Newt Gingrich: Black People Need to Get Off Welfare

newt gingrich tells black people to get off of welfareby Dr. Boyce Watkins

“I will go to the NAACP convention and explain to the African-American community why they should demand paychecks instead of food stamps,” said Newt Gingrich at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire.

This is just the latest in a series of insulting comments being made by GOP hopefuls, who seem confused about the fact that they can’t get the African American vote.  Just a week ago, another GOP candidate, Rick Santorum, characterized black people as being on welfare during a visit to Iowa, of all places.

I’m not sure where Gingrich is getting his perception of the black experience in America.  I’ve never asked for a welfare check in my life, and neither have most of my friends.  My mother and I received public assistance when I was a baby, primarily because we needed it in order to survive.  But Gingrich, being the “good Christian liar and adulterer” that he is, would have been just as happy if my mother and I had died on the street.

The Republican Party is amazing in their inability to move forward in race relations.  They’ve consistently sought out the black vote, but only on their terms.  They get a handful of brave African Americans who are willing to extend an olive branch (after being ignored by the Democrats), and end up testing the limits of this relationship with one insult after another.  A consistent onslaught of racially-offensive rhetoric is a reminder that many of the leaders in the Republican Party grew up during a time when it wasn’t necessary to show respect to people of color.

Gingrich was born in 1943.  The chubby, entitled little kid didn’t even have to share a bathroom with black people until he was in graduate school.  He cut his political teeth in Georgia, a state that has no problem incarcerating black men at holocaust proportions, killing black men (Troy Davis) who didn’t commit any crime, and telling black political leaders (President Obama) that they must prove their citizenship in order to run for president.  In other words, we need to start calling Gingrich, Santorum and others what they are:  Good old-fashioned American bigots.  These men have already outlived their relevance in our society, and our country will be better when they have left the earth for the afterlife (no, I don’t condone killing them – mother nature will handle that soon enough).

I have no idea why Newt Gingrich is going to insult the NAACP by making an appearance.  There is nothing productive to gain by having him come to a venue full of African Americans only to speak down at them.  He is not coming to speak with an open heart or mind, and only plans to give political orders, not take them.  NAACP members should boycott Gingrich’s speech – you don’t have to accommodate to a man who does not respect you.


Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Professor at Syracuse University and founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here. 

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Newt Gingrich: Black People Need to Get Off Welfare

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  1. I think that what should be noted is that he made these statements in front of a black church he was not run out of that church because they heard what He said in the context of what he was saying.It makes me sick that black people would be upset that he said then truth I don’t want food stamps I want cash that’s what He was saying so if you ignorant people want to keep listening to the talking heads who want to make everyone into a racist just to make Obama look like a victim so he can be voted in again another example is when did he ask for Obama to prove citizenship some candidates did he did not blacks need to realize there are racist in every party the civil rights act could not have passed without votes by republican Abraham Lincoln was a republican he freed slaves Fredrick Douglas was black man and a republican Know your history stop voting for a party and vote for what the person is actually saying and doing The democratic party is the party of the Klan not the GOP

  2. wht a fucking idiot

    Wht a asshole he needs to be shanked!!!

  3. Newt just get the whip out now and show your true colors. Getting off food stamps won’t replace 200 yrs of free work. Newt would take all the BLACK FOLKS off food stamps and put them on the plantation where negroes belong.

    • What many people are unaware of is this: Out of the overall US population of 230,000,000 people, 72% of them are Caucasian. Out of that 72% (approximately 160,000,000) population 38% (approximately 62,928,000) are on Welfare. Now only 12% (approximately 26,000,000) of that US population is Black and out of that 26,000,000 35% (9,000,000) of that is on Welfare. So why isn’t he saying anything about the overall majority of people (Caucasians), 62,928,000, who are on Welfare? These figures, by the way, are from The US Census Bureau. Something for everyone to think about.

  4. This man is just as black as I am. If he was bore in the USA, and he is third or fourth generation stock. The truth is that he is just as blac as I am. No matter what he and his kind look like, he is black!!!

  5. I can’t listen to a man who is a third or fourth generation so-called white man. You see if he or she was born in the USA they are as black as I am. This man and others like him are not white!!! Look at the buts of the so-called white women now days. They are just as big and shapely as our sisters. Thats why the so-called American white man insist on the so-called white woman to look like a skeleton.. The so-call American white man is no longer white, he is all fucked up.

  6. When they decide to start cutting off benefits — maybe they should start with Wall Street?

  7. We are really just awakening to the frightful sight of a Worldwide Political Initiative called the United Nations. Politicians are keenly aware that there is going to be ONE extremely wild beast remaining to devour the masses. They are just guaranteeing their place at that global table.

    The U.S. does not really matter anymore from a foreign policy perspective. Therefore, the domestic caricature are only pledging their allegiance to the ideals of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

    Black folk we are not in the equation as survivors, and if so only as slaves. If you doubt please filter your news gathering habits to include World news off-shore, please.

    Are you awake!

    Peace and Justice is elusive … Fight on by any means necessary my brethren.

  8. Newt being a candidate selected by powers behind the scenes is simply a puppet for Wall Street, international bankers and corporations which he knows have moved our jobs out of the USA. So he says things to divert us from focusing on those responsible for the loss of jobs here. Whether it was Clinton, Bush or Obama each one contributed to the loss of our jobs forcing Americans to turn to welfare or other government handouts.

  9. Since, as Newt Gingrich says, Black people, who make up only 13 % of the overall population of the United States, need to get off of welfare, what is he telling the Caucasians, who make up the overwhelming majority of the actual numbers of people now receiving welfare? We, Blacks make up 35% of those on Welfare. Now here’s where it can be confusing. That’s 35% of 13% of the overall population. On the other hand, 38% of 72% of Caucasians, which is the overall population (72%) of the United States. So who really needs to get off of Welfare, Newt? Hmm…

  10. Since, as Newt Gingrich says, Black people, who make up only 13 % of the overall population of the United States, they need to get off of welfare, what is he telling the Caucasians, who make up the overwhelming majority of actual numbers of people now receiving welfare? We, Blacks make up 35% of those on Welfare. Now here’s where it can be confusing. That’s 35% of 13% of the overall population. On the other hand, 38% of 72% of Caucasians, which is the overall population (72%) of the United States. So who really needs to get off of Welfare Newt? Hmm…

  11. This is not news from Newt. About 20 years ago, a cartoon was done of him in the AJC re: his Reagan-era “welfare queen” drama accusing him of blaming black women on welfare for breaking the economy and causing all of this economic devastation. Newt Gingrich needs to get off welfare. He is living on the government tap himself, and getting far more money than anyone – including the 60% of whites in this country on welfare. Blacks barely make up 20% of the people on welfare. Besides that, it is not an “either a paycheck or welfare” type of proposition. One of the reasons some people are on welfare is because there are no jobs. In my personal experience, getting an education and getting a job only cost me my children and did not do me a bit of good in the long run. I wish I had stayed on welfare, I would not have lost my children. My sons are alienated from me because I had to work and was never there for them. They are grown and I have grandchildren now and because I got OFF welfare, I lost them. I wish I could take that back. Too many black children are out here lost with their parents working these dead-end futureless jobs that are only going to land them in the poorhouse when it’s time for them to retire. Truth told, black folk on welfare are more entitled to it than whites. Their ancestors are the ones who worked in this country for more than 350 years without pay. Notwithstanding this bit of fact, the majority of welfare recipients are white, so how Newt Gingrich manages to tell blacks to get off welfare and not whites, shows just how racist he really is. As is already shown, people getting off welfare if they can find a job, which is next to impossible (and children should not be punished and starved because their parents can’t find work…) – is not the answer to economic struggles. Clinton was the main force behind so many people getting off welfare and during the Reagan and Bush Jr. administrations, the economy collapsed anyway, even without so many people on welfare. We don’t punish kids, in this country, for the sins of their parents. Newt, this ain’t China – and if black women ought to get off welfare, so should whites, Mexicans, and even you. You should not be getting paid for being a public servant. If you love your country so much, why aren’t you saving the taxpayers some money and doing it for free? Your welfare check is bigger than 25 white, black and Mexican mothers on welfare put together. And you don’t even need yours.

  12. Dr. Watkins thank you so much for your commentary. Now, will someone please explain why the hell the NAACP would even entertain the idea of insulting itself by extending an invitation to Newt to speak at their convention?

    Nasty Newt is on record stating he will do anything necessary to defeat Mitt Romney. The gloves are off, these bastards are playing out and out dirty! When desperate always play the Blacks on welfare, Getting food stamps and just generally being lazy card.

    At the NAACP convention, Newt would be speaking AT the Black folks, but signaling TO his racist base: “look at me coming to the plantation and putting these negroes in check.” The NAACP lacks leadership should they allow this to happen–and should be denounced, plain and simple.

  13. Why is it that when white people like Gingrich and Santorum make these allegations no sound or word is heard in the American public media by people of color. Why does CNN, Fox News, ABC,NBC,CBS or any other radio and TV outlet not debunk the lies and put the truth of the entire matter out there.There are plenty of white folks on government assistance and quite a lot yet they act as if its all on black people. Where are the black speakers with the platform?

  14. I agree with Ronald P Saunders with these candidates from PA. I recently moved from NYC to a one horse town in Susquehanna PA you can count on one hand how many people of color is here. They are poor no jobs and HS education. When I voted in November eyes popped out of their heads. It was the first time that I saw 2 Democrats on the ballots. I pass yards with signs that say “T Party Member”. I assume they can’t spell “TEA”. When you discuss politics they only repeat what the candidates say. They don’t know what the 99% is, what Wallstreet did or anything about Obamacare(Health Plan). They are amazed that I”speak well and am so intelligent” as I am educating them. I attend town meetings so I can break the stereotype that we know our place. So I am not surprised at the way these candidates speak or think I hear the ignorance constantly. In the back of my head I hear my grandparents voices saying..”We must always be smarter, swifter and sharper than them”. Now I understand more than ever.

  15. I will say again. I do not understand why ANY Black person, Hispanic, woman or anyone considered to be POOR or MIDDLE Class would vote for a Republican. How many ways can a party show you that they do not care, and have NO RESPECT for you as people.

  16. The stupidity of these clowns in white face never ceases to amaze me. The state of Utah, which is predominantly white it the largest welfare state in the country. This is typical ignorant racist rhetoric which is never based on factual information. Vitriolic hyperbole is the language often used by insecure, inaccurate, idiotic people. Their proclivity to label blacks is really steeped in their own inferiority complex

  17. Donald H. Smith, Ph.D.

    Like your experience Dr. Watkins, my mother and I received welfare,then called “relief”,lived in the Ida B. Wells Project, Chicago, and survived on food stamps.I worked at many jobs, mostly menial, to help put myself through college.
    There is no shame in being dirt poor and needing help to make it in America.Our enslaved ancestors built the American economy with no payment. Our people are entitled to REPARATIONS.

    Donald H. Smith, Ph.D.
    Past President, the National Alliance of Black School Educators

  18. I’m just wondering why he is only focusing on black people. I live in Los Angeles and there are more Latin people on welfare here than anyone else. I do believe that surveys also show that there are more white people on welfare than black people. I do believe that everyone who can, should get off welfare. But for those who need it and are receiving it legally, I don’t have a problem whatever race you are.

  19. “I will go to the NAACP convention and explain to the African-American community why they should demand paychecks instead of food stamps,”

    What, in truth is wrong with this statement? The attendees at the NAACP convention will certainly be black, so there’s no need to mention whites.

    What self-respecting black would rather have food stamps instead of a job? Since that answer is (or should be) self-evident, Gingrich is stating that blacks should seek (or demand) self-empowerment.

    What’s wrong with that?

  20. I cant help but feel that what Newt meant was that because society tends to think that Blacks would rather have foodstamps than a job,Blacks ought to make it clear that society has the wrong idea regarding that issue…….thatsmy assessment,my understanding

  21. Ummm…if that quote is Gingrich’s ACTUAL words, then I’m afraid this article is an extreme overreaction!! Perhaps what he is saying is that he will explain why the African-American who actually ARE on food stamps should be demanding a JOB!!! Remember what a JOB is folks?? It’s that thing we claim we can’t get because of the White man. It’s that thing too many of us are too damn lazy to seek. It’s that thing you acquire an education to get!!!

    ‘Nuff said!!!

  22. I would think that encouraging people to demand paychecks instead of
    welfare checks would promote advancement of these people. National
    Association for the ADVANCEMENT OF COLORED PEOPLE. Yes or

  23. Well well here we go again how many women will he sleep with before he gets the right one Gingrich what about your love life you cheated on one womah to get to the other now why are you still cheating or telling a liar AGAIN And why are BLACKS on Welfare I will tell you why because of trash like you .

  24. He wants Blacks off of welfare so there can be more unfair proportions given to more white people. Given the proportions, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was on there himself. Lol.
    Really though, what makes this the least bit surprising? The republican party has been without a doubt the most bigoted party in America for the longest. Democrats, while not that great either, will at least placate you to a certain extent. Personally, I’m wondering when the community as a whole will start to learn about creating their own ideals and stop relying on the existing white supremacist system to give them what they desire.

  25. Ronald B. Saunders

    Newton Leroy McPherson Gingrich is attempting to appeal to his base of addle-brained racist followers in saying that all Black People Need to get off of Welfare.
    Newton is fully aware of the fact that vast majority of people receiving food stamps and government sponsored welfare are Caucasians.

    Charles:Newton Leroy McPeherson is not from Georgia. Gingrich was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
    Santorum is from Butler, PA the home of former Steeler Qb. Terry Hanratty and the Saul twins.
    The bombastic racist Ron Paul is from Dormont PA, which is a Southern suburb of the former steel city, Pittsburgh PA.
    Ninety percent of the state of Pennsylvania is in between Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia, which is just like being in Mississippi and Alabama during the 1960’s. Pittsburgh is in the western part of the state and Philly is in the east and in between is 90 percent of the other folks who all like to “cling to their religion and guns.”

    Black people bindly support the Democratic Party because the GOP has said openly with its post-Civil Rights era “Southern Strategy,” ( which has been the winning strategy for every GOP President since 1968) that it does not need or want the Black vote. A whole bunch of Black democrats despise the Democratic Party, but hate the GOP.
    And across the country there are and have been some relatively progressive Black DP elected officials, Charles& Inez Barron in NYC, Chokwe Lumumba in Jackson, Miss to name three.

    I would not be surprised if the duplicitious, perfidious national office of the NAACP permits the pathological liar Newton Leroy Gingrich the opportunity to speak at its national Convention this summer after the scandalous behavior of Ben Jealous in reference to selling out to the discriminators at Wells Fargo bank.

    • Preach brother! I do have to say while the title of Newton’s speech is wrong, I would put it as, ‘All people need to get off welfare’ Everyone needs help at times, just as anyone can better themselves to rise above the oppression of forced poverty. Amen

    • JAN 6 2012

      You are right-on about what you have said! WHY don’t you put your comment on Facebook for ALL to see?

  26. What is it with this Klan of GOP candidate’s. How dare they attempt to make “Black People” the poster children for Welfare. Don’t they realize the population of illegal Latino’s, and unemployed Anglo’s weigh more heavily on entitlement programs than anyone else in this Country. Furthermore; I can’t understand why the media isn’t blasting these race-baiting, hate-mongering bigots. It’s becoming quite obvious that Santorum, Gingrich and Ron Paul plan to further brainwash uninformed, uneducated, white America with their divisive messages of intolerance, and disdain for African Americans.

  27. If the NAACP let this racist speak at any NAACP conference I am going to cancel my membership with them.

  28. Both Gengrich & Santorum are racists and in this age of openly bigoted “religious” republicans, what can we expect. Take a look at Gingrich’s past and you will find a really sick, meanspirited individual who carried on an affair with the present wife while the former one we in the hospital battling cancer. Santorum is just a racist who is both dangerous and dumb, a terrible combination. Under the guise of again, “religion”, he uses African Americans as a lightening rod to stir up the basic and most times, well hidden, feelings of 90% of white people in this country. You have to blame your condition on someone so why not “the blacks”? Always the answer to the white mans plight.
    The Republican front-runners: A lier, thief and fornicator, who stupidly thinks by saying “I’m sorry” to God makes everything OK and secondly, a bigoted fool in the true sense of the words, who brings his dead newborn home to show the other kids, What a choice!!!
    This country would rather elect the devil himself than have a Black Man in “their” white house!

  29. These republican candidates like Newt and Santorumare are simply throwing raw meat to their racist white teabag base who like to view blacks as inferior to whites. And the republican party wonders why blacks don’t vote for them. The vast majority of people on food stamps and welfare are WHITE. WHITE PEOPLE DON’T HAVE A HISTORY OF DISCRIMINATION OR OPPRESSION IN AMERICA AND ARE STILL THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE ON PUBLIC ASSISTANCE. If Newt Gingrich isn’t saying anything about whites being on food stamps and welfare why is he saying something about blacks? He certainly can’t say he cares anything about black people seeing he’s stirring up racial stereotypes for votes. Newt is NOT singling out whites on food stamps because that wont get him any votes among whites.

  30. I am not surprise with this statement. When it comes to the media,when it comes to people or welfare, you only see black people. There are more white people on welfare than blacks. This was the case before the great recession. I could go over the fact that blacks have been working hard in this country since they have been in this countyr. But he has preconceived ideas that are easy for him to handle. As the man said in the movie. ” You can not handle the truth and he can not handloe the truth of the racisim that still exist in this country.

  31. I think African Americans whose ancestors were slaves deserve a guaranteed job at at decent wage as part of REPARATIONS FOR SLAVERY

  32. I do not think having Mr. Gingrich at a gathering of the NAACP is “accommodating” as much as I think “appropriate” as such a platform will not actually “legitimize his candidacy, but, will actually provide further “rope” with which to (a) expose 2012 bigotry of elite baby boomers and (b) expose speechwriters one more time to a select audience experienced in the true American saga. Such an exposure will provide updated information from which NAACP leadership and its streaming audience can share and educate current and new generation of young people about certain practices and challenges within this country. I say, “bring it on” and further the cause of NAACP.

  33. Will he tell the poor caucasions and the rich caucasion who had a mansion that was collecting welfare. Us people of color living in AmericaKKK do not get half of what they give caucasions. Maybe he needs to start there.

  34. Whites in general and the white political circle specifically naturally feel that blacks are getting a free ride on welfare even though per population capita blacks pay a disproportionate amount of tax. Reason being, welfare was designed for blacks since is was the freedman bureau to help freed slaves, but whites immediately flooded the system and over the years welfare has benefited white society more than black society.

    This can be since in the way welfare is provided to whites vs blacks. For whites, welfare is a hand up. For example, remember the recent article regarding the lady that was receiving welfare benefits while living in a home valued at more than a million dollars? There was several omissions in the article like benefit amount, but white people receive benefits at the highest level available. On the other hand, blacks have to fight for everything they get, thus hand down. I was once on welfare when I became a single parent (father) of my daughter and could not maintain split shift work due to no consistent baby sitting of a 13 month-old. We received the minimum, and while my daughter ate like a princess, most nights I ate top rommen noddles with a chopped up hot dog.

    It was later that I discovered the social workers have the discretion to raise the level of foods stamps, cash aide is different. However, in most cases benefits are determined by family size, if your black. On the other hand, if you plead your case with the worker you can often get a little more, but to this day no one has been able to explain me how this woman’s benefit level was disproportionately higher than mines. Nevertheless, it was incentive for me to find meaningful work and move on and that is exactly what I did. Now, I met the white lady at the welfare office after I realized that the lady and I attended the same college (yes, I earned an AA degree while on welfare). After getting to know her I found out the her assistance allowed her to pay a $1200 mortgage whereas my assistance barely allowed me to pay a $385 rent.

    I was receiving a little more than 25% of what the white woman was receiving and she only had 1 child more than I. So, you see if they get 3 1/2 to 4 blacks off welfare, that is one more white family they can give forty arcers and a mule too while blacks per capita will still pay a higher rate of taxes while receiving no benefits when the tax money is spent. Blacks need to get off welfare so attention is not drawn to another aspect of the white privilege system, because welfare for them that includes corporate welfare will never go away. This is just a small part of institutional slavery and with the American economy being totally screwed at the hands of white business people and bankers it would behoove blacks to begin developing our own! However, blacks are incapable of doing for their own. If I see another Ophra in Africa, or someone in Hatti rather than being concerned with what going on here in America with black I will scream for all the good it will do. These folks are listening, paying attention or really give a dam. After all, they have arrived and their group should be ashamed that they have made it too!

  35. Good Ole Newt is saying what he feels and its what his supporters LOVE to hear. I’m not mad at him…I’m mad at us for allowing him to get away with it!! I’m sure he will release a statement today saying “it was taken out of content.”

    We should be emailing and calling EVERY company, congressmen and Senator who supports this BIGOT!!

  36. Gingrich is a closet gay, he’s probably made many overnight stays at Twelth St. along with Santorium. Our President needs a strong publicist to get his word out at these Rethug conferences. Gangrene should be invited to MSNBC and given a thorough clock cleaning by Rev. Sharpton and Melissa Harris-Perry!
    McCain appears to have Gangrene of the face!!

  37. Mr. Gingrich, I am a 32-yr-old black woman with a good paying job. I had my daughter at a young age; but, I did not let that stop me from achieving my goals. I graduated high school, went to college, and obtained a bachlor’s degree all whil raising my child. Today, my daughter is a high school senior with no kids of her own, heading to art school to fulfill her dream as an animation artist. True I received Medicaid for my child, WIC, and food stamps for three months. However, I do not receive those benefits any more. They were used as a temporary benefit until my goals were accomplished. I said all that to say this: Mr. Gingrich, all black people are not on welfare. We do have jobs and strive to take great care of our children. We struggle so they don’t have to struggle. Please get your facts straight before putting bs out to the public that just doesn’t make any damn sense at all!!!

  38. I’m an African-American woman who AGREES with Newt. I’m a former housing and food stamp recipient. However, I wanted more so I went to college, since the federal government PAYS for college tuition if you’re poor, I took advantage of the opportunity. Now, I have a Ph.D. and a career. Why are we so quick to take offense at the truth? Education is free and we simply cannot give it away to our (black) people. We’d rather do anything contrary to positive progression.

    • What you aren’t realizing is the damage this does. There are some lazy black folks and there are clearly some lazy white folks. The fact is if so many white folks weren’t benefiting from welfare, it would have been cut off a long time ago. They just had a story on Yahoo of a family that lived in a million dollar home that was collecting food stamps. They take the cameras into black projects when they talk about welfare but many whites that are living in 100,000 plus homes are on welfare but that’s not talked about. Why not just say…hey…lets “all” get off of welfare? What is the advantage in singling black folks out. What he and those other racist hillbillies don’t understand is this. While they are working everyday to keep other races from thriving, we are being passed by countries like China that understand if everyone succeeds….everyone succeeds. This country is hell bent on making everyone worship God the way America thinks it should be done and do things the way America does things and that’s why this country is hated more than any other country in the world. All we do is go around terrorizing other countries and we aren’t doing that….we are here making sure a status quo stays in place…which is as long as white folks are benefiting, it’s okay but let anyone and it’s a travesty. I hope Newt wins the nomination. It will make it so much easier for Obama get back in. One of his own even called it like it is. He has not chance and offered him a million to step away because all he is is a fat old white man.

    • Monique it is when you refer to only African Americans as being on welfare as being insulting to our race. Four generations of my family has never been on welfare and three generations are college educated that we worked and paid for, so I really take offense when I live in a all white town and have to defend myself from the ignorance. Statistically more Caucasians are on public assistance than people of color especially where he is from originally Pennsylvania. When he speaks as though it is a fact then stick to the facts. Newt would take offense that you took advantage of the system that HIS TAX DOLLARS paid for your PH.D so it wasn’t free for him or me.

    • Monique do you have the federal percentage of blacks gettings help compared to the number of whites. No one should belittle his brother or sister and later use religion and call on God. People in America should “WATCH HOW THEY WALK IN CHURCH!”

    • Noreen Winningham

      Monique, I’m shocked. You have a Ph.D.? I would have thought you would want the data on this. How can an educated person lump an entire race of people into one dismissive “they.?” I am always curious as to why so many people who work to change their position in life offer only disrespect to those who would better prosper from their example and support. Shame on you.

    • I am a Black Man 64 years young; the second eldest of 21 children, born in rural Alabama and migrated to the urban north of New York/Jersey when I was not yet a teen! The truth at times really does hurt!I can relate to Monique and others opinions expressed here! We weren’t poor……we were poo and felt those who were classed as poor were the elite class! We were never on welfare and not because we didn’t need it or did not try we were always denied for some reason! Stastically my siblings and I should have failed! However; I was the only one to spend 23 years in the penitentiary….. that was because I worked there and retired a second time (from the Air Force the first time)as a Lieutenant/Shift Commander! Yes! admittedly I had a nervous breakdown at 15 as a resultof my childhood but it turned out to be a positive as opposed to a negative thing! We all survived and are doing well! Like it or not Monique is right! I am NOT saying this is a socioeconomic condition indigenous to Black People becaust IT IS NOT! Monique and others like us only refer to black people in this context because that’s what we are and all we care about! I am in the process os writing a book about us so-called African Americans; titled; African Affican Americans, “Their Own Worst Enemy.” It is based on emperical evidence gleaned from my life experiences in its various dimensions! Now I know already there are those Blacks who would take issue with this. To you I say, “prove me wrong.” If anyone especially any of us want to get and idea of the hows and whys we as a people are the way we are I implore you to google the name, “Willie Lynch” and read what he wrote in a letter called, “The Making of a Slave.” I guarantee you it will erxplain more about us than we can of ourselves! To you ignorant ass hood rats male/females and other haters if you doubt me then I urge you to contact me and let’s discuss the issue! Last but not least, I want to impart two bits of advice to us so-called African Americans; First reach out to and embrace and get to know some of the Real African Sisters/Brothers who are in this country for various reasons! Second; take the time and opportunity for yourselves and go to at least one of the African Countries and spend time among the real Africans!I did! My God what a revelation! NO!they do not hate us; but can some of us say they same about how we feel about them? YES! I am a very proud Real African American and I know what I am talking about! God Bless us all.

    • Education is NOT free, and for you as a “black” person to write that is a disgrace to the world. What gingrich said and you are agreeing with him make both of you not only look ignorant but you both are ignorant. Stats proves that there are more “whites” on welfare than all races combined. Not only are there more but they have been on welfare long before any other race found out what welfare is. I am college educated and my education was not free. I earned “it” sista.

    • Monique….I am speechless that you claim to have earned a doctorate degree and then spew such narrow-minded ignorance. I feel certain that you have lost your identity by attempting to identify with people who don’t like you, don’t respect you or your opinions, and have no desire to see you succeed at anything but failure itself. You may have, indeed, been a welfare recipient and gotten an education. I applaud you. But, for you to go so far as to AGREE with Newt Gingrich that Black people do not want to work and only want to draw a government check is sadly appalling. You cannot speak to every Black person’s experience since you are not acquainted with every Black person. I cannot disagree with the man more strenuously. In contrast, I say that Black people, in general, fervently WANT to work and earn a paycheck. Newt and his cronies make insidiously incorrect and untruthful statements about YOUR people regularly….and you AGREE with him? Find yourself, sista.

  39. It’s amazing to me how it has become acceptable for these white republicans to go to the media and various outlets to continuously attack the African American community. It’s almost a daily occurrence for republican candidates to immediately attack African Americans and degrade our community by insinuating that we don’t want to work while only wanting to collect government assistance. They fail to publicize that their own race collects more welfare, files more bankruptcies, creates more ponzi schemes, defrauds more people and gets rich off of other people’s back than any other race. The only reason why the African American community has come under attack almost daily from these people is because we are more powerful than we even know and they fear that power from us.

  40. What a dumb comment from him.

  41. What amazes me about Gingrich and Santorum. They have both bilked the Govt. for all they can get, Gingrich millions through Fannie and Freddie and Santorum getting $73,000 for home schooling his kids. Why should the taxpayers be charged for that?

  42. When you design a system for the failure of your minority citizen why would you be amazed that so many failed. The strong always survive. Mr Gingrich is of age to have been a part in the plan. He really should keep his mouth shut being from Georgia it really make him look like a fool.

  43. One more bought and paid for idiot running for president of the USA.


  45. As a 60 year old returning Senior this Spring Semester at GSU, majoring in History I find myself constantly challenging professors over the content of their lectures. In a lecture last semester a History of Philosophy professor brought in props; caps, Tee-shirts, etc. with the word “nigger” emblazoned across them. Asking people how they felt when seeing these words I raised my hand, a truthfully commented that that word no longer makes me angry because not only do I know who I am but I know my history. He was totally at a lost for words, and later remarked that every time I opened my mouth I utterly confused him. My remarks to him was that I believed, and there is some research in support, that racism is pathological. There is no other way to logically make sense of it and until it is treated as such racism will continue to be a problem for non-Black people and a source of reaction for too many Blacks…

    • I’m so sick and tired of hearing how white people down other races, you are the sickest breed of organisms in this world, and for this trash to tell black people to get off welfare. There are probaly more white people on welfare than any other race. More single white women, teenage pregnacy,ect.

  46. Please stop advertising the crap these clowns say all the time. Yes it is news but it is not true. The majority of people who are on welfare is not black people, how about stats on that instead of the heading on what Newt said.

    • Noreen Winningham

      Thank YOU! Worrying over every ridiculous comment is a distraction. Do we really care what this man has to say? I so agree with you. I would much rather we use the sensationalism to get the facts out there!

  47. First of all allow me to state thar Newt Aintrich was NOT an entitled white child. His birth momma was a white teen impregnated at the age of 16 And married his bio daddy who was 19. This union failed of course and during this period of poverty indicated lifestyle, his momma put the “S” on Food and Stamps” but I’ve digressed. Newt is pitiful. His momma, after dumping his bio daddy got lucky and married an infantry level army dude who for tax purposes adopted little Newt and he grew up lacking and like many low level broke back bigots Newt put his other broke back poverty strickened background in his back pocket and decided he would select a career bashing black struggling people while wHITE people continue to remain the majority stock holders in the food stamp chain. Newt you continue to suck and again the only entitlement you deliver is your bigotry verbs on free speech and prevailing ignorance of those who give ear to your lack of real knowledge.


    • It saddens me that my beloved Syracuse U is being subjected to an obviously anti-white professor such as Dr. Watkins.

      I do not know the context of what Gingrich said, however I’m sure it was referencing the high PERCENTAGE of the african american community that is stuck on welfare against their wishes. When 30-40% of welfare recipients in this country are from african americans that only make up about 15% of the population, it’s painfully obvious that african americans are NOT being afforded an equal opportunity.

      You can choose not to vote for Mr. Gingrich, but wrongfully calling him racist, based on taking his comments out of context, is NOT OK.