Family Values? Republican Allegedly Owes over $100,000 in Child Support

Maybe Republicans aren’t immune to the baby-daddy/child support epidemic after all.   Rep. Joe Walsh, the congressman who has lectured the Obama Administration on financial irresponsibility is himself a bit sloppy when it comes to both money and his children.

Walsh owes over $100,000 in child support payments, according to his ex-wife.   Laura Walsh says that she had not received child support payments from the five year period from 2005 to 2010 for any of the three children they have together.  Walsh’s Congressional seat pays him a salary of $174,000 per year.

“These latest attacks against me are false and I will fight them in the appropriate venue,” Walsh said in a statement on his web site. The divorce documents detailing the apparent delinquent payments were first reported by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Officially, Walsh owes $117,437 in payments, plus interest.

“Laura is getting help now because he has a job where we can find him,” Coladarci said. “But it is difficult to raise three kids, and she is not remarried, and she is supporting them basically on her salary.”

The suit alleges that Walsh and his girlfriend took international vacations during the time when claimed he was too broke to take care of his children.   He divorced his wife in 2002 after 15 years of marriage.   His ex-wife is asking that his wages be garnished.

Walsh, in the midst of his Republican double-life, has openly attacked President Obama spends money.  He even accused the president of lying.

“I won’t place one more dollar of debt upon the backs of my kids and grandkids unless we structurally reform the way this town spends money,” Walsh said in a policy video directed at the President entitled ‘Walsh to Obama: Quit Lying.'”





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  4. This is how much the Tea-Party Conservatives care about children and the right to life issue. Fight like hell to get you born===AFTER THAT YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN!

  5. Walsh should be in jail like other Fathers who don’t pay child support

    His license isn’t suspended is it?

    So Congress has A different set of Rules for Deadbeat Dads in Congress being paid by the American people $176,000 a Year to STIFF his KIDS!

  6. Why is this congressman not in JAIL?

    Every other man would be in Jail!

    It’s time to hold the Justice System accountable and he’s a public employee being paid by the American People

    Walsh should be IN JAIL NOW!

    Demand It.

    Look at how other fathers who don’t pay child care cases are handled

    First Suspension of Drivers License


    He hasn’t received neither because he’s in congress!

  7. Typical GOP hypocrisy, and if the former Mrs hasn’t received any support from theis dirtbag, wonder if she is getting Foodstamps. The Repunblicans are always “talking” about “morals” and “family values”, but I gues they don’t have a clue as to what it actiually means. This guy should not be allowed to keep his position, they all should have to abide by some kind of morality clause. Oops, I forgot. It’s Washington D.C. Morality, honesty, integrity are in short shrift there. Might want to change that from D.C., to D.P. (Devil’s Playground). People of color could stop this crap, IF WE ALL GET UP AND “VOTE”. Why do you thing the Republicans in a whole lot of states are trying to restructure Voting Laws, and redistricting areas. They are running scared after 2008.

  8. She needs to go and apply for welfare and food stamps, I guarantee you that he will be dragged into court for non support. The state will recoop their money and if he doesn’t pay he will go to jail.

    • You are so true I work with men that have far far less back child support and they have been arrested. They are in jail because they couldn’t get a job and this creep is pulling in big money and vacationing.He needs to be in jail be cause he doe’s signify what is a dead beat dad.

  9. This is absolutely horrible. Why doesn’t his wife has
    child support taken out of his check?

  10. This is too good! Thank you GOP!

  11. Newt, Mitt, I believe you need to check and see if Ms.Walsh receiving food stamps and free medical

  12. Perfect example as to why you shouldn’t throw stones at a glass house.

  13. How typical–if the average brother gets a few pymts behind on his child support, he is at risk of having his driver’s license suspended or being thrown in jail in certain states. When a white man gets TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars behind on his child support, he gets elected to congress?? Yep, that’s the AmeriKKKan way…

  14. Joseph l. Williams

    Perhaps Walsh and Newt can run on the Republican ticket as a team…they appear to have the same family values.

  15. So what. That child support is a issue between the State of Georgia and the parties of contest. Leave it alone.

    • Charles Fool Mac! How much money do you owe your kids for non-support?

      People like you stink with dishonesty. No we won’t leave it alone. Moreover, your buddy Walsh should be in prison. If he was a man and not a snake he’d go somewhere and burried his head in the dirt. You should do the same.

  16. What else is new about the hypocrisy of these Republicans. Haven’t we seen, read and heard it all from them. From Newt to Mitt to Rick (Santorum) to Ron (Paul) to Rick Scott; their hypocrisy is unsurpassed. Mitt Romney and Rick Scott (governor of Florida) both were CEOs of companies that ripped off the Federal Govt. Can’t we see a pattern here. THEY ARE ALL CROOKS AND HYPOCRITES

  17. the money he is spending on the attorney could go towards his child support. nice to know he is willing to provide for somebody’s family


    We can bet,that all of the GOP chickens will be coming home to roost!
    Look at Newt, pointed a finger at President Clinton at the same time he had his hand in the cookie jar! LOL! Typical Racist Hypocrites All!

  19. Chickens come home to roost don’t they?

  20. This guy is a joke……..And he got the nerve to show his prune face on national TV……The tea baggers should throw his butt under the bus…

  21. Obama to Walsh, “Stop Lying and Pay Your Child Support!”

    • Walsh should be behind Bars and not allowed to drive his automobile until he pays his child support. Soooo, black men are not the only ones who neglects their children. This creep even has a job pimping the people who voted him in. He has enough nerve to talk bad about the President of the United States? PAY YOUR CHILD SUPPORT DEADBEAT CREEP.