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Al Sharpton Gets Interviewed by Don Cornelius at the Age of 19 (Video)

al sharpton speaks with don cornelius at the age of 19

Don Cornelius, founder of the television show, “Soul Train,” died this morning in an apparent suicide.  Rev. Al Sharpton issued a statement about the death of Cornelius this morning:

“I am shocked and grief stricken by the reported news of the suicide of Don Cornelius, the creator of Soul Train. I have known him since I was19-years-old and James Brown had me speak on Soul Train. We have maintained a friendship for the last 38-years. He brought soul music and dance to the world in a way that it had never been shown and he was a cultural game changer on a global level. Had it not been for Don Cornelius we would not have ever transcended from the Chitlin circuit to become mainstream cultural trendsetters.”

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