives gunning down an unarm white teen in his home. You rarely find articles of whites being harassed, beaten, or kill for even the suspect of having drugs. Why? Because it isn’t acceptable for cops to murder unarm whites for the suspicion on having drugs or having drugs on them at all. It isn’t acceptable to callously take the lives of whites. So, don’t come on a black news site and proceed to tell me or any black person about our reality and experiences with police in this country as being “racist bullshit.” Why don’y you tell your notions of this so-called “racist bullshit” to Huffington Post or any other white message board and vent there. There isn’t a damn thing you can say here to take away from the fact this man’s murder has all the typical undertones of racism in America.

  12. For all of you whose fallback position is “but you’re not supposed to shoot an unarmed person,” the same rule applies to American soldiers in combat. Here’s the problem: when you are in a potentially hostile situation, you are not likely to wait to see why the person before you is reaching into their pocket, or what he has in his hand that is dark. Cops go to work wanting two things – a boring shift, and to go home.Part of the reason that they carry a weapon is to ensure that both of those things happen. If the first one gets taken away, the gun is to ensure that the second doesn’t.
    I am not in a position to say that the cops were justified or looking for an excuse to kill a black man, becuase I wasn’t there. I don’t know the cops (heck, I don’t even know what their race was), and I don’t know the guy who was killed. If some of you do, then share what you know. Otherwise, we are all just sitting here wasting time. None of us is on the Police Review Board, and none of us is in any position to determine what happened. What I intend to do, as I said earlier, is do as much as I can to make sure that my son minimizes the risks that come with coming into contact with a cop.

    • I posted this some time back but am posting it again.

      Maybe a way to improve this state of affairs would to hire only Black Officers and see how that worked out?

      But that is unlikely……but it should be done. Why do the white officer’s always have to be the ones in charge.?


      • Cherokee, please don’t say you don’t want to be in NYC! So many world class museums, including the pre-emminate Native American as well as Teddy Rossevelt’s American Museuem of Natual History, right across from the park, it is so cool. One of the best, equalling the Smithsonian in D.C. or the Field in Chicago.

        • Jeffery….sorry about that. I seems to have hit a Nerve in you. I was talking about not wanting to live in New York city.

          New York state in general does not really appeal to me. I do have several good friends that live in NY state and they have been there for 45 years or so. I am going to stay further south.

          I love to go to good museums and do go to a lot of places. We have been to Memphis Tennessee a number of times, to Atlanta Georgia many times, Chattanooga Tennessee, Nashville Tennessee, Louisville Kentucky a number of times. And a number of other places.

          • Cherokee, come home! (or at least your second home) and come to
            Oklahoma and study our museums! I’ll take you out for dinner in a real Oklahoma Chinese Restruant(sp?)

        • Jeffery,
          I hope that you have a great Sunday and I wish you well in what ever you do. As I do all of you other folks on here tonight.

          This young man getting killed has many people upset, but he more or less brought in on himself…..I know that many will not agree with me on that, but just think about what he was doing! That is if we can believe what we have read….Things need to change in this Country at some point in time.

          • Good Person, I know it is so sad discussing such matters when we all are so excited about the game, but the fact that a young man has met his dimise at such an early age precludes any celebration no matter who wins, we need focus only on his family and his Soul at this point in time.

    • You are so correct Sir! I have sometimes been unfairly (in my mind) stopped, frisked, questioned, but in their mind, I reckon they must have had some reason for doing so, fortunately usually things worked out alright, but I do think that EVERYONE should have legal counsel post haste, but it took me 4 days to talk to anyone, luckey I didn’t get shot or shoot anybody!

      • You are one of the lucky ones that got through your ordeal with out anything bad happening.

        • Yes Cherokee, things can go downhill rapidly when we are not thinking clearly.
          Sometimes, one just has to suck up the injustice for the while, live to fight another day.

    • Mr. Dewayne, how confused you are young man.

      What happened was pure murder covered up by made up laws by what twelve of a committee of whites say.

      I take it you are or was in the arm forces or you are in the family of “American law officers.” Your guilty comment gives you away.

      I see you are a young man and you may think you know something. But let me try to help you understand something about the law.

      In America, the law is what twelve white appointed people say it is.
      Its not divinely instituted nor is it completely right. Some laws are there to protect people from harm or loss. But whenever laws are placed for controlling a race through fear or oppression then that’s another thing.

      See the master’s whip left a lasting impression on most black’s.
      Throughout the decades before your time, black’s suffered greatly at the hands of the very ones who laws you think are right?

      The history of America, young man started on criminal acts like; rape, murder, identity thief, thief of services – SLAVERY!!

      But now these very ones who committed these crimes are now upholding them. Whenever America felt it was ok to rape, steal or murder, it was fine.

      But now so as to protect themselves and their families from the same fate that they brought upon your ancestors, they established laws so they suffer no harm. And they expect everyone to OBEY THEIR LAWS!!

      But whenever America feel like committing these crimes again or against others, they enlist you to go to war and kill innocent people just because they don’t like the leader of that country. Is this not murder?

      So with that thought, the laws are establsih to justify the wrong that America feels is right. Because this country really feel they have the right to do wrong. And this is evident by the laws that are established.

      To kill someone because you don’t want to die is not the way to see things. Do that really make sense to you?

      What if you were in combat and the other side was threatened by you and they shot you reasoning on the same thought, would they be right. Or what if the police misspending your cell phone for a gun and shot you dead. How would your parent, wife or kids feel about that?

      Actually I don’t know if you respect the Bible or not. But in Romans 13:1-6 the Bible encouraged all to be in subjection to superior authority. And this means all authority and not just your own country.

      So whenever you are told to go and fight against another country because the authorities of your land tell you to, you are in violation of God’s Command.

      So when you fight in the military, you are ignoring God’s law.

      And furthermore, history shows that the police has always been an object of oppression against black’s. I know you have been trained to think different about the laws of this country, but it’s not for the interest or welfare of the black race. So please remove the veil off your face and face the truth.

      He police is the balcony people’s enemy. And until black’s stand up and acknowledge this, the fear will continue to absorb them.

      The pattern of America has been nothing but hypocrisy and soon as the Bible teaches, God will do away with all governments and establish His kingdom by Jesus to rule mankind by means of righteousness. And no one will ever fear oppression or injustice.

      See this government and all other government are under the rule of the devil and not God. He is not approving of any such injustice.

      In time the world will know how He really feels about the governments of this time.

      Rev. 12: 9-12, Matt 4: 9-11, Dan. 2:44, Rev. 19: 11- 20:4,

  13. You people don’t have a clue of the racist history of the NYPD. I was raised, and educated in NYC going back from 1955 till 1993. Not! Only a history of racists killing of people of color. But! Also a history of corruption, the knapp, and Mollen Commissions Investigations of the NYPD. I far as I am concerned the NYPD are the City of New York, Nazi’s in Blue. I even posted those facts on Face Book, and dare anyone th challenge the established history of the NYPD.

    • I never had any problems with NYPD even as I visited the various museums around town, my daughter never had any problems with NYPD whilst attending Columbia and living in Spanish Harlem.(cept the noise)

    • Thanks for that bit of important information. It takes courage for us as black’s to open our eyes and admit the truth.

      Not just the N.Y.P.D. but L.A., Chicago, Houston and all other organized police dept. are a part of the nazi, klans and white supremist groups.

      Evident is clear and please listen to further proof.

      Let me take all readers on a journey back into time during the 50’s & 60’s. This was an era where race relations should have improved to a point.

      Whenever you have time to do the research on political and racial documentaries. Please, please notice this one thing if nothing else.

      Why is it that whenever a group of black protestors would march for equality from injustice, the police would be there to attack with force!

      However, when the K.K.K. would March, the local, state or county police would never ever attack them or speak harsh or try to break up their protests?

      Never have I ever seen footage or documentaries showing the law going upside the head of their groups or organizations.

      But your government use inhumane attacks like; turning on water holes, usong ttack dogs or force by intimidation to break up our pursue of unity.

      And the really sad thing about it, black children was also attacked! So YES!!!!!! The police agencies are part of the white supremacist, K.K.K. and other underground society of radical racist whites!

      And what is even saddened more is the fact that most marches was to try and establsih equality so that as black’s, we could eat wherever we wanted. Use the public restrooms as well as worship among those of the same faith!!!! HOW ABOUT THAT BLACK PEOPLE!!!$ SO DO YOU STILL THINK THAT THE AUTHORITIES OF THIS COUNTRY IS FOR OUR BENEFIT?

      YOU BE THE JUDGE…………

  14. Why do you allow comments like EMS. We know who sent the comment, Whites read our emails but I don’t feel it necessary to respond. They know how powerful we are! Let’s not stoop to their level!
    Just a suggestion.

    • I don’t like what he says either……does not the reviews have anything to say about what it posted?

    • Ha! “Whites”? what is a ‘white’? I asked my Ladyfriend abount this when she brought up the ‘Black/White’ thing, I brought out a piece of paper that was denuded of any color whatsover, she of course concluded that this was indeed ‘white’. I put my arm against it and asked (or did I ‘ax’?) if these colors matched? She stated they did not. I concurred. then we demonstrated that her meleton enhanced skin tone did not match a piece of black copy, likewise, she is nor ‘black’ at all, but rather a rich chochalote brown, therefore there is no ‘black&white’ in this discussion. It is just two people figuring out how they fit together.

  15. Things like this are very sad but it happens every day. I can’t say what the officers should have done any different. I am a reserve officer and it is a hard call any time you have to draw your weapon.

  16. I am a parent. WhenI was a child, my parents told me, among other things, tat you don’t run from dogs, and you don’t run from cops. Dogs have teeth, and are inclined to use them on something tht acts like prey. Police have guns, and are inclined to use them on someone who acts like the cops’ perception of a criminal. You might dislike that, but simple prudence dictates that you must train your child to think in this way, especially if you live in an area where violent criminal activity is a normal part of existence. In such onditions, cops are going to think less like Andy Taylor, and more like Barney Fife. Unfortunately, some of those cops will know how to shoot.
    THAT is REALITY! While you whine about the unfairness of it all, or question whether race is at the bottom of it, we had a situation in Orange County, CA where a young white man with mental issues was beat to death by cops. While they were beting him, he was pleading for his dad to come rescue him. Race was not a factor, but the cops’ perception of threat was.

    • ght! When I was a child, walking home from kindergartden, I was sometimes terrorized (in my own mind) of these dogs that would come barking ferociously at me, however black folk never scarred me unless I was warned by the elders: “Watch out for that red-heddeded N” He never bothered me in any event, he was just a regular person going about his business.Well, he wasns’t exactly ‘regular’, as he had some physical and mental disabilities, but as best I could discerne, he was a regular person and when me and my brother visited thier house at Halloween we were treated with much sweets and homemade nice stuff, it was exceeding eye-opening on the true nature of us humans

      • I had to walk a mile to school when I was a little boy, it was raining my father would take me if he was at home. But I made it every day and tried to learn something besides playing games all day long. I went on to finish high school and then had help in going to college. I had a family and they did help me along the way. Plenty of people could make it is they only tried a little harder. Taking to the street and selling Dope is not the ANSWER.

        • That is soooo cool! Ultra! I deliverd the “Omaha World-Herald’ as a child, a 9-13 yrs oldsdter, we had to deliver it to the door, inside the door, placing it so that the paper would properly place the recievinig folks
          “The Ohmaha World-Herald” as it would face the recipiant. I made 20 bucks a week. Tried to talk my folks into buying stock into Berkshire-Hasthaway, which I had read about in the same paper (my route was about 50 papers, and I had a habit of reading then while delivering; I usesuly got finished by the end of the route) BRK was selling from $18-$22 per share , tried to buy some, parents said: Oh, No! Stocks are too dangerous!!


    In a racist country like America, it is so easy to put any and all blame of a Black victim, or if you can put it on that particular victim, to start in on that victim’s family.



  18. once again another horrible and disturbing but rather familiar occurrence happened between the police and a black person:The police encounters an unarmed black person where he first encounters him for a crime shoots him for what he claims to be a gun in his hand like Amadou Diallo, Sean Smith,Oscar Grant etc etc. The Black guy is dead and as in many cases,despite the fact that there is a video clearly detailing the crime, the cop receives a pat on the wrist.I say this clearly and concisely, this is racism but now the problem or the question is “what are we going to do about it”……..in answering that question please be deliberate and well meaningfull with a resolve to carry out any process of recompension because if you are not,the next person you may have to make that decision for is your own son or even your daughter

    • Oh My Goodness, you are SOOOO RRRight!! I just saw on the internet today a bunch of cops cuffing some young black citizens of DC (Detroit City) for some ‘alledged’ offenses and it was so racially biased!! 4 suspects 3 cops – oh wait the 3 cops were black as well… never mind.

  19. black people need to form death squads like the whites do (cops), however it will be solely for the retaliation to perpetrators of these hideous acts of violence. We need to finds their address, stake out there wives and kids and kill them in their homes and neighborhood as they do to us. Except for every one black child they eliminate, we would eradicate an entire family of these coward racist pigs. Enough is enough when will they stop killing the black youth in america. America created the ghettos and public housing projects at the heigh of segregation. this was all part of the grand plan to eliminate us.

    Black people wake up america is not post racial

  20. this is why our young black youth especially males have to wake up and shift gears on the life there leading, because there living between a rock and a hard place. the law only views black males as a negative predator and useless in society. and they will get rid of them by any means necesarry whether it be through killing or caged up by the penal system. and also denying them the proper ed and financial resources through good ol boy blocking technics in any way, so yung black men unite put your head together, think on one accord instead of hatin each other and show america how smart and creative u really are ina positive way”

    • So sweetly and brilliantly put forth!

    • Think of stories where we have had plenty of Black people that have made a difference in this world…..and yes I know that there will always be a Race problem in the USA.
      But we are not the only country that has this problem. We have to many people in the inter-cities that have no work….right now we have plenty of people every where that have no job. But the answer in not in selling Dope and getting yourself killed by some lawman with a gun.

  21. Boy? BOY?!??!! Who you callin “boy”?? mo-fo, when I was 19 I wasn’t no ‘boy’, I was a US Marine NCO with an AA degree from Maryland, I sure as hell hell wasn’t no ‘boy’!

  22. @ Delwyn X. Campbell and EMS you don’t shoot unarmed people period.

  23. There is a faith that is calling us to stand up and speak against systemic powers and forces that often times oppresses and even kill.

    There is unknown and untampered power in our voices and actions. Consequently, there is fear in setting trends we don’t commonly see aroung us, or that others enthusiastically encourage us to do or take part in.

    The next stage of change and hope for ourselves, family and or our country will come from a faith that has settled the aged old question with himself as to whether there is a real God that lives today?

    This faith understands that one puts down a thousand and two ten thousand. This faith also understands that regardless of my past failures or short-comings if I’m going to be a part of the business that the invisible God is doing in the universe today,

    I’m going to have to forget about myself and move forward unrelentingly in the things my faith tells me i should do and take part in;and because i trust Him, changes in a marvelous and miraculous way has to take place that will not only save me, my family or loved ones; But a nation that waited for me (you)to act according to real and biblical faith we really believed in.

    This is the faith that changed an entire world in the days of Noah where God destroyed the whole world and saved one man and his family because that one man dared to trust Him.

    This is the faith of Deborah, Abraham, Naomi and David, who though were regular men and women as you and i are today. They dared to believe the vision that comes about by faith and changed the world as men knew the world to be.

    For more information about me or this invisible God that i’m speaking about feel free to Email me at: davidbookinfo@aol.com/

    or visit my website at http://www.fighting4alife.com/. Be encourage as you move forward in your life trusting Him. For it is not of ourselves, but by His grace we over-come and rise to share our testimony. Peace!

  24. War on drugs? NO SUCH THING! Murdered over a possible weed sale? In hot pursuit because a Black unarmed male teen possibly sold a small amout of weed, then ran scared as hell into his Mom’s house only to be shot right in front of her because he “adjusted” his clothing. TOTAL BS!How many White teens have been shot in similar situations? You know what!! Bet them police officers never even gave a second thought to that Black mother standing there in her own house–cause RACE MATTERS!!!!! After killing her son did they say “Sorry Maam?” or treat her like some suspect? God bless the soul of this child and strenghten this family. I also pray that responsible members of the community will Man-Up! Women-Up! Stand-Up! Speak-Up for justice and human rights in matters such as this.

  25. I was not there and am not defending the officers. My question is why was he running? I do not know what rules the police have for when they shoot but I certainly would not take any chances.
    I know that some feel there is no other way to make a good living, but had he not been dealing drugs he would not have been in that position. I do feel sorry for his mother. She must have worried this could happen – at the hands of another drug dealer or user, or the police.
    Black leaders should be fighting to find other outlets and better access to education. Those are our problems.

    • how many white kids are doing drugs in the suburbs and white neighborhoods, countless. Is any one shooting them at point blank range. Isn’t prescription drug abuse rampant amongst white youth, marijuana and much harder substances. who is shooting and chasing after them.
      Public housing and inner city neighborhoods are over policed solely because the heavily minority populous of these areas makes good scapegoats.
      People educate your selfs and stop being so fickle minded.


  27. not a race issue. The kid reaches like he has a gun he gets shot nothing new here.

    • It states he was shot in the chest, to accomplish that, he had to be facing them, no report of a gun being recovered. It’s the same wholesale murder as Amadou Diallo and the hundreds of school children in South Africa. I continue to inform my African-American Brothers, the KKK has changed their garb from hood and sheets to Police uniforms and Brook Brothers’ suits!

      • Wow! I gotta Brooks Brothers tie & a Black ladyfriend – which should I dump? You Racist asshole? Oh, I know – it’s the racist ashole.

  28. @Honey – while your pointis taken, let’s assume, for the moment, that the cops were wrong in their assessment of what they saw. If a cop came upon you while you were just standing around with some friends, would you run? If so, w, and if not, why not? If you chose to run, would you expect them to just let you go, or woudl you expect them to pursue you? Again, why or why not? Finally, do you think that cops are really going to wait until they see just what it is that you have in your waistband, and what you are going to do with it, before they make s decision to pull their weapons and shoot you in the center of your body, which is what they are trained to do? Cops only shoot the gun out someone’s hand on film, not in real life, except by accident.


    • What I hear from folks is that the sagging pants in prison is an invitation that they are available, why the young street punks think this desireable is beyond me, unless they too, want to take it up the ass

  30. When you run from the police, who have just caught you in a felony, they tend to want to stop you. When you reach into your waist, they tend to think you have a gun. I would hate to think that this mother knew that her son was dealing drugs, but it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that she did, and looked the other way.

    The wages of sin is death; some us gwet paid sooner, and others get paid later, but we all get paid. The gift of God is eternal life. I don’t know if this young man ever received that gift, but anyone who doesn’t is placing a losing bet that they will never die.

  31. They have and have always had many reasons for their murders of us. THE BIG THING making it easier is our killings of each other! To Stop Them We Must First Stop Ourselves! End of the year score in all major cities: Police 6, 7 Self Hating Negroes 86, 93, 75, 129, 143, etc.,
    We should always monitor n keep check on the Police, but our FOCUS is misdirected. Sorrows and condolensces to his family…. God be pleased and send his justices upon the guilty!

    • Right on point brotherman. We have to wake up and challenge our notion of Black inferiority. Know thyself and thy real history and culture. That is one reason I became a youth mentor to work for real “change” and liberate minds! Shanti

  32. Wow. Who wrote this article? Was the author at the site to actually SEE drug deal in process? It’s written as if he/she were there and positive about the events. There is no use of words such as ‘alleged’ is in this article. Where’s the presumption of innocence?

    How can anyone say what this person ran into a bathroom to do, or what he had in his possession. This article is extremely presumptive and makes this victim a criminal prior to a trial.

    Your Black World should be mindful and do a better job of editing prejudicial content full of assumptions. SMH.

  33. When are we going to get a class action suit going for the violence against our children? It isn’t enough that our children are STILL getting gunned down in the street, and to make matters worse our children are also victims of abuse via school discipline and juvenile penal system.

    These systems still uphold the United States historical abuse of black and brown peoples. As a mother, I do not condone illegal behavior (I am not shy of putting my foot up my children’s a@#’s at home or in public if they so choose to act a fool)

    But that does not give the United States sanction to overabuse our children. Black and Brown children are overrepresented in school suspensions, expulsions, and the juvenile system. This is by design. Please do your research. Black and brown children (or adults for that matter) DO NOT (I repeat!) DO NOT commit more offenses or engage in criminal behavior any more than do whites. In fact statistics will show you just the opposite since whites like to think of themeselves as the populations majority.

    What is true is the excessive way by which people of color are STILL disciplined and adjudicated.

    Wake up people. To hell with marches and pickets signs. Its time for pen and paper aka CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS. Start sueing these institutions in Federal court while there still is a Federal court.

    If the Tea Party have there way, there won’t be a federal government, freeing states to handle they N*gga’s any way they see fit.

    We are going backward my people. I don’t care how many of us ride around in fancy cars or have the fortune 500 job or are married to white men or women…..we are STILL BLACK. And there is most certainly 2 countries within the United States.

    Get the pen and paper people its time they start paying for our blood instead of them getting it for free.

    • Racist bitch

      • There has been race problems forever or so it seems.
        In 1954 I was lucky to get a job with the US-NAVY near Panama City Florida. We had some problems with some of the brothers drinking and raising Hell. The white police would go in and arrest anyone that was near there. Everyone said you police are being raciest. Well the white folks got to talking about that problem……and came up with the answer to the problem. They hired three or four of the biggest BLACK men that they could find that wanted to be on the police force. That was very rare in those days.
        As soon as these young men had a little bit of training they were put on the force. THEN, then, the next time that some of those that wanted to drink and raise hell….. That time the new Black men went in and straighten them young men out. They
        told them that they would kick their Black Ass out of the County if they did not quit what they were doing. In that case it worked and it was much safer to be in the area…….WE HAVE TO FIND A WAY TO help people.

      • How could she be racist for stating the facts. The only thing America understands is money. I don’t agree with no marching or picketing. I think those tools have its place along with lawsuits. The main thing is mobilization and do something. Occupy. Write. Run for office. March. Sue. Demonstrate. Blog.

  34. I honestly believe that they shot him simply because he was able to out run them,make it home, and flush the drugs.Since they couldn’t stop him from flushing the drugs,they yelled,gun!gun!” That was the lie that they used to kill another young black man.They didn’t give a dam if his mother was there or not.They killed him right in front of her and they KNEW he didn’t have a gun.They was mad because he got rid of the drugs! ~R.i.p Ramarley and may God comfort his mother,family,and friends during there time of loss.~And i pray that his evil murderers be convicted for their evil,wicked crimes.
    ~Where is the NAACP,and Al Sharpton when you need them ? ~prb

    • Hey Sister, what ya got against Jessie Jackson?

      • Actually i don’t support none of our so called black leaders of today except for Minister Farahkahn.He’s the only leader of this day and time that is not afraid to speak the truth.Although i am not a muslim,he is the real deal when it comes to speaking up for us African Americans.

    • Paula,

      I agree with you 100% except the part about the NAACP and Al Sharpton. Why do we have to wait for the NAACP and Rev. Al to solve all of our problems. That community and ALL of us should get together and stop this madness!

  35. Luonne Abram Rouse

    The call for justice is moot, when running from the drug deal is considered. The search for fair process has to be our desirable outcome. Ms. Malcolm deserves nothing less than fair treatment of this case. Facts are important and fair compensation to the family ought to be required. However, this doesn’t demand leadership from African Americans. The call is for non-violent leadership against the illegal drug industry, while holding the NYPD accountable to fairness in seeking justice.

  36. Stupid on a stick! His crazy ass should not have been carrying weed in the first place. That’s for openers. His mother should have taught him how to stay alive when encountering police as a matter of Hood Rules. Running his dumb ass mouth, resisting arrest, not showing his hands, struggling then running is what got him killed.

    As for what he was reaching for? It was the weed he stupidly hid in his underpants. Dumb ass. When cops can’t see your hands, and you refus a pat down, struggle, run your mouth then run you set yourself up to be taken down and in this case out.

    Why? Because a cop doesn’t know if the subject is reaching for a gun, knife or–as was in this case–the packet of weed he erroneously thought he could ditch.

    Too many video games. Too little home training. And watching too many cop shows. Nobody gets up off the ground and limps away after being hit. That’s in the movies. That some fake ass Diehard make believe. Doesn’t go down like that in real life.

    People who believe throwing contraband away from themselves after they’re stopped are foolish. That, too, doesn’t work any better than running from cops with pants rolled down around ankels and ditching a gun or drugs on the way. It simply doesn’t work and why youth don’t get the message I’ll never know.

    So there will be one more dumb ass mother burying one more dumb ass kid and blaming everyone else for the sad sack of circumstances that led up to a tragic end. The whole event may have been prevented had the kid just cooperated.

    When will people get the picture? Moreover, when will people get the lesson?

    • you’re an ignorant lunatic. Enough said.

      • Did any of you consider that the young man place his mother in danger when he ran into her home–I think EMS, believe it or not, is stating out lound what many are thinking inwardly–His words are hard, but if they cause one young man to learn from them, then there is a positive from them– If only the cry toward words spoken by EMS are as angery when young blacks are killing each others over the right to sell drugs that killed dreams, minds and lives of blacks and others–then maybe we can save the black communities–I feel sad for the mother having to bury her child–but sometime extreme acts (such as EMS words)has to be yell in the hope of saving the next child and mother from such hardship–It is way pass the time for blacks to focus on the destruction of our young black men by other young black men–This is not to say we should not focus on the actions of the police–But, I don’t think the police killing of young black men come close to the amount that are killed by other blacks–This is not going to end until the black communities put as much focus on the black on black killings as they do on the police killing of a black man–It was blacks who allow these youths to get out of control and it’s going to take black people to take back their communities from the these youths and others who use your communities for their killing ground–Someone stated that the Black Panther was form to protect the black communities from been victimized by the police–Well, they can only do that by teaching those who sell and use drugs, that their actions is the cause why police come into their communities –and turn those who are not willing to
        listen and conform over to the police, then their actions are only a part of the problem, because if the panther focus is only on keep the police out of the black communities–their action will be like that of bouncers for the drug pushers, users and other criminal elements in the black communities–allow them protection (unintentional or intentional) to conduct business as usual..

        • Understand this. Blackwhite racism is satanic propaganda to control
          thoughts and behavior. There is no such thing as race. We are
          spiritual beings covered with dust there are secrets known among the
          elite that are now being revealed. Ck out YouTube. Melanin the new
          technology. White women seducing rich black men to get the money and
          the melanin.
          Drugs of all kinds are only illegal to the poor. Politicians, business
          people, pastors,entertainers, etc., etc., use everyday. I live in an
          upscale white community where drugs are readily avl and no one is being
          busted, or hunted down.
          Again I ask, why didn’t cop go after the dealer who makes himself a
          nice profit each day at the same location without being disturbed or
          gunned down, all the while selling dope to children. Think about it!

          • @A star is born thanks for your post. The mother and the community needs to file a big, fat billion dollar lawsuit against the NYPD. That’s all they understand. We all need to install home security cameras and dashcams. Fromthe looks of the video, this young man relaxed and coming home from a tough day at school.
            He never knew what hit him. This was mad dog psycho murder in the first. Everyone
            Of those 15 or 20 cops need to be fired and their names made public.
            Sharpton, Jackson, Naacp (owned and operated by Jews) they work for the man-u know, under cover brothers.
            If anyone finds out about donations to the family, pls post. Thx


    • Oh, so you were in the house when it happened?

      Why were the police IN his mother’s house without a warrant or without being invited in.

      You are too stupid to know that the same thing happens all day long with White people in America, but somehow, the police can distinguish between them supposedly “reaching for a gun” and “adjusting their pants.” You are too stupid to know how often young Black males are murdered by the police.

      Even if the boy was selling drugs, he did not deserve to be murdered in front of his mother because of it, especially over some marijuana.

      In a racist country like America, it is so easy to put any and all blame of a Black victim, or if you can put it on that particular victim, to start in on that victim’s family.

      You can’t possibly know how much ‘home training” a young man has had, merely because he was murdered by the police. You can’t expect a teenager to automatically know that if he is Black, that he better not even blink or the police with murder him.

      And, evidently, you have no idea of just how many young Black people, particularly, young Black males are murdered, unarmed, in cold blood by the police in this country every day.

      If you happen to be a young Black male, then, you make sure you remember what you just wrote about this story when it is you.

      • The young man was wrong, the Police were wrong as well! I feel like its a 50/50 split on whose @ fault! This young man shouldn’t have been selling drugs! If he had any respect for his mother he wouldn’t have run into her house! The Police have been trained 2 kill! We as parents have 2 teach our kids Right from Wrong, & if they choose Wrong, as parents we must let them Fall flat on their Ass! No mother should have 2 deal with this in this Country Blk r Wht! The community has 2 come together in New York against the violence our kids grow up seeing! Work with the Police 2 take back the streets, & give our kids a better chance @ life!

        • There are jails for people who are caught selling drugs. There is no law that state; “the police should run up in someones house and kill them because they saw them with drugs.” Now explain to me how this was 50/50.


        • Police are not supposed to just shoot people who break the law without justification. Your statement is insensitive and your ignorance on the issue of use of force reveals itself.

      • When you are following the suspect I don’t think that you need anything.

      • This is a bad deal for sure. But if what is written about this is true then the cops did not feel that they had any other choice. It sounds fishy to me that the young man was trying to adjust his belt……what is missing here?

        • Police are more than 50% when you are dealing with force. If he had a gun or weed in his waistband it definitely would have been reported(because it would have validated the officers’ response). Just like it was reported that the fellow was seen selling drugs and ran.
          The story wasn’t about whether he was doing wrong or not, he was doing wrong. The story was on whether he received due process or inhumane treatment after and during the apprehension. And we know the “state” protects itself, even if video taped.

          And a bit of commonsense, kids these days still have a fad called sagging, which, often has you adjusting your pants often like a female in a too tight miniskirt.

    • You seem to be a heartless person. How do you know what this child’s mother knew? Unless you were there, how can you call the child or his mother stupid? Are you the cop who shot him? Sounds like something an uncaring prejudice, guilty cop would say.
      I pray that God’s Will be done in this situation. I pray for Mrs. Malcome and her family. And I pray for you (whoever you are).

    • You have made some good points but since you and I were not there then we can’t really say what we would have done.

    • I cannot believe you can be so stupid as to post this type of message. Somebody need to tie your ass up and ram a stick up it.

    • EMS, I’ve read your extended comment repeatedly and my conclusion, you’re a Gentile Heathen!! No one in their right mind would criticize the death of a youth that was beginning to experience life. You insensitive bastard, you have no idea what this racist society has negatively positioned African-Americans! It’s stupid ass-hole jerk-offs such as you having never experienced the hate from those supposedly to serve and protect. There was one officer married to a Puerto Rican female would leave the house with this comment, “I’ll see if I can kill a “N” word tonight”! Fortunately, he was fired before he carried out his wish. The coward was unsuccessful in committing suicide twice. Any relative of yours A-H??

    • You have made some good points but you are being a little bit hard…….There should have been some way to have avoided this shooting.

    • @ems. You sound like one of the cops who killed the unarmed youth. Americans need to stop paying police salaries. Let them find their paycheck some other way.

      Furthermore you all know who the dealers are, why didn’t the cop go after the dealer?
      Do u think that the cop had an agreement with dealer?

      Only an ignorant, trigger happy, pscho would run a game like that. We see right thru u.
      If drugs were really illegal then they wouldn’t be coming in on C130’s, C5’s & Mexican
      Cartel trucks. Pick on someone your own size.

    • You are the stupid one. I don’ know what race you are and I really don’t care, but let me remove that veil of ignorance or fear from your face.

      Let me help you understand who are the REAL CRIMINALS.

      First of all, it is simply murder whenever anyone shoot someone who is not a threat (regardless of the lies your law officers or (terrorist) tell the press.

      See, the master whip has left a lasting impression on most all black people. Because they feel they must obey the laws of this land that works for their bitter oppression. Because the authorities in this country think that they have the right to do wrong.

      And they exercise these crimes on the “fear” that black people has for authority.
      (Seth McFarland did an episode on “family Guy” where the police went on strike and the people was so happy that the city was void of cops that they began dancing in the streets and near the end of the song, the people zipped off their skins and they where actually black people under the skin of white people).

      So I know that white American and the police know that black’s fear them.

      What black’s have to do now is arm and fight against the authorities of America and release this fear!

      Oh and don’t raise an eyebrow now. Remember, your country set the president, when they encouraged rebels in other countries to fight their authorities so as to end their oppression.

      In-fact, American news commentators as well as politicians were supporting these attacks. “Saying the people in these lands don’t have to stand for the abuse or injustice that their leaders were afflicting against their nation.”
      And to add to it, America sent secret troops to assist the rebels.

      Think of this now, the word is REBEL.

      But I know the truth to these attacks was to end the reign of leaders that America don’t approve of. Encouraging citizens in American to support the fall of anyone white America don’t like.
      Stating lies that these leaders were or are terrorist.


      Listen to this stupid.
      America is the icon of evil.
      Your country started over 400 years ago committing crimes like; rape, murder, identity thief, thief of services- slavery that is, among other untold crimes. And this was legal!!!
      But now these same crimes are unlawful. But when white America was committing them, it was ok.

      Next act was the Korean war, Iraq, Afghanistan. The sad thing about the Korean war was that white American men was again raping women in that country!!! SO WHO REALLY IS A FELON. AND WHO REALLY SHOULD BE JAILED OR KILLED!!!!

      Listen, I want waste my time unveiling the evils and crimes of this country.
      But if black people continue to sit back and allow this country to mistreat them to the point of innocent killings by the real criminals, they can alway expect his kind of treatment by the authorities of this country.

      Because the laws of this land is what 12 white people say it is.
      They make up laws and expect black’s to submit to it just because they say it is a law. How ridiculous this is. PLEASE, PLEASE, REMOVE THE VEIL OF OPPRESSION.

      See it’s ok for the citizens of Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran and other’s to fight against the evils of their government, but when it comes to this country and the oppression black people face, they don’t have the right. HOW HYPOCRITICAL! !! YOU WHITE EVIL PEOPLE!!!

      So again, the black people in American has the right to fight the wrong. Their evil government.

    • That is an excuse the police use. I have seen numerous videos where a white person reaches in his pockets or is resisting arrest and the police hesitate to shoot in the mean while yelling at the suspect to surrender. I hacve seen where a white suspect has DRAWN out a weapon on the police and the police do not shoot at them. So what you are saying is a bunch a crap. The police make excuses because the gov’t and everyone else let’s them because the suspect “should have listened to what the police said”. Bullshit.

    • EMS- Some people can’t handle the truth. You said it like it really is. Thanks for your courage. Maybe some people will wake up and stop making excuses for plain stupidity. Where was that boy’s mama when that he was selling drugs. There are consequeces for every action. What about the position that kid put the policeman in. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and flies away like a duck. (You fill in the rest.)

      • I hope you feel the same way when something bad happens to someone you love because of something that is “mistaken” for a weapon.

    • Are you a racist bigot or an ignorant steppin fetchin negro?

    • You sound real ignorant. NOBODY deserves to be shot down like that. Black/white, weed or crack it shouldn’t matter. This is happening to much and it has to stop but as long as their are people like you backing it, it wont……

      • Maybe I spoke to quick about this shooting……it seems that you think so. From looking at the video of the police kicking the door in to get inside and seeing that the young man was not running when he went to open the door makes a very big difference. I saw one comment that said that he was reaching into his waist band to pull some weed out!! Is that a valid claim? Its going to be white-washed all to Hell and gone, you can make bet on that…..


    • It’s unfortunate but EMS makes a valid point. If you’re selling drugs the police have an official duty to apprehend you. If you run it’s their job to stop you. From the information presented in this article; which may or may not be entirely complete, factual, or unbiased, this young man made a variety of mistakes that culminated in a tragedy. But there is nothing here that implies racism.

      Rather than talking about reforming the Black Panthers to fight back a more practical solution would be to mobilize our families and communities so our young men aren’t out on the street engaging in illegal activities. We should also have more discussions on how our young people should respond to and interact with law enforcement officers. Yes, police brutality exists but our very freedom as blacks today proves that peaceful non-violence, not aggression, profanity, or flight is the best offense and defense. The question is how many more times do we have to read this same story before we start with the man in the mirror and make that change?

    • as sad is it may sound ,you are correct in your assessment EMS,however that does not let white supremacy off the hook,I would be a fool to say what you are saying is incorrect ,however at the same time let’s not forget there are those who have been shot when the police could see both hand’s and they didn’t have any weed or any other drug’s on them.so my friend its not as cut and dry as you have alluded too. I will say this case does lean toward everything you have stated in your analysis…

    • Ems may GOD have mercy on your soul for your comment your one bold dumb ass your self your not teaching any lessons and those who are ignorant to things they were never taught sometime aren’t fully responsible but if yu really believe its the mothers fault yu a true dumb ass these mother teach they kids to survive and live by this corrupt system but when the system doesn’t allow yu to get money in like for starts the IRS wit taxes super far behind and bills are due and yu just can’t be late this time around them kids don’t do what their mom thought them they go behind there moms back and do what they feel like needs or have to be done So Stop judging from this outside shit yu idiot …/I’m only 19 but I know better than to live outside the systems and it’s not on how I was raised its a matter of how much chance yu have in this world

  37. I am trying Not to hate. But reading this article makes it difficult. I am so bereaved for Ms. Malcolm and her family and friends. This young man
    will find peace when JUSTICE IS HONESTLY SERVED.
    I hope what black leaadership there is will get on this and pursue justice relentlessly. POST-RACIAL?

  38. This is the reason the Black Panthers were formed…to protect our communities from the police who victimized blacks in their own community. History is about to repeat itself.

    • Maybe a way to improve this state of affairs would to hire only Black Officers and see how that worked out?

      But that is unlikely……but it should be done. Why do the white officer’s always have to be the ones in charge.?

    • This will never stop until they start trying police for criminal charges and civil charges. Lock them up or Sue them for the maximum


    • We need to start the Black Panthers again…this is ridiculous! The sad part is the cop will not be charged because he “thought” the young man was reaching for a gun!

      • You right Ms. T.
        We do need to form a new organization that has real black men who will still up against the police without fear!

        I am looking to establish such an organization. And if there are any real people who want to hear more about what it’s all about please reply.

        • @H Kane I am interested in what u have in mind. Do u have a name or a website yet?

        • @kane Pls fill me in on your plans. I think a blog site would be a good first step.

          • Sorry for the ate reply.

            I have a website in the works and once we have finished the contents, links and so forth, I will send you a link.

            But in the mean time I would like to fill you in on the details. Please let me know a way to reach you in privacy.


        • peace brother I’m with your general Ideal ,however we have to be very covert in our operation,we can not be out front and loud ,because you must always remember BLACK PEOPLE helped destroy the The Black Panthers with the help of the FBI’s cointelpro program.I am with you ,but lets sway away from being overly emotional and then we will rise above we must infiltrate them as they did us to really destroy this unjust system…

    • Am 100% pale face and I agree with you all 100%. If it would have been my son-my son, the cop, and me would all get to meet our maker together. Besides, what kind of damn gun are you going to be able to stash in a wrist band anyway? Then to beat it all, it was over weed? People need to start standing-up against this shit, even if it means vengeance and retaliation against the people who are perpetrating these crimes against the citizenry. I don’t dig on voter intimidation, but I do understand the fundamentals of the Panther movement and believe it did once and still has a purpose and meaning. Just as much today as it did years ago. I also believe if a community cannot get protection or fair representation, it has to stand together and protect itself. Once all of us realize this is not a color deal at the bottom line-but more something that’s happening all over the US more and more throughout all communities, then we can all rise up together to fight the ignorance. It’s just gonna take a little time, and more of this going on in general before everyone will stand-up together-but the time is drawing closer. My prayers go out to the Mother and the family of this young man, enough’s enough.