Black Leaders Remind SC Governor Nikki Haley That She’s a Minority Too

Civil rights leaders in South Carolina have long been bothered by the far right wing stances taken by Republican Governor Nikki Haley, so much so that they are now reminding Haley that she too is a minority.

Haley’s support of a stricter voter I.D. laws is just the most recent of what civil right leaders consider a new right wing offensive aimed at eroding the voting  rights of minorities.

Although Haley’s parents were born in India and later moved to South Carolina, Haley does not focus much on her heritage. Black leaders are now highlighting how Haley’s actions misalign with her heritage. Rev. Jesse Jackson said “she couldn’t vote before 1965, just as I couldn’t.”

Governor Haley did not respond personally to the comments, but her spokesman Rob Godfrey said,  “those who see race in this issue are those who see race in every issue, but anyone looking at this law honestly will understand it is a commonsense measure to protect our voting process. Nothing more, nothing less.”


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Black Leaders Remind SC Governor Nikki Haley That She’s a Minority Too

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  2. Before Governor Haley should penalize people, she should create a means for poor people to obtain IDs for free…