Perhaps we should call out the ignorance when we see it.  This man has had 21 kids with 11 different women and can’t support the kids with his minimum wage job.  What should be done to stop this kind of behavior?

Nojma Muhammad: To My Sisters: Your Wombs are not Weapons

Nojma Muhammad: To My Sisters: Your Wombs are not Weapons

By: Nojma Muhammad, Your Black Woman

Brothers, never lay down with a woman that you don’t trust with your life. If conception occurs, and the relationship ends, her hurt/pain/ bitterness will cause her to use her womb as a counter attack against you, since betrayal starts in the womb (mental) first. We have to work on handling the disappointment of failed relationships, but our wombs are NOT the place for experimentation.

I know many speak about the fathers not in the lives of their children, but I would like to bring attention to the fathers who do desire a relationship with their children, but the mother has used her womb as a poisonous breeding ground and has turned the hearts and minds away from the father. A bond that should be beautiful becomes ugly and tarnished. These children come out hating you, and because most children have a loyalty towards their mother, and have the desire to please her, if disliking you pleases the mother, then they will follow suit. Women we are the first teacher, but it doesn’t mean that what we teach is correct.


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Nojma Muhammad: To My Sisters: Your Wombs are not Weapons

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  1. She has a valid point here.