AZ Gov. Brewer and Obama Face Off in Testy Exchange

Politicians are known for pretending even when they can’t stand one another, but there was no pretending  when President Obama met AZ Governor Jan Brewer after Air Force One landed in Phoenix.

Gov. Brewer was spotted wagging her finger in President Obama’s face and, at one point, the two were talking over one another. Then President Obama walked away from Gov. Brewer and left her standing alone, talking to herself.

According to sources, it all began when Gov. Brewer handed Obama a letter and said that she was inviting him to meet with her. The president said he’d meet with her but reminded her that after their last friendly meeting, Brewer inaccurately described their meeting in her book.

The book the president was referencing was  Brewer’s “Scorpions for Breakfast”, a book that paints Obama as being patronizing to the governor, something the White House has denied.

In a press conference with reporters, the governor described what happened.

“He was a little disturbed about my book,” said Governor Brewer. “I said to him that I have all the respect in the world for the office of the president. The book is what the book is. I asked him if he read the book. He said he read the excerpt. So.”

Update: Governor Brewer calls President Obama thin skinned. Click here to read.

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  1. Too bad Michelle wasn’t there—she should’ve smacked down that ugly Brewer bitch. Stupid redneck bitch. Sometimes I wish you could put all of those right wing white assholes (and their nonwhite stooges) on an island and nuke it. But hell, you can kill a man, but not an idea. But it’s too bad that these right wing fools have hijacked the country. Most of the electorate is stupid, so they swallow this right wing shit hook, line and sinker. For America to succeed and flourish, it should be ruled by the center.

    • You’re right Blackie; let’s put all those right wing white assholes on an island and nuke it. But let’s not stop there; let’s put all those left wing black niggers who steal and kill and take all my money that I work hard for on an island and nuke it too.

  2. Who’s buying her book…any body..????

  3. —-Brewer was looking for a 15 minutes of fame. Like porky pig would say …..That’s all folks she is a bith… what ever it takes .. Brewer will make her grand kid… kiss the devils ass…

  4. Thank You Mr President for enduring the hateful attackes and disrespect from white america ,it just makes you a Stronger Black Man, there are alot of white people for you and some unthankful ones because your hitting them where it hurts and they can,t take it,but we,ve taking it your years and there time is up.Change has come to America God Bless America and God Bless You and your Blessed First Family…. p.s. You Rock

  5. As Americans, we have much to learn about respect…Color should not matter, we are all human beings…made in the image of God and should respect each other…Every thing we do is recorded on High, trust me, this event will someday come back to haunt Gov. Brewer. Last word, “You do what is right; BB

  6. Stephen B. Harwell

    This is in response to the comment posted by Mr. Makheru Bradley on January 27, 2012.

    Mr.Makheru do you realize that Mr. Quddadi (as you call him)-(could somebody please provide the correct spelling and pronouncation of this burtal dictator?)raped, torturted and demorilized black people in and out of Libya.

    In regards to the AFRIKAN AMERICAN issue understand that Africans in general hate BLACK AMERICANS. I consider my self a BLACK AMERICAN of decent from the mother land (Ophir or Kh-Afre) before it was considered by AFRICA as we know it today.

    Most AFRICANS consider them selfs superior to BLACK AMERICAN as exemplified in the tone of your post.

    Thank god President Obama servived that finger wagging gun, and that the secret service did not shoot him.

  7. Stephen B. Harwell

    Excellent job President Obama on dismissing the chick, Had that been either of the Bushes or Reagan the secret service would have shot that person in the head and would claimed the they thought the finger was a gun.

    The agent who pulled the triger more than likely would have been place on administrative leave with pay then he would have been exorated and promoted and just to put icing on the cake he would have been call a hero.

    President Obama you may consider immediately repalcing that secret service detail, makebe thay work for the republicans opossed to the President.

    You know the Nation of Islam might just do a better job at protection of the President atleast they would only be in it only for the money.

    Shame on who ever was in charge of protecting our President on that day.

    Gov. Brwer aint it good to be a white woman, just think had you been brown/black skin you may not be here today.

  8. She has that Don’t you see me I’m a blond (bleached) white woman syndrome and probably won’t ever get over it.

  9. I voted for Cynthia McKinney so I don’t have this remorse on my conscience.

    • The only thing that bothers me about criticizing President Obama is this: The opinionated African American Black people who have so much back biting and berating to do on President Obama didn’t ask Reagan, Bush, Clinton or Bush for anything and didn’t have anything to say or criticize them.You loved the way they ignored you and kicked you in the behind.

      Those hypocrites follow along the tride and true path of the new Black people who no matter how bad or wrong other ethnic groups are they still better than your own people. Black people can call it what they like, fredom of spech or whatever but we suffer from a serious case of self hatred.

      If President Obama had gone into the Presidency and did everything for Black people you folks would say how wrong he was for not being fair.

      So get yourself a whip and get to practicing because when the Republicans finally get our behinds back in the field I know you will be in line to whip some black ass.

  10. That crazy White Bitch just confirmed Persident Barrack Obama’s Second Term. Thank- you, you arrogant white piece of shit. God can always use evil for good.

  11. Barack Obama was the most brilliant stroke of disguised hypocrisy in American political history as these comments prove. We’re still chasing the antics of the raw baseline elements of the White Supremacy Dynamic, while the real powers–the upper echelon of the WSD–Wall Street oligarchs, the military-industrial complex, the neo-liberal interventionists who support Obama are seemingly not within the scope of our vision or our ire.

    Barack Obama was the primary facilitator of the overthrow of Muammar Qaddadi which unleashed racist forces who are lynching, raping, and tortuing Black people in Libya today.

    I never thought that I would see the day when Afrikan Americans would support this level of spiritual wickedness in high places.

  12. Where are all the so called Black Leaders? Someone should so-call for the resignation of this White Trash,Demon Possessed Wrinkled White Swine. That is what makes Black People hate white people so much. I hope this this ugly witch burns in hell.

  13. Who does this old ugly, wrinkled up WHITE-BITCH think she is. President Obama is a class act because I would have slapped that bitch into next year. That that goes to show you how much racism is still in this country and some white people can’t stand to see a Black Man in charge of the most powerful country on the planet. I will celebrate even more when he kicks the repuiblicans ass in November. God Bless You Barrack Obama (President of the United States).

  14. can ya’ll imagine if she’d tried that punk ass move with ole’ Bush? that ho’ woulda got bitch slapped and permanently missin a fore finger!

  15. this is what the world has come to.

  16. God is so good I love the way our President handle that situaton. And that his lovely wife wasn’t there.she wasn’t suppose to be .I only wish more of us handle situation like this

  17. I bet this lady don’t put her finger in her husband,kids,or dog’s face like that.The President is not a little boy.He is a grown intelligent,handsome,respectful man.That woman was trying hard to provoke him but couldn’t do it.Most of those white women are in love with the President and is just mad because he won’t sleep with any of them. Mrs. Obama got that on lock. smh/lol. Oh,yeah. Please,remember to vote in November 2012.

    • Girl, you are so right, they couln’t handle , the president, why would he want something subordinate to the first lady

    • Paula… Paula… Paula, Girl you ain’t speakin nothin but the truth. The racist white man hates “fine” President Barak Obama because: Q. What is a white man’s greatest fear? A. An educated Black Man! The racist white woman hates him because she desires this “fine” “intelligent” Black Man who holds an unprecedented position of power. These white “devils” have such warped and evil minds, it makes me sick to my stomach. p.s. the white woman also wants a man with a big d–k; something a white man will never, ever have!

  18. I can’t believe how disrespectful this wite woman was/is. What’s up with the security system? I’m praying for his safety.

  19. I am appalled at this Brewer person; however, I am so delighted that my President walked away from STUPIDITY: regardless what effort she was trying to make. What she really accomplished is the FACT that we as a sensible people, will be running to the polls in November to show HER and all the TEA PARTIES, how we feel about their actions toward President Obama. This is serious time for UNITY on the Voting front. Say it with a SMILE in NOVEMBER

  20. I bet she would not have done that if the 1st Lady was with him,cause we know Michelle just might open up a can of whoop ass on her…lol!!! Seriously the 1st Lady would have looked her up and down and that would have been the end of that.The President should have and I’m glad he walked away. She’s was hoping he lost his cool. Thank you PRESIDENT OBAMA! 4 more years!!!!!!!

  21. The conservatives love to have the women do their dirty work. No doubt they are chortling away at the spectacle of Brewer being so disrespectful; I bet it was staged. I think President and Mrs. Obama are the two bravest people as the first black people in the White House of this still racist country.

  22. I said I was not going to say much about tha governor of Arizona, but the way the media is playing up her behaviour, I feel compel to say something. THIS TRAILER PARK TRASH, GOVERNOR, REPRESENT EXACTLY WHAT HITLER REPRESENT.
    THE REPUBLICAN NAZI PARTY SURELY SHOWING THEIR LACK OF CLASS. i know they did not have any class, but I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. But when I see all these white trash coming to her defense it make me mad as hell.
    Now this BITCH with her mightier than thow attitude I wish Mr. Abama, had just walk away from her and leave her standing there looking like a jackass which she is. You have to meet these assholes head on, because the only thing they understand, is when you hit them over the head with a four by four or when you talk with theme have your weapon cock and ready to do business.
    White people is about voilence, so the only time they will sit up and take notes is when you meet them will the things they understand which is voilence. As you know the book they write do say voilence begets voilence
    These racist bastard do not respect no one. They are telling every body that they should not have nuclear weapon while they and the rest of the white racist have thousand of neclear war head stockpile.
    Lets not forget the only nation that use a nuclear bomb is the United States. Why should any one trust them with that attitude. Take a look at yourself in the mirror before you begin to point fingers at others BITCH.I am sick and tired of these people think they own the world and can treat any body that do not look like them like dirt.THE THINGS I REALLY WOULD LIKE TO SAY I CANNOT BECAUSE I WOULD BE JUST LIKE THEM. BUT I WILL TELL THEM LIKE SISTER P. SAID DO NOT DRAW ME THOGUE.BECAUSE YOU WONT LIKE WHAT I HAVE TO SAY.

  23. Obama deserves the same amount of respect he shows others and that is ZERO!

    He is SUING Arizona over them trying to keep illegals OUT and you libtards think he should be greeted like a KING?

    Maybe the Kenyan Occupier should confine himself to bowing to King Faud and kissing terrorists butts.

    • And you, Gunny man, would probably have taken offense if someone flailed a finger in Bush’s face for starting the Iraqi war. At least Obama has humility and is trying to make peace around the world….but you skin heads can see through the hatred that seethes inside of you that is blinded by your racists and righteous indignation.

    • Oh, but let the Dixie Chicks have the unmitigated audacity to criticize Bush at their OWN concert!

    • You seem just a ignorant as Jane Brewer….oh wait you must be neighbors. JACKASS!!!!!!! NO EXCUSE FOR HER ACTIONS….PERIOD!!!!!

  24. This is a damn shame. I have never seen a President disrespected as much as President Obama. but being the gentleman that he is, he walk away. Instead of going hood on her!!! Michelle should of been there to slap the taste out of her mouth(lol). But that would given the media more to talk about plus she is a gracious lady and would not stoop to her level.

  25. Gov.Brewer has no respect for the office of the president regardless of what she says.You can have a difference of opinion but to wag your finger in the Presidents face is out of line.White people show little or no respect for the postion or the man and they see nothing wrong with that.They just don’t get it and can’t understand sometimes the feelings of Black Americans toward these issues.

  26. The devil time is up and they know it i can’t understand how they think that our first black President can undo what the devils had did and rule over many years. I say let him do us job becaue he do it well and for the truth will only set the slaves of mind free. Keep the great work up President Obama and it up to us all to put u back in office and so it!!

  27. Don’t get upset this was done for political purposes; Brewer’s finger pointing escapade had to be staged. No one in their right mind would ever point their finger in the face of the President of the United….or would they? Hmmm….right up there with yelling “liar” at the State of the Union.

  28. Actions speak louder than words Gov. Brewer. You got what you wanted; a photo opp of your posturing and grandstanding. You have no respect! Had Mr. Obama shoved his finger in your face would you aceept his “I talk with my hands” excuse?

  29. Arizona has always been a state openly prejudice and the Governor’s behavior does not surprise me. African Americans have come a long way, but we still have a fight ahead of us. Our president exhibited the true definition of anger management. We must continue to keep him and his family in our prayer’s and re-elect him in Novemeber

    • Photo sends a hate message...

      U said it!!! My career as a Truck driver introduced me to Arizona 22 years ago and I can solemnly attest to the fact that there are some serious racist extremists throughout the entire state & pursuant to this finger waving/pointing event directed to the first Black potus only confirms that not much has changed. What’s disturbing & unfortunate is it’s only one part that reflects the whole.

      Based on my research, Brewer never attained a degree in anything, only a “radiology technician” certificate of completion which clearly shine’s a tremendous light on the fact, that as long as you have the right skin color, you don’t really need a “formal education.” Meanwhile non-whites are being steered into attaining an education to put themselves in a position to get a good job, when the reality is all of the good jobs left, especially in this shrinking economy, have been strategically reserved for the status quo.

      This kind of behavior exemplified by Brewer raises some very serious questions about what’s “really” going on, up in here, up in here…

  30. Mrs Obama should fire the whole SS Dept.

  31. All I am going to say is she aint nothing but an IGNORANT TRAILER PARK TRASH

    • Yep!!!! And, the President has more class and dignity in the smallest joint of his little finger than she has in her whole being!

  32. Governor Brewer, if anyone doubted your true lack of character, knowledge, education and manners,they doubt it no more. You have made it plain to the American people as to who and what you really are. Obama allowed you the freedom to express yourself authentically and you did indeed. He handled the situation with great dignity. Thanks, again President Obama, for being an outstanding role model as well as an outstanding world leader.

  33. Who is this bitch that she thinks she can get away with this type of treatment of the President of the United States? Lock her old, racist ass up and throw away the key. Then fire all the present Secret Service. Their Secret is that they want him to get hurt and disrespected. Wake up Black Folks! Take a stand. Obama belongs to us so lets protect him! VOTE!..VOTE!…VOTE!!STICK IT TO THE REPUBLICANS GOOD. SEND THEM HOME WITH THEIR TAILS BETWEEN THEIR LEGS LIKE THE DOGS THEY ARE!

  34. The A-hole republican idiots have been disrespecting our President from the day of his inauguration. For example one of the knuckle heads stood up in a SOTU speech and yells “you lie”, how many birth certificates of presidents have you seen, answer: ONE. Many of the right wing wacko’s do not even show up to his SOTU speech including supreme court justices. Why is that, my opinion is that he is black, and they think nothing of disrespecting a black man. BTW, myself, I’m and old white guy living in Cali and am sick of the self centered selfish republicans. It is a good thing the parents of us baby boomers were not like that or we would have lost WWII.

  35. We don’t live in a monarchy and he was in this lady’s state, she is the Governor.President Obama got a piece of her mind because he has been disrespecting Arizona and the governor for a while. In this country anyone can wag there finger at even the President especially if his face is as close as his was to her and he was being rude and undermining to her. He is the president and not the king or a dictator. Check yourselves and quit speaking with emotion instead of your brain. Oh and by the way I’m not Caucasian, I’m Hispanic.

    • You might be Hispanic but you are also a jack ass not to see the basic proble

    • I guess you forgot that the adminstration is challenging racial profiling in the supreme court for the citizens of Arizon. That includes all Hispanic and others. To your point POTUS is responsible for all the states. Brewer is only responsible for Arizona; the very state that would not celebrate MLK birthday.Certainly, she is not doing a good job when she does not allocate money to dying transplant patients Maybe the next time there is disaster in Arizon, Arizonians should not expect the president to sign for release of funds.

    • You might be one of those hispanics who think of himself as WHITE….Well Jorge you are so wrong. They have a name for you too….

    • Yeah… sure you’re right bioutch! And I’m Princess Diana back from the grave. Please stop hiding behind someone else’s ethnicity.. it just magnifies your cowardice!!! you piece of white trailer park trash.

    • GO HOME JORGE!!!!!!!!!!

    • You are taking up for a women who wants to throw you and all of your relatives back over the border! LOL!!! She calls you that name that rhymes with “hick” and you would still kiss her ass! Stupid idiot!!!!


  37. This is totally unacceptable! We as Black folks need to rise up and demand respect for our dear President and his Family. It is out fault if this goes unpunished! Wake up, Black Folk, we can’t keep taking this sitting down.

    P.S.Who is this “person” anyway? Some nerve….!

  38. You are right she was wrong to do that and he should tell his security team that better not happen again do their job and don’t let anyone get in his face like that again people like her want to show people that she put him in his place like back in the fifty’s that’s not going to happen again .thank you.

  39. Whitelment to the Nth degree!!!!!!!

  40. My only question is, where were the secret servicemen responsible for President Obama? If the POTUS had been white and the out-of-control woman had been Black, I suspect we’d be monitoring the planning of her funeral. How indicative of the ingrained, racist and disrespectful climate which continues to exist in this republic. But if any of you are surprised, I strongly suggest you watch Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly and listen to Rush, Newt, Mitt, Rick S., Rick P. and any number of the other “dog-whistlers” on the national stage.

  41. Why are we surprised or shocked by rude and disrepectful behavior towards President Obama?

  42. What would you expect from someone who goes to bed the same way they get up with hatred in their heart. The nerve of her pointing her finger in his face, had that been any one else, they would have knocked her finger out of their face or perhaps knocked her on her lily whit ass. Had he put his finger in her face the story would be the topic of the Republican party, but we can see where this is headed.

    If she is any type of lady, she should apologize for what she did, but she is not that big of a person. Jan is not only bitter, but she is also evil.

  43. All of the security breaches, lapses in etiquette and protocol SHOULD NOT go un challenged and or swept under the rug. He IS the damn POTUS, like it or not and her ass woulda been grass had he been caucasian. I heard her on the radio explaining ” well you know I talk with my hands”… I call BS and after she was extracting gravel from her face and palms ( a result of the secret service DOING their jobs), Mr. President should ask her if she was ok. Regardless of her position on border patrols and her need for enhanced security she is way out of line and should be brought to task for it.

  44. I sincerely hope that this is a sign that President Obama is not going to take any more of these ignorant Republican’s. If they want their country back they’ll have to wait for another 12 years. Because after President Obama ends his second term, Hillary Clinton will be more than ready to do her eight years.

    • “If they want their country back!” What the hell are you talking about? THEY never had THIS country! They crawled out of the caucus mountains (thus the name caucasians); they went somewhere in europe; then got in a boat; arrived AT A COUNTRY ALREADY INHABITED by red people; KILLED OFF most of the red people from the diseases they carried and their stench; stole their land; and THE REST IS HISTORY whereas the real truth may NEVER be told in books our children read at school.
      THEY NEVER HAD A FU-KIN COUNTRY. Only what they can kill and still from others.

  45. This certainly speaks to her character or should I say lack of both character and respect. Unfortunately, she speaks for all of the racist in this country and their demeaning behavior towards African Americans in general. What is worst is the lack of respect these folk displays on all levels.


  47. It shouldn’t come as a surprise as to this woman’s disrespectful behavior! It’s no different than Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s having tried to submit a letter to the president, last year, only to be rebuffed by President Obama. Remember both Az Gov Brewer and Tx Gov. Perry have had HUGE memory lapses, in front of cameras and on the air. Small wonder both Texas and Arizona educational systems are under attack & deteriorating! The electorate in each state need to get active & vote theis a**es OUT!!!!

  48. Typical white has no sense and no manners they are brainwashed to think they are better than everyone else. But that ish is coming to an end!!

  49. This woman showed complete disrespect to the President of The USA. This woman has absolutely NO COMMONSENSE.

    I think she is hoping to sell afew more books.

    If you donot like the President, why did you even come to meet him. She just want to sell afew more books.

    This is as bad as it gets!!

  50. This is the type of blatant disrespect that the
    republicans has for our president. Ask yourself
    a question. Can a tiger dismiss his stripes?
    If you can answer that, then don’t expect any kind
    of human behavior from that side.

  51. Where is the respect for our President! What does President Obama have to do to demand respect! I true believe we as Americsns have a long way to go accepting an “African American” Male as the leader of our nation. This clearly is an indication of that.

    • Anita. You can’t demand respect, you earn it.

      • Mr. Edwards, our President has earned the respect of everyone in the civilized world with the exception of these gentiles that call themselves “americans for america”! If the First Lady had accompanied him, that ignorant piece of trailer-trash dung would not have stepped out of line! Mrs Obama is his Secret Service! Everyone in my Synagogue better vote for his reelection, not one member can afford to lose their social security or medicare!

  52. Its amazing how These racist crackers in America act and constantly try to demise the President. Thus is why America is f’cked up and their white kids are lead astray. Obama should’ve got gangster on her ass and whispered in her ear “you don’t own me bitch, I’m the MF President” then walked away like he did! My question is Where the f#ck are the Secret Service and how does such a disrespectful act go unpunished? That heffa should be missing that damn finger! This blatant racism and criticism Mr & Mrs Obama has endured during his Presidency has been outrageous! These racist crackers from the broke to the rich have said whatever the hell they’ve wanted and nothing happens. Freedom of Speech is great but start dogging some of the racist gov officials and see how fast your phone is tapped by the feds! Lets pay the racist back by re-electing Obama! Black people, get off your *sses and vote!

    • BRAVO madpoet, no other president has EVER been exposed to the degree of disrespect President Obama has endured. People of color don’t get fair treatment EVER. Country stolen from people of color; country built by people of color; country destroys people of color. GET THE PICTURE?

    • madpoet,you are right on target.I am sick of these
      racist individuals and their BS.I believe it is time
      we as a people let them know,fuck being nice.Let them
      know that we do not hold them directly responsible for the injustice our people suffered,but if they
      do not help us change these wrongs we will hold them
      indirectly responsible and start treating them accordingly.It is time to apply pressure and remember how dogs are trained.Before the old one dies,the puppy is trained to bite you too.The hatred
      is deep and unyielding.We must act accordingly

    • I find it ironic that you’re calling white people racists, yet you refer to them as “crackers.” How can anyone complain about racism when they’re a racist themselves? I agree that what Brewer did was disrespectful and I do believe she, if not an all out racists, has some racists tendencies, but to say no other President has been disrespected, that’s just plain wrong; all you need to do is look at the last President and see how he was disrespected. Not all criticism of President Obama is driven by racism, there are some people who just do not like the job he’s doing. Why do so many say that racism drives criticism, but nobody on here complains about the racism that drives support for him? You can not deny that so many people voted for Obama simply because of the color of his skin and continue to support him for that same reason. I am hispanic, my wife and I both voted for Obama in ’08 and neither one of us will vote for him this year; does that make me a racist?

  53. she is a hateful racist. plain and simple.

  54. They are all aome disrespectful its all almost unbelievable but believe what u see Get busy encouraging people to vote for him again. Let him finish his job .Thank you Mr. President..

  55. In regards to Jan Brewer, she has shown who she really is pointing her finger in Obama’s face, overtalking him. If she do this to the POTUS, imagine what she feels about the Hispanics who has
    been suuffering under her watch. If she can do this
    to particular Black man, could you imagine how she feel toward the millions of Black Americans.

  56. This fool done lost her mind!!! This bitch would have never done that to any other president!

    • RACIST White America is/has been/will always be hatin on Black folks!!! Now that a “very intelligent Black Man” is running sh-t, they are disrespecting him by any means necessary. God is definitely watching over this “fine” Black man and keeping him strong. There’s no way he could keep a stiff upper lip and take the B.S. the white HEATHANS are throwing at him 24/7 365! peace

  57. Mr president God has bless you,some people feel like they can act inappropriate but they,re waiting for that inappropriate action from you to magnify what you do and to ignore what they did you use your head!keep your cool!

  58. Secret service should have stepped in and reminded her who she was dealing with. If it were me her finger would be permanently bent.

  59. You see – these old white women think President Obama is their son. That’s true with elderly Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. She thinks President Obama is her son. She has no manners at all to confront President Obama with a finger like that. Excellent job for President Obama to ignore her. And where were the secret service agent to put town Brewer’s finger. What is the big deal with her book anyway? Is it how to brew beer in Arizona? Shame on Brewer. Let’s focus on voting for President Obama in November