Dr. Boyce: Eddie Long’s Little Boys Keep Talking – Good for Them

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World.

I can’t help but to be mesmerized by the fact that the accusers of Bishop Eddie Long continue to speak to the media, in spite of the consequences for doing so.  They’ve been ridiculed and attacked by Eddie Long supporters, dealt with the stigma of being involved in a homosexual relationship, been publicly chastised by their attorney and lost hundreds of thousands (some say millions) of dollars by telling their secrets to the world.

Their bold decision to speak rips a gaping hole in the widely-accepted notion that having enough money can forgive even the worst of sins.  Unfortunately, in too many situations (i.e. R. Kelly and all those little girls in Chicago), greasing a few pockets can keep the dirtiest, most despicable behavior from seeing the light of day.  What is most interesting is that the rule even applies in many houses of God.  R. Kelly himself attempted to ask black people to believe that he’d somehow found the Lord since being caught on tape having sex with an underage girl.   Funny how people always find God after doing things that might get them arrested.

Eddie Long proved himself nothing less than a bold-faced liar by demanding confidentiality in his settlement with the boys.  After promising at the start of the scandal that the truth would eventually come out, Long ran from the truth like a smelly dog avoiding the bath tub.  Few in his inner circle have demanded the accountability that Long himself promised, and this is a significant disservice to millions of other child abuse victims who’ve not received adequate justice for what happened to them.

My neighbor was a middle-aged Italian woman who grew up in the Catholic Church.  She once told  me that if she’d ever gone to her mother and said that her priest tried to molest her, she would be slapped in the  mouth.  I can’t help but wonder how many other children were slapped or attacked after bringing their story to a mother who spent so much time worshipping the preacher that she had lost her ability to scrutinize him.  In some ways, you can almost say that we’ve become addicted to the idea of idolizing our religious figures and like any drug addict on the corner, our ability to think rationally goes right out the window.

The “Boys of Eddie Long” should continue to speak, but not just for themselves.  They need to speak loudly and boldly for every other abuse victim suffering quietly in the darkest corners of our society.  The stories we hear are simply the tip of the iceberg.  For every person who speaks up, there are 20 more who were afraid to say anything.  We must do all we can to give them courage and to let them know that it wasn’t their fault.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Professor at Syracuse University and founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here. 


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Dr. Boyce: Eddie Long’s Little Boys Keep Speaking Out

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  1. You don’t wake up one day and rape or molest children.The CHURCH BODY AIDED LONG SICKNESS.THOSE BOYS LIFE WILL BE FOREVER ALTERED. THERE ARE OTHERS.LONG said he’s innocent and everyone will see.The only one was truthful was his victims.Long still flipping GOD the bird.Long is builing another church Daddy’s House. THE MOST HIGH IS NO WHERE IN IT.He’s considered as a Brain Washer Preacher.He help others to steal from some of the members of the church with phony schemes.They didn’t get thier investments yet.My Father is a Bishop,and mom Mother is a Pastor.They never asked the members to show them a copy of thier W2 forms to make sure you paying your tides appropiately.

  2. Dr. Boyce I agree with you 100%. Who cares about the money, I hope the boys speak out forever. They deserve all of his money that those stupid phoney church folks pour on him evry week. They are trying to pay their way into heaven. They will all go to hell for treating those incident young boys like this. I have two boys and if a pastor had done that to them he would not be standing in front of a congregation every Sunday calling my kids names. Oh no, I would not tolorate that! Eddie has not come up against the right MAMMA yet!

  3. [If media would focus more on what’s right in this country, instead of giving so much air time to those things that are wrong]

    Bull$h!t. If it wasn’t for the media these incidents would never face the light of day. I’m sick and tired of people blaming the media for exposing the bad. Nothing coming out of “religion” has never produced good fruit. I’m sick and tired of the clergy wanting to coverup the wrongs done under jesus.

    Give me a break.

  4. Once again,Dr Boyce,your finger is right on the pulse. I don’t even go to church any more because of the way these so called preachers manipulate the flock for Sex and Money. There are to many similarities between a preacher and a pimp.GOD is REAL but, his word has been hijacked and twisted and used for personal gain by these preditors. I suggest that we start with the real TRUTH of Jesus being a Black man and work our way to where we are now. STUDY FOR YOURSELVES.

  5. These type of situations make a mockery of the sacfrice that JESUS made for all of us to have the right to recieve GRACE AND MERCY and we don’t have sense enough to respect the LOVE that was so graciously given unto us with no work on our part and we still want to give praise just to flesh. Flesh can not even watch out for their own soul how in the world am I suppose to believe that a man will truly look out for mine. GOD will expose the truth when he sees fit.

  6. that’s right, keep bringing this pedo down. karma sure is real as hell; wife came to her senses and filed for divorced, that school/college related to the church has pulled away. what else for this sinner? so glad these boys are continuing to make their voices heard regarding this sinner; the gay-man who once preached harshly against how wrong being gay is but behind clothes doors, he’s indulging in all types of homosexual acts with men/young boys.

  7. Somehow, sick parents (Mothers as the Italian Lady pointed Out) Need to Check Themselves And Be Checked For any Roles They Play in Helping Suppress The Crime(s)! Those With A Desire For Children Are Sick And NeedHelp……Those Who Act On Those Desires Are CRIMINALS And Deserve No Mercy! Get Help or Suffer The Consequences……!

  8. Yep….he needs to step down and if not only a fool would continue to follow him.

  9. We do need to speak up. I was molested by older brother around the age of 6 or 7. A fews years back, in my mid 30’s, I finally broke down and told my older sister. My parents are deceased. She confronted him. Don’t know if he confessed but what I do know is that it has again been swept under the rug no else it talking about it. My older brother is in Jail with AIDS. He is in there for other crimes. To this day I carry this weight on my shoulder and everyday I fight to forgive my brother. My mother told me before she died, don’t ever hold animosity in your heart or you will never make it into the Kingdom of Heaven. I remembered those words and, therefore. try not to dwell on this henious act committed against me. But the hurt is there. I feel my life was completely altered from what happen to me. Hearing about the Eddie Long story angers me. The young men are telling the truth because when I hear them speak, it like me speaking the words myself. I am able to identify with them. I really don’t know what else to do. I can’t sue my brother or take him to court. He has never came to me to apologies. I just keep pushing on and ask God to make me strong.

    • To It_Happen_2Me2,
      Bro get into counseling for yourself. You have no responsibility to change your attacker. Get a professional therapist who has been trained in the area of sexual abuse. Not a minister who wants to teach you to forgive and forget. You can try that later if you choose. And with all due respect to your mother, the Bible says “Be angry and sin not” it doesn’t say don’t be angry. There are things in this world that will destroy you and you better be angry and active about them before they do. Jesus loves you and has provided qualified people to help you. Seek them out, call your local mental health center for a referral.

    • Hurt people hurt others you must see a Dr. talk it out. Pray for that root not to grow in your children children. Or file charges, you cant feel sorry for yourself. TD Jake has a tape call power money and sex and get the sex one it was a men conference and wow 5000 was heal who had a dark secret just like your story. I beg you to go on his site and view it wonderful message. I now can tell when men have a dark secret.
      Touch him Lord,

  10. I’m not sure if these young men should be speaking out if they accepted the money, I don’t think they were BOYS, they were all old enough to know what they were doing, and was male gender their choice of spending an evening with someone.
    why were they approached? They need to pray and ask God for forgiveness and find another church to attend, they took the money, didn’t they.
    If Eddie Long ask God to forgive him for his sin he will, these young men should do the same.

    • It seems as if while everyone else was paying attention to the facts of the story, you were not. These young men were very much “boys” when they were seeked out by a predator. When a man GROOMS boys to do the things that were alleged (and paid off to be hushed) in this case, the action begins at the grooming stage. So what if they were 17 when they had sex with him. They, as have many more, have been brainwashed due to their ignorance for not KNOWING the word, but only listening to what their pastor has TOLD them was the word. Salvation only comes by one’s OWN confession…so many have used their positions as “Pastor”, “Deacon”, “Minister”, etc., to entice young souls into doing such actions. Mr. Long isn’t the only one by far! Let the young men and God handle what they have to do, and stop judging them based on your prejudice that the Pastor has been “wronged” by what is properly charged of him because of his position.

    • I agree…. you’ve read your word for yourself.
      Bless her Lord..

      America love a scandal,this is a attack on God not Eddie so stop in Jesus Name.

  11. The boys could have come forward with the truth without regards to the money if that is being the case now.

  12. Dr. Boyce, and other media writers often times place their opinions above the entire story. Very rarely do you hear these types of articles print from both sides of a story, which in fact prejudices the readers of such opinionated articles. This is revealed in his comments about R. Kelly, which has nothing to do with the article that is being published here. People usually find God when they are broken, and that’s what God deals with, broken pieces, because when we believe that we are whole there is not need for Christ. If any human being was followed for 24-hours, I can assure you that there would be something to bring into question their salvation. No sin is right, so let’s not confuse that fact, but when you are in the public spotlight, it is so much easier to spot or find those. The only one who knows the full story of what transpired between these parties are God and them. If media would focus more on what’s right in this country, instead of giving so much air time to those things that are wrong, we could change the face of media, but that’s not going to happen because people’s flesh desire the negative. It’s my prayer that Pastor Long, Dr. Boyce, and anyone else who have issues in life take them to the LORD in prayer, and watch Him changed things!

    • I am personally sick of good ole boys protecting good ole boys; this notion that the article was bias or against Eddie Long is frightening, since the proof was everywhere. Why would a grown male pastor send questionable pictures of himself to young males in his congregation. King said to judge him by the conduct of his character, is not Long worthy of the same standard. p.s. I am from chicago, and it is a fact that he likes to hang around kenwood H.S., what normal superstar gonna hang around young girls. I think to much religion can leave one to naive, or just in plain denial.

  13. I’m 56 and when I was growing up it appeared that molesting children was an acceptable practice. It started with me at the age of 4 and most of the molesters were relatives by blood or marriage. I was molested more times than I can actually remember. Swimming coach,a catholic priest, male neighbors, stepfather, his father, his nephew, my brother, cousins.It is rather ironic that the victims are still blamed and held hostage financially by the likes of Eddie Long and his congregation. More ironic that it is easier to forgive the abusers than the victims. And they call themselves Christians. Fools, if you ask me. Fools even if you don’t ask me. Just plain stupid FOOLS!

    • I pray you have gotten the help you need after a life of being victimized so severely. God bless you.

  14. Dr. Boyce love the way you express the TRUTH! Remember, spreading the TRUTH many people can not handle. I have said this before and again I will say to Eddie Long, step down and stop playing games with the LORD. Just my opinion, those that continue to follow Long, in my eyes he is no longer a pastor for the people. I can see you making one mistake, come now, several SIT DOWN LONG. Those that continue to follow and fight to keep long as their pastor. They have some darkness in their closet’s, so they will understand and continue to follow him. Long GOD knows each and every step you continue to take. So do the right thing and STEP DOWN and move on in your journey finding who you really are…The Truth Will Set You FREE!

  15. I agree, victims should speak out, however, I do not agree that every word uttereth should be taken as true. At some point enough is enough.

    Nancy Grace seems to love horror stories so she makes a living talking about them daily.

    One victim cannot speak for others because each and every case has its own elements.

    Some victims receive counseling and are More than Conquerors, others may live pain a lifetime.

    I am no longer victim, and I refuse to relive the past druing my bright future today. Only Satan wants a human to continue reliving the past thus he cannot focus on an abundant future.
    God Bless.

  16. Wow,”a smelly dog avoiding a bath tub”. Interesting analogy. My grandmother said “when you try and cover the devil’s head, his feet will show”.

  17. Dr. Watkins I am agreement with you on this and yet still somehow Eddie Long has the nerves to hide behind GOD in spite of his lies. However, Dr. Watkins, I faithfully watch the trial of R. Kelly. The media world and distict attorney went after Kelly like a he was a serial killer of kids, but, I remind you…….The PROOF was in the TAPE and it wasn’t R. Kelly on that tape. Yes he like younger girls but he was innocent of that accusation. And remember Florida is notorius for throwing Black Men in jail for anything and sometimes mistaken idenity. So do you really think if he was guilty they would have let him just walk….I seriously doubt it.

  18. Money talks. If Eddie coughs up more cash, they will shut up. That sucks, but it’s #reality

  19. The court should order Mike O’Neal undergo counseling. He is a radical Christian. I don’t know why people use their religions as reason for violence. Here is a believer in Christ wants violence. Is that not pathetic? We have seen this line used by TEA Partiers, Fox anchors such as Sean, Palin (reload your guns), Rush Sanford, Pat Robinson, Beck, Laura Ingraham, Megyn etc. Now a Republican leader. These claim are born again Christians. They will use violence in the name of Jesus. These are same people who call radical Moslem as terrorists when while they themselves use Jesus to encourage violence. Remember how they behaved during passage of health care bill? They spat on a Black lawmakers in the name of Jesus. I am catholic. When young I believed non-Catholics would go to hell. Then I grew up-looked around only and found many people around me were not Catholics. My own grandfather and grandmother were not Catholics. Will they go to hell? Hell no. God judges us according to his rules. Those rules are in everybody regardless of religion or color. Those thinking using religion as reason to harm others should re-examine their innermost call. Religion or Jesus should never be used to encourage violence.

  20. I agree with you Dr. Boyce. Speaking out will certainly prove to be therapeutic for these you men in the long run.

    • My father would say money don’t grow on tree’s.
      Each case is different but he never had sex with them. So was wondering, sounds more like they should of told God on him. They are wrong to not forgive. Move on surely the Man of God talks to God and trust me God will correct any wrong. I know we can judge people wrongfully. They didn’t press charges due to no sex so please this is old news. They act like vantictive is a manly trait. Leave the Man of God alone let God judge, you curse yourself when you do so. If he had sex write a police report and hello let justice do it’s thing. They never wanted that just money so who really to say TRUE motives. TOUCH LORD … He without sin cast the frist stone. ARE YOU SAVED AND ARE YOU LIVING RIGHT ENOUGH! IN JESUS NAME