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Dr. Boyce Spotlight: Erica Crump – Author of “Miscellaneous Blues”

Erica Crump, author of "Miscellaneous Blues"

Every single day, I get an email from someone who plans to become an author.  But dreams are pursued when you are wide awake, and only the select few follow through to see their vision to fruition.  Erica Crump is one of those people who made the sacrifices necessary to get the job done.

I spoke with Ms. Crump a couple of years ago as she told me about her plan to become a published author.  I gave her my thoughts on what it would take to fulfill the promise she made to herself, and she ran with it.  What was the result of her relentless effort?   Miscellaneous Blues, an incredibly popular book that has a chance to become the “Waiting to Exhale” of this generation.

Your Black World had a chance to catch up with Erica, where she spoke candidly about pursuing her dream of becoming a writer.

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Erica L. Crump and I am the author of the explosive novel, Miscellaneous Blues. I am a storyteller that loves to make characters come alive. I am truly excited about writing books that inspire, encourage, and entertain my readers. I have been an avid reader and writer since I was a child. Once I discovered Judy Blume novels in my school library, my love for reading and writing became insatiable.

After graduating from Howard University and teaching elementary and middle school students for over ten years, I decided to take a leap of faith and complete my debut novel. To my dismay, I received ninety-five rejection letters from agents and publishers. Undaunted, I took the bull by the horns, launched JX Enterprises and published the novel myself.

How long have you been writing?
I’ve actually been writing since I was a child. I have always had a very over-active imagination and always had to put my thoughts on paper somehow….whether it was a journal, short story or poetry. Over the years, I have started many stories but never finished them. But I am SO proud that I saw this particular novel through to the end! Miscellaneous Blues is the first book that I have actually completed…and it is definitely filled with drama, love and laughter!


What’s the easiest and hardest part about writing a novel?
Wow! The easiest part and the most fun is when ideas simply flow. I get so excited when I get ideas that flow like water…whether its book titles, character names, story lines. That’s the absolute best!

The hardest part is disciplining myself to actually organize the thoughts that sometimes overpower my brain. Sometimes I have so many thoughts running through my mind; I don’t know where to start! So I definitely have to make a conscious decision to come up with an organizational strategy so I can properly tell a story.

Please tell us about your book and why you think people should read it?
Miscellaneous Blues is a book which some readers are calling the hottest novel since Waiting to Exhale. It’s an explosive book about sisterhood, love, and betrayal! Sisterhood is one of the strongest bonds that women can have. The relationship between sisters is a complex, albeit loving one. Even though these sisters can fight hard, they tend to love even harder. In Miscellaneous Blues, you’ll get to explore this intricate relationship of sisters Cookie, Victoria, Mya, and Lola. They call themselves “The Dexter Divas” and pride themselves on always being there for each other. Cookie is trying to keep her marriage on track after her husband throws a curveball in their “perfect marriage.” Victoria is trying to lose weight off her body as well as dead weight in a slacker live-in boyfriend. Mya is determined to get her “married boyfriend” to divorce his wife and finally marry her. And Lola, the baby of the family, is finally trying to move past the violent death of her son’s father and allow love into her life again. They don’t always see eye to eye but these sisters realize that through all of life’s drama, they can always depend on each other for strength. These Dexter Divas know that no matter what, sisterhood is forever. Miscellaneous Blues will give you a chance to live vicariously through The Dexter Divas as these sisters help each other through their relationships, marriages, and careers. You will become so engrossed in the lives of these sisters that it will feel like you are actually part of the Dexter family.

What are your plans for the future?
I would love to see Miscellaneous Blues made into a movie! As I was writing my novel, I could actually see the scenes playing out on a movie screen. I already have the entire cast written down in my notebook also! I am speaking it into existence so I have faith that it will happen at the appointed time.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the Your Black World audience?
I really love connecting with my readers. So please visit my website to keep abreast of what’s going on in my world, I can also be reached at Facebook (Author Erica Crump) and Twitter (ericacrump).

You can buy a copy of Miscellaneous Blues by following this link. 

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