Fox News’ Megyn Kelly invited The Daily Caller’s  Tucker Carlson and Fox News contributor Jehma Greene on to debate Massachusetts candidate Elizabeth Warren’s claim of having Cherokee heritage. But the panel began a heated exchange when Greene called Carlson a “bow tying white boy.” Apparently, Megyn Kelly’s assumption was that both Carlson and Greene would get a good laugh at Warren’s expense, but Greene defended the candidate, pointing out that the chief of the Cherokee nation is himself only 3 percent Cherokee. Greene continued, saying the tone of the campaign has been misogynistic: “You see Scott Brown really questioning her qualifications because he has to appeal to white, working-class voters who feel marginalized because of affirmative action.” “This smells real stank to women who do not like being called on their qualifications” said Greene. Greene called Carlson a “bow tying white boy” as a descriptive way of explaining the types of people that this ginned up controversy will appeal to.

Music Exec Dies From Wounds Sustained In Hollywood Shootout

Music Exec Dies From Wounds Sustained In Hollywood Shootout

Your Black World reports:

Music executive, John Atterberry, 40, died  shortly before 5 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, after being shot last week by a crazed gunman in the heart of Hollywood, said Simi Singer, hospital spokeswoman for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

As previously reported on Your Black World, Atterberry was shot three times in the face and neck while driving through the famous intersectionJOhn of Hollywood and Vine in his silver Mercedes-Benz  during Friday’s shocking attack.

Allegedly suicidal over a break-up, Tyler Brehm, 26, randomly shot and injured three drivers before police arrived and returned fire — killing Brehm after he unloaded about 20 rounds from his .40 caliber handgun into oncoming traffic. Witnesses say he was walking down the street shouting he wanted to die then started shooting indiscriminately into cars. The other victims were treated for minor injuries and released.

Atterberry, a former Vice-President of Suge Knight’s Death Row Records, has also worked with such artists as Brandy,  The Spice Girls, Jessica Simpson and others.




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Music Exec Dies From Wounds Sustained In Hollywood Shootout

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