Dr. Boyce: Newt Gingrich and the Art of Racial Dog Whistling

Jeffrey Goldberg of “The Atlantic” does a wonderful job of describing what he refers to as racist “dog whistling” by leading Republicans.  The writer explains the manner by which America has walked away from blatant race-baiting, but is fully willing to elect a candidate who engages in “dog whistling,” or referencing race in ways that allow him to avoid accountability for the harmful effect of his remarks.

Golberg references the antics of Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, who has taken dog whistling to another level.  In the world according to Gingrich:

Black people have lost the desire to perform a day’s work. Black people rely on food stamps provided to them by white taxpayers. Black people, including Barack and Michelle Obama, believe that the U.S. owes them something because they are black. Black children should work as janitors in their high schools as a way to keep them from becoming pimps. And the pathologies afflicting black Americans are caused partly by the Democratic Party, which has created in them a dependency on government not dissimilar to the forced dependency of slaves on their owners.


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  2. It’s such a shame that this man’s name is being burned into our minds and it is sad that we pay any attention at all to his machinations. He will not win the presidential election even if he wins the republican nomination. None of them will win! The game is fixed and it isn’t set up to allow any of those republican nitwits to win. They are not needed right now, so they are just playing their roles to convince the populace and anyone else who cannot see the big picture, that all is otherwise correct in our sociopolitical structure. When that couldn’t be furthest from the truth!
    For those who love Mr. Obama do not worry he will continue serving the Anglo-elite in whatever capacity they are pleased with!